In this video I walk you through 2 strategies you can use TODAY to find HOT PRODUCTS, plus I give you 2 more tips on how you can market them effectively!

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Uncanny Brother says:

Thanks for the Content

Ashish Kekane says:

Awsome stuff man

Milan Vujcich says:

Sounds like there’s alot of rooster in the background haha

eric katwood says:

yo question for hayden or anyone with experience with this – I found some really nice products that I know are popular on another site. But aliexpress only has e-packet to the US. Every other country is like 27-58 days. Worth putting it in my store still? That shipping time even to Europe is gawdawful. Thoughts?

Doktor Krok says:

Do you think Trend Hunter is also fruitful when it comes to product research?

Nicolae Ursu says:

buffet is 87

Reallifestyle123 Be Real says:

Thank you So much, May God bless you like you’ve never imagine

benduch says:

what happened to the facebook group? Am I the only one who cant see it anymore??

Abukar Muhidin says:

Great stuff as usual man. Just subscribed after watching a few of your Bali videos. I’m actually planning on going to Bali or Kuala Lumpur myself sometime in the next couple months. I’m soooo close to seeing consistent results man I can feel it, that’s why I’m getting your course today. I see it as an investment even if it’s 1 thing I learn that I may have been overlooking.

You guys need to have that kind of mindset if you want to make it in online business (or ANY business). Let go of the fear of spending, don’t see it as money lost but rather, new tools gained that will help you progress. I’m actually planning on making a channel of my own heavily based on psychology and dropshipping so look out I’m going to be taking over the ecom world pretty soon lol.

Malcolm Lal says:

Hi Hayden quick question I’m not sure how to manage adsets as being profitable for example lets say I have a adset of a ROAS of 6 that stay consistent for 3 weeks but at the fourth week the roas for that particular week is 1.5 but if you look at lifetime data the roas appears as 4! Would you manage it by just looking at lifetime data which shows its profitable or would you manage it week to week and the week it underperforms you cut it?

Tommy Hausfeld says:

Amazing information. I began to wonder, however, are there any products/niches that you would specifically avoid because of what you have been told or experience? For me, I have heard that going into anything with clothing is extremely competitive.

Elisabeth Usta says:

Selling Haydens course, comment if interested.

PositiveGood NegativeBad says:

Anyone actually make money with ease doing any of this? How much money do you have to waste to get paid?

dave mcilwraith says:

Hey man great video, could you review my shop please? I’ve had bulk traffic and next to no sales. Site Aussiediggerproducts

Nichel Maycock says:

Great vid! Warren is 87 btw! and his partner Charlie Munger is 94 x_x

Wehasei Elk says:

I would love to hear how to get Amazon.

O L I says:

dont sell this shit boyz nobody is in a rush to buy a charger lol and they can get it on amazon or ebay for cheaper

Sharbel A.S says:

Love your videos ! Please do a video on setting up the payments,taxes,LLCs and how to use the money you earn from an order to fulfill that same order , thanks in advance❤️

John Frandano says:

So if someone from a different country that isn’t supported by ePacket buys…do you sell to them? Can you please make a video on how to set up the process for email confirmation, tracking #’s & supplier relationships? Thanks in advance man!

Wehasei Elk says:

I have no clue how to advertise on Instagram and they wont let my store in and I do not know why. Shopify is helping me with this now.

jay g says:

Just got your course – excited to see the advanced stuff

Raw Kidd says:

Youtube Classic…

QuantumFZX says:

Hayden, I am having a hard time finding influencer pages through hashtag searches. All of my hash tag searches only come back with a few post that are over 1000+ likes and shares. Even with really broad hash tag searches I keep getting all of these low visibility post and accounts. Is there a trick I am not understanding to find these influencers? I have tons of ideas for niches but can’t seem to find the influencer pages for them. Any suggestions?

Gavin Fritz says:

On what type of Instagram page would you do a shout-out on for that phone charger?

Milan Vujcich says:

Yoo haha just the video for me aye

Liam Channing says:

Great video can you do a video on how you go about paying your taxes and how do you pay a VA. When you started did you just go to an accountant and say what do I do kind of thing. Love all your videos so much value

Art Beast says:

@Hayden Bowles would u plz have a look at my store and tell me what i do wrong? i link u if u up for it

Saamiyah S says:

HAYDENNN 🙂 I have a question! how do you approach instagram pages to promote your content if my new insta business account has no followers? do I need to gain a following for my shopify insta account first?? I’ve approached a couple already and they have all commented that I dont have followers on my account. what am i doing wrong?

Ivar van der Zandt says:

How effective is my pixel if I take 100 ATC’s to FB? Do I really need 100 purchases or should 100 ATC’s work?

hova says:

Yo thanks for this Hayden! I think I’m a lot more comfortable now doing product research. I’ll keep this mind along along with the marketing tips you gave.

Wehasei Elk says:

Any experience with Google Adwords Hayden others are saying use them first.

T Adams says:

That was interesting about husky phone cover then you up sell husky necklace [ know your up sell ] i guess bigger profits knowing how to up sell

Uncanny Brother says:

How do you get coupon code

Anthony Enriquez says:

School is almost out!
Would you have a course for the summer? I would definitely be interested.

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