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In todays video I talk about how much you can realistically make by running a shopify dropshipping store in 2018.

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corsican lulu says:

so ur saying that if ur only making about $1,000 a month and spend so much more on marketing that its not worth it? and that only if u get a hot product and make hundreds of thousands thats its worth it then?

Danny Strozier says:

I thought I crashed my car with that music at the beginning my god

Arthur Ross says:

Thank you James!

Walter Chao says:

First 5th

Motivate ME says:

Great video again, James! Can you please name a few good sources in your opinion to study from?

Mark Gill says:

Thanks for keeping it real James. Your videos are great! Keep the amazing content coming!

Jordan Rhinehart says:

Shut up and take my money!

Itsreload says:

How is 15% margin profitable? So 30K revenue gets you 4.5K profit. But that means you spent way more on ad spend? So you spend $12,750 to make $4,500 profit? But doesn’t that mean you can only put $4,500 back into the business?

Ryan Connor says:


truth is…95% silent majority of shopify newbies are LOSING thousands (on ad spend directly..after COGS well..OUCH!)

that could be a good video james..lots of people are getting destroyed and dumping money into facebook ad spends, chasing the same hot products on pexda and dropship spy and getting obliterated!!

Adrian Lindblom says:

Awsome content dude!

Qlapz/Eli: Creating a NEW Channel Soon! says:

Awesome video James, l definitely won’t be selling my future kids 😉

Martynas Tamulionis says:

It’s so funny how you pronounce baby. Jesus 😀 😀

Romania WoT says:

Good examples James. continue to make vlogs,please!

serving you says:

Its all lies, you can never make money on shopify, Amazon is the best, this guys are making video to dupe you into buying their course. they themselves never actually make money. if you actually make money show us the website and what product you are selling James.

Craig Morgan says:

Surprisingly difficult to get a job in McDonald’s…

Eric Choi says:

Thank you for this James! Keep it up my man

James Winsoar says:

If payment processors reject your site you can make a very round number (zero)

AbKa600 says:

That baby analogy was really awkward. I cringed listening to it!

Jordon Schwann says:

Great video! Good insights in this one

mawusi kokroko says:

Nice video James !

donald rider says:

Thank you, great content

Saurabh Jadhav says:

hey James that baby explanation really gave me a new way to look at my business and my other passion and it’s very helpful to be 10 times even 100 time better than anyone in your craft and actually be upbeat and excited every day for new adventure.

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