How To Make $10,000 A Month FAST Dropshipping On Ebay! | 3 Tips For Success


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Music Mania says:

Your examples are false. You you can make money drop-shipping, but the examples. You need to click on the sold one to see what he actually sold it for. When an Item goes out of stock some sellers double the price so they don’t have to put it out of stock and no one will buy it at that price. Love to hear your reply.

ChaosBelow says:

If you’re dropshipping from amazon to eBay aren’t they gonna notice the amazon packaging? Or should I pay for faster shipping and ship it to myself then to the eBay customer.

Ali vm says:

What to do if they want a shipping number

Timothy Quezon says:

Hey bro love you’re channel and videos! I have an urgent question, do you know how i can turn off cross promotion listing? Aka the other sellers listing ads that ebay puts on my listings that undercut my price. Thank you very much

Raire says:

If you’re rich go buy a better mic

Mr. Lucky says:

Awesome video dude, after listening I’m wondering how you handle shipping. How do you add the tracking number to the sale?

Sachin Krishna says:

Are you allowed to drop ship amazon items to eBay or is it against their rules?

Young Dyke says:

what if a customer asks if the item could be mailed?

JayRich501 says:

So as a new seller with PayPal how do I go around payment holds to drop ship

I Love Pizza says:

If people are already on eBay looking for products, how hard is it going to be for them to hop over to Amazon to compare prices. I bet people can still make some sales on inflated prices, but is it really a good business model to have your source for products be so accessible at an even lower price than you are charging? I don’t think so. But if it is working for you that is great. But customers are mostly smart and know how to compare prices.


Won’t the item have an amazon logo on it or if it’s from AliExpress it will have Chinese letters on it? Then the buyer gets suspicious?

jinhi9005 says:

This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “dropshipping list pdf” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

Billy says:

how do you deal, when they include a copy of the receipt in the package, also the return address is different from your name? how do you deal when the package is delayed in the mail?

GrassyGhillie says:

What should I make my address when drop shipping on ebay? Also, how can I find products that I know will sell and how do I price them to make profit?

Haadi Saqib says:

im tryna only use paypal during this process and no credit card ….. is it possible?

Graham Wellington says:

Doesn’t Amazon charge a monthly fee?

Kahla Muckbang says:

so how many returns do you get once ppl realize the package is from Amazon and the product is half price there lol eBay is notorious for scammers or ppl who love to return

The Funkerz says:

Which chrome extension you are using that’s showing you the message: want to look on eBay?

Ameer Sanders says:

i have a problem with ebay i dont understand why i cant use paypal on amazon or aliexpress. Pls help?


Hello. If customer want refusal product , how do it ? Will he send to directly first seller or you ?

brantley morgan says:

Not a good idea to drop ship discounted products all the time because pricing from suppliers will change all the time!!

Rene Amaton says:

on your ebay profile does it says that its shipped from US or from China

Jeff Horry says:

What about the sales tax that Amazon charges. Do you charge the eBay buyer?

Javier Jaime Robles says:

do you need to make an account at or when you are going to fulfill an order? or you can do it as guest?

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Can You Get I Trouble For using Amazon Prime?

Logan Castaline says:

how do you sell multiple items, like having a quantity. Is it cause i’m using a personal account?

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