How To Make Money Dropshipping In Three Clicks – New Software

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This new software can do the following…
1. Instantly deploy your new profitable, hands free Amazon affiliate store.
2. Easily discover the most profitable viral products to sell.
3. Press one button to build a site that will generate viral traffic and sales on autopilot.

This is according to the software makers and so far it looks good to me. I am actually excited to get into this myself.

I like the idea of making money passively while I sleep, lay on the beach, travel, whatever. As long as I don’t have to work much.

Those of you that know me know this is my main business model. I used to work HARD. I was a truck driver that worked multiple shifts a day and it was work I hated.

Now I make money passively pretty much on autopilot via the internet. Needless to say I


RV thereyet? says:

Oh my WORD I like you best!

The Source says:

okay i just got it and watched the training but i’m not clear on setting up giveaways. Do you got to pay out of your pocket for the products you’re giving away or do you wait to do one when you have commissions built up to take it out of? Do you get a bill when someone, “wins”?

moffett8 says:

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for about 8 years. I just got a notice on 2/3/2018 from them stating that they closed my account and were keeping my commissions. In the email they never told me why. I called them and sent emails. I actually thought it was a mistake. Finally they responded and said the can close any account with out a reason and the account closure was not an accident or mistake, but they still didn’t tell me why. After more phone calls and emails they finally responded again and said they wanted websites that had content not just stores. I called and talked to them and asked if I could change the websites to what they wanted. I also asked them how much content they wanted on websites. I was told to read the terms of service. I re-read the TOS and there was nothing in there that said anything about anything about content. I called them again and they didn’t have a clue about what percentage of content was wanted. Then they said probably about 70% content. Within the past year Amazon also lowered the Affiliate payout percentages. My opinion is that Amazon needed Affiliates to get to the massive size they are now and they now no longer needs affiliates because they own the internet market now. So basically they are thinning the heard and keeping from paying out as much affiliate commissions. Go with an affiliate program other than Amazon. The commissions will be higher and you won’t have to worry about Amazon shutting you affiliate account down without notice and keeping commissions you generated.

Dan Monaco says:

Buying Traffic? Not easy

Lauren Hazel Eyes says:

Don’t out yourself down lol it’s makes me laugh though!
I always appreciate your content
You are one of the first channels I found to make money online.
Can you show us your progress with instashoomaker

LoganStarCraft says:

Affiliate software so duh there won’t be any actual product to buy or hold. The title of this video is false

Claude Bussieres says:

For 20 bucks!? That’s a steal. I’m grabbing a copy before the price goes up.

seeker 1 says:

Its a scam

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