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This method is very automated and super simple. Dropshipping Amazon products on Amazon itself. In this video I go over how to sell products that you won’t have any physical inventory for and how you can make $100+ a day doing it.

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Princess Peach says:

Does Amazon hold your payment for a couple of months to ensure that you’re a legitimate seller? I know eBay does.

rizel obial says:

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Alexx says:

how to handle returns?

LifeWithLucky says:

I honestly don’t see this system working just because your drop shipping from a amazon seller to a amazon buyer just wont work first of all the lowest price and fba gets buy box and why would some one buy the more expensive one rather than the cheapest one , this may work better from one site to another rather than amazon to amazon

gal diamond says:

I want to dropshipping from bestbuy and amazon to ebay, the shipping box from amazon or best buy will show “amazon or no? What if people see the amazon or bestbuy out of shipping box. what u do?

Arric Haber says:

So what with receipts ?

MikeeJ says:

This is gangster

Matthew Kaufman says:

When you buy the lower priced item to sell, is it okay that your are buying that item using prime shipping knowing you are planning on dropshipping it?

Jonny Moffat says:

I just tried this and started making sales within an hour but you don’t get paid from amazon until 2 weeks after your sale so this whole tutorial is wrong

Wessemdine Zagheden says:

But on the bill would be 204$ for the customer and he would see that he paid the upcharged price instead of the 204$ ??

kevin hudson says:

Hmmm and Amazon is ok with this?

konkrykoz20 says:

What if the 204 sells out and you sell yours for 349?

Arsen Nguyen says:

This is honestly bad. If a customer buys a product and sees the packaging box and its got the sellers name that you bought to have it shipped, it will honestly be a hassle if they ever contacted Amazon cause its got a different sellers name on the box. I wouldnt want to do this.

Andrea says:

What about if the buyer gets their item and the box says amazon all over?

kalob rogers says:

Your not gonna sell at 350 when the buybox is at 230. Bad system


Top vid cheers

Julie Gerard says:

Can u do this without the buy box? & do u need ur own upc etc?

Matthew Kaufman says:

I have posted well over 100 listings using this method. Ive yet to sell any items. Any tips or recommendations?

Darren Koh says:

What is out of stock? Pla advice.

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