How To Dropship On Amazon In 2019 | Amazon Dropshipping Step By Step For Beginners

This video goes over how to dropship on Amazon for beginners. This is a complete overview of amazon dropshipping for beginners. I talk about Amazon drop shipping step be step from start to finish.

Drop shipping on amazon has proven to be a very lucrative business for me. It is my hope that this step by step amazon dropshipping tutorial will be just the motivation you need to start dropshipping on amazon in 2019. I couldn’t think of a better gift to give yourself this holiday season than learning how to Dropship on amazon in 2019!

Many people ask… How can I make money dropshipping on amazon, can I dropship on amazon? You’ll find all the answers and more in this step by step guide to dropshipping on amazon!


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59 Trader says:

Ru dshipping from bigbox stores only or using other suppliers that would qualify as 3rd party fulfillment.

Corey Crowns says:

If you’re interested in dropshipping and would like to know what they don’t tell you add me on ig: coreycrowns

Ahryin Ehsone says:

From one mom to another… thank you

eman7188 says:

How should pricing be done to make a profit?

Michael Antonio Re says:

Sorry this video is too slow.

Chet Delgren says:

What software do you use to get your face on the screen? Thanks for all the good info!

Jake Snake says:

It’s all fun and games until you are suspended… and it will happen if you do this long enough rest assured.

christopher anderson says:

How do you monitor you stock to make sure it doesn’t run out when a customer orders, when you are doing dropshipping which involves hundreds of products in your inventory?
When you buy a product to ship to a customer how do you cover up the information that tells the customer where the product is coming from and the price. I mean all retailers operate differently and not all of them will give us the option to hide the price of the name of the source retailer. what is your take on this?

Angi´s world says:

DONT GET FOOLDED !!!! She just want to sell her stupid course !!!! She has no clue what is going on !!!! DONT waist your money !!!!!!

Joseph Blanche says:

very good video thanks

Little Monkeys says:

As a Canadian who wants to dropship to American customers, is that possible? Not sure how the tax exemption would work..

Little Monkeys says:

Awesome video! You sold me on the course.
Question for you: You say to start off with FBA. So does that mean you purchase products and ship it to Amazon for them to store and fulfill orders on your behalf?

Online Business Advice says:

You cannot make dropshipping efficiently with zero balance or investment . I suggest you amazon or clickbank affiliate marketing

Tony Featherstone says:

What is fba !!!!

Holiday Club says:

Did you get the email from amazon identifying you as a dropshipper? I noticed in some selling in Facebook groups talking about it.

Jason Sink says:

Very very good video Amanda thanks!

james yoo says:

thank you amanda. love your content

Carl B says:

can you dropship from canada to amazon US using US companies, also being from canada what about the tax exempt do i have to get an LLC or can i use my company bank account?

Nate M says:

thanks so much for doing this amanda, hard to find info on this

Monica Lewis says:

Thank you for the vid! This helps soooooo much!

Hussein Hussein says:

hi Amanda, how are you
, does your course on amazon Dropshipping works for someone not living in the USA ??? also like to ask you if we also need to buy all those tools to apply your recommanded techniks like Wescrappers, Jungelscouts and informed etc…. ?
i like to join your course and be your student, but my concern is, i live with my family in Germany, and i do Ebay in Germany for passt 3 years, i have Business account, i also have Business account in Germany.
do you think i can open Ebay and amazon accounts in the USA and be exempt from paying taxes on all my sale there ??? or will i be paying taxes on all sales in the USA in Germany??
in Germany mandatory taxes are 19% on any new item we sell in Germany, and we must give all customers 2 years garantie…. and i pay now average 10% for ebay commission, so my brake even is 29%, plus shipping cost on each item, because now all that i sell in Germany is actuel products i imported from china and Taiwan, never done dropshipping before.
what is your advise on all that please
thank you very much and happy holidays.Hussein

Rlam 46 says:

How do you keep from getting your account suspended? I took a course. Got a mentor. Listed two products and on my 2nd sale my account was suspended and now I’m waiting for feedback on my appeal. How do you keep from getting deactivated?

The Lucid Dreamer Dreamer says:

Hello ms. Shenanigans! Thank you for the clear cut video here, I’m an eBay seller and ready to take my reselling to the next level, I appreciate the wealth u share thank u! New sub

Worldtour Channel says:

Amanda i have new seller account and i got 2 cancel order do you think amazon will suspended or still possible avoid suspension if yes please let me know thanks

PROPHET the Profit says:

You didn’t mention the best way of dropshipping, and that is by using U.S Based manufacturers. Forget about wholesalers and distributors. Manufacturers have the BEST margins by far. I only work with U.S Based suppliers for dropshipping. And I only dropship expensive stuff. $1,000 on up. Why sell cheap crap when none of the inventory cost you money up front. All you need is State Sales Tax Id and an EIN and your ready. Both are free and can be done online. They ban this retail arbitrage method for good reasons.

Arbitrage is not only hated by online retail, but the financial world hates it as well. Day traders hate their guts. I’ve actually seen in Amazon chat rooms how those Amazon sellers hate this model even though they we’re making a sale.

Most of these people saying eBay is cracking down have only been around on Youtube a year or two, Truth be told ebay and Amazon have always been against resellers, reselling, retail, from other retailers. Nothing new. This model got noticed about 2011 0r 8 years ago and tens of thousands of eBay and Amazon accounts have been banned. Nothing new.

2013 It hit an all time high with Ds Domination (AKA Dropship Domination) This is went this model really got it’s bad rap.Ds Domination sold eBay software like the software companies still use today. But they had a huge affiliate team I mean hugh. Every video on Youtube that had dropshipping in the title Ds members showed in Youtube search results.

These affiliates we’re lying and telling newbies this software and the training was making them rich. The truth was %98 of those recruiters had never sold anything on eay nor nor did they have an eBay account for that matter. People who are pros with this model sometimes get caught. Now image 2013 was not like now. Now people have real success stories. Back then it was the blind affiliates leading the blind eBay newbie. The newbie thought he had a mentor and soon found out the person recruiting him was no eBay guru. DISASTER.

There was complaints everywhere about how people we’re getting banned on eBay. This company recruited so many eBay sellers and ruined them. They we’re only out for the commission. Everyone in the company figured it was easier to make Youtube eBay guru videos rather than actually list items and sell products. Like every pyramid scheme all the people who came into Ds Domination toward the end got nothing. The early affiliates had ripped everybody off and their reputation was so awful they couldn’t fine new suckers and they folded. So my point is this is nothing new.

The one thing I like about you is that you said I know it’s against their TOS. This other Youtuber chose to play the victim role on his channel, and is crying eBay is out for him. Bull. He blames eBay for him getting caught. He even got upset with me in the comments. My thing is instead of faulting eBay for his short comings take it like a MAN and say I got caught.

It’s like a drug dealer. You need a backup plan. You know your business is a bit shady and you might get caught. Instead of crying I’d be thinking of eBay for all the big money I made before I got caught and banned from eBay. The drug dealer who didn’t rob anyone, or kill anyone, or force anyone to buy drugs he gets 20 – Life, loses his money, cars, house, everything.

This guy crying on Youtube may have made well over 6 figures, he gets to keep his freedom, he keeps all that money, to invest in any business he wants, and yet instead of thanking eBay he chooses to cry. I would have told my Youtube audience well guys I thank eBay for allowing me to make over well over six figures with no warehouse, no inventory, no employees, and no overhead, no Sales Tax Id, no EIN and most importantly I have no suppliers of my own, NOT 1. I mean it’s cash grab business. Get as much as you can, as fast as you can, and save as much as you can for a rainy day. CHEERS!

txsilentknight says:

Is there anyway to use PayPal to purchase the course? I’d like to use my PayPal credit but dont see the option for paypal

Anton Kazachenka says:

Great video. Thanks ma’am.

Rob F says:

With a lot of items you have to pay shipping because you will not meet the free shipping threshold from suppliers.

How do you set your amazon shipping settings?

Oliver Bromby says:

how are you suppose to compete with brand accounts on amazon when you’re literally trying to sell the same product but for more expensive. Like why is anyone going to buy from me when they can buy from the offical brand on amazon for less money?

Angel Pair says:

refund policy?

irene zheng says:

hi maybe you can try cj dropshipping

John Cook says:

Straight off Amazon TOSl
Examples of drop shipping that is not permitted:

Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers; or
Shipping orders with packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own.
Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges.

a quick way to get your account suspended

জানা অজানা মজার তথ্য says:

Mark Docherty says:

Hi Amanda, we are in the midst of creating reveloutionary eBay listing software with many features including Auto-Ordering, and eBay approved tracking integration to help keep sellers Top Rated and resolve they annoying “no tracking provided” messages. Would you be interested in doing a review video? Cheers

Nigel Spence says:

Hi, Thanks for a great video. I’m in the uk, is it possible for me to DropShip on, not sure how I would beable to start with FBA, if you get what I’m saying? 🙂

ZayLOGICAL says:

How much you doing a month profit

Gr8tDaze says:

Happy New Year Amanda! Do you have a single Amazon account for both FBA & Amazon dropshipping?

Raymond Hanley says:

Thank you – very informative!

ChristineFrey88 says:

I have gone through Amanda’s course and love the content. There is a lot of valuable information in the courses from tax, to finding profitable products, listing those products and taking care of your Amazon performance metrics. The great thing about her course is that she doesn’t just stick to the theory, she actually shows s lot of the tools she uses and walks the audience through the platforms and settings. If you are looking to start out selling on Amazon, I would without a doubt recommend this course to you. Dropship Shenanigans is great! Thanks Amanda for the value.

Bauss says:

Good stuff!

bloodnthunder says:

I have been selling on amazon for years (not a pro account) and can transfer my funds instantly after I make a sale (takes about 2-3 days to show up). Why do you say it takes 2 weeks?

Bauss says:

So u need some money for cashflow..?? Since u have to wait for amazon to release the payments , how much to start?

John Hanson says:

hi, can uk based ppl do it in the us?

comedy fun says:


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