How to Make 10k+/Month Selling Products Online Shopify Dropshipping AliExpress Drop shipping Shopify

Shopify Dropshipping – Learn How to Source AliExpress Products and Sell Them for HUGE Profits With One Hack You CAN’T MISS!

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How to Find Shopify Products in 2017 – Make Money With Shopify AliExpress Facebook Ads Drop Shipping

This step by step guide will show you exactly how to find hugely profitable products to sell on Shopify, Shopify product research methods that take the guesswork out of finding homerun products, and will show you a ton of free resources on finding awesome products quickly!

We will show you how to do dropshipping product research, and How to find Shopify products you can dropship directly from Aliexpress using Oberlo. We talk about the type of products you want to dropship using shopify, what goes into doing product research for dropshipping on shopify, and have a bonus showing you how we use Clickfunnels to make super simple drop shipping sales pages we’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with!

Drop shipping with Aliexpress and shopify is a great way to start an ecommerce business even with very little experience and little to NO UPFRONT CAPITAL!

By the end of this video you will know exactly how to do dropshipping product research using Aliexpress, how to find trending shopify stores, how to identify best selling shopify products

How to Find Shopify Products in 2017 Make Money With Shopify Aliexpress Facebook Ads Drop Shipping


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Robby Hafil says:

Love the video. I like the way you do things live. Please please please make a tutorial on your clickfunnels. I’m really interested.

Obed Kissiedu Aboah says:

Thank You For The Great Work You Are Doing, but DON’T forget we are waiting for the clickfunnel training. Thanks

david harris says:

Good stuff. I will be using it in my store. I want the video on how you made 100,000 with click funnels.

Celis Malone says:

Yes, I would be very interested in tutorial click funnels drop shipping!

Hero a says:


Feed3Tee says:

ThankU Sir

Rafique Ali says:

Thanks for the video.

How do we use the to find popular UK shopify stores?

Priyanshu verma says:

should i prefer a unique product or i should go me the market trend….
i am from india.

Armando Pena says:

That was awesome my question is in th final end the events. How would you add it to a shopify store?

THATLifestyleNinja says:

For a LIMITED TIME We are Accepted ALL New Members to the Shopify Ninjas Facebook Group!

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Musa Jallow says:

Thanks for the good lecture on online business using shopify….
“How to Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing…”

Ika Mardiana says:

Awesome tutoring! Thank you. I would love to join

JadeNichelle says:

Brilliant and Life-Changing!!!

Kristopher Reynolds says:

Hey! I’d love your help on how to create that funnel to give the product away and have consume pay for shipping. Thanks

30 Second Hero says:

*So, my question, (it may have already been answered), is with dropshipping, correct me if I’m wrong, are orders fullfilled per request and payment fullfilled, then get shipped by production? Like, someone sees your product, pays, and then the company makes it and ships it for you upon payment. Don’t know how to say it correctly, still new to this*

Eugene Sarlasco says:

I tried Aliexpress a couple of times, I found a few are very sketchy even the ones with Diamond seller rating. I would select ePacket as shipping but when you get the tracking number it would be for a tracking number for a cheaper freight company. This really pissed me off, how do you hold them accountable for such sketchy service?

Garrett Bean says:

Can’t wait for the Click Funnels with Dropshipping video!!!

Bear Ice says:

Great video I want to start my shopify business soon but I have some questions, do I have to setup a PayPal business account? Also I live outside the US do I have to pay some extra taxes or something similar? Thank you for you videos 🙂

Justin Allen says:

how to write to you in PM

Brent White says:

Great content, really appreciate the information. This does bring up a few questions I have as a newbie, which would be greatly appreciated if anyone could answer them for me. A) How does it not take 4 to 6 weeks for a single product to be shipped from China to a single customer in the US? B) How does it not cost a small fortune to ship a single product from China to a single customer in the US?

Muhammed Abugrara says:

Tell us how it’s sound interesting

MrDynamicMedia says:

wow cool video we are looking to give leaders like you a free account in a new business you get 100% account to check it out! let me know your you think?

Saad Diet says:

Generate $100k/Year With Social Traffic- Free For You Now

Mars on Earth says:

One important thing about variations always comes to my mind. Many AliExpress products have an insane amount of variations; 10/20/30. There are products that even have 40 amounts of variations. Since I am using automated importer, all I need is one click to import all the variations to my store. But how does customer psychology play a role in this? Do too many variations lead to an indecision and make the customer hesitant to purchase? How many variations should I really offer when it comes to variations of different colors?

And many AliExpress sellers list many different items in the same product. For example, you may find 15 different animals 3d printing variations and the product’s name is only Cat 3d printing shirt. Should I discard all the other variations except the cat 3d printing one?

Pierreluc says:


Geminii says:

Thanks Kevin.

Gothama Sk says:

hi thanks very much for valuable content. I have created shopify store but in my country i have only 2checkout and currently I’m trying to submit an application. But I’m afraid it will get rejected for any reason. can you make a video on this. thanks again

JJJ Venter says:

Wow, awesome. Thanks! Please make that click funnel video. That will be be very valuable.

Check Stub Maker says:

Maaaan, most value I’ve seen in a video in a VERRRY long time. Thank you.

Hold Strong Battle Tested says:

Make the click funnel Vid.

S. Mayberry says:

I am sitting in BARNES & NOBLE watching your video. The content was so informative. Thanks for the information.

AbsolutEdge findout says:

Hey Kevin, awesome video providing tons of information, I really appreciate what you’re doing for us and yes, kindly do make a video on click funnel with dropshipping, thanks.

Priscilla Gillespie says:

Looking forward to the free video step by step to get started very new thanks

moi says:

This is legit. I follow the beauty and fashion industry and you picked out the top shopping spots, even outside of shopify, and picked the biggest trends.

Julian says:

Looking forward to the Click Funnel video!

Jasmin Abcha says:

I think E-Commerce is one of the best business you can do but biiig payment processors like Stripe (paypal etc will most likely follow) will not work with dropshipping anymore. They named it „high risk business“. So maybe it’s not the best thing to do drop shipping. At least not, if you wanna build something longterm. I watched a free video series lately and it opens my eyes! He teaches E-Commerce in a whole different way. Doing it right and building your brand instead of just selling a product. Great infos!

Matthew Arias Bohorquez says:

Hi. Please send me Click funnels link. Thanks

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