How Much Money Do You Need To Start Dropshipping (Shopify)

In this video we talk about how much money you will need to start your Shopify Dropshipping business…

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๖Rainforce says:

u shneaky

(whispers) franklin h.

Jake Roppo says:

what do I tell the bank to get a joint bank account with one of my parents?

Mudassir Iqbal says:

If you are using you don’t need money to start your woocommerce dropshipping business Ninja Seller is an Ecommerce store manager that allows you to import dropshipped products from AliExpress to your Woocommerce store with support coming for Shopify, Ebay and Amazon pretty soon.
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Rachit Mittal says:

Really appreciate what you are doing.. helps a lot.
I just need to know, if i have about $400 ? Should i get along or wait for some time to get to $700-$1K ??

Shalene W says:

The FB link doesn’t work..

G M says:

how much are the courses

Adam Salt says:

Join the FB group people, tons of value there.

Nunya Biznes says:

Great Video. But how much do you need including everything? Like the Resell Certificate or License, the EIN for taxes?

Chris Williams says:

Awesome Video Bro…

Money is Awesome says:

There is actually a way how you can start dropshipping business with no money at all.

Fashion4TheSole says:

Do you need to have money to pay the upfront cost of your first products sold? Since first stripe payments don’t go in bank account right away.

Alif Mustaqim says:

1000bucks? Cool i have that.
But wait thats in usd. I actually only have 230bucks lolol gg

Greg The Slim Jim Genie says:

So there’s this free course that I got from IG, they’re having it for only the month of February… since I already have a course, is it okay if I start with about $400

Quantom X says:


ZodiacGamingPro says:


Entrepreneur Talk says:

made my first 2 sales with $0 23h after having my store live!

You can spend $500 and not make money or spend $0 or $5 for domain and make thousands of dollars! Now i’m making $100 a Day!

Nice video Bro!!

Mieka says:

Interesting, thanks

Joseph says:

So one big problem I’m having is I’ll put an ad up (a pretty good quality ad, I attributed this problem to the ad quality early on and spent a lot of time working on the quality) with an influencer with a decent following, and get a very small amount of traffic! I’ve tested on several influencer pages, several different ad layouts, photo, video, carousel, less text, more text, elongated caption, shortened caption, different price points but nothing seems to solve the problem. Do you think the fundamental problem lies with the product itself rather than the ad? I’ve dismissed this due to its popularity on AliExpress, thinking “people must like the product, just not my ad”, but I’m starting to think it’s the problem (I’ve also tested several products, this has been the results of 10-11 different products with at least 3 completely unique promotion formats each). Anyways, sorry for the long post, but if anyone has some insight I’d really appreciate it

Arza Dragon says:

Great value! I’m making a shopify store soon and I feel like I’m learning the most from you out of anyone on youtube

Lacy Gamez says:

Thanks dude

nEXTnOob2KiLLPLZ says:

Definitely helped, thanks for the vid

Rileyxzz says:

i thought i could do this with 150 now i need to work to get that 700._.

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