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In San Francisco there is a lot of homeless people. It get’s really cold for the homeless but the homeless stay warm by trying to bundle up.

So we tried a homeless experiment by going out and giving to the homeless. The homeless social experiment turned out really well.

We met a homeless girl that was going through a really rough time and ended up homeless in the street of San Francisco.

There was another homeless man that got left in the streets because of rough decisions he made.

But the point is, giving back to the homeless always helps. If you don’t have money you can help by feeding the homeless people.

We made gift bags for the homeless people in san francisco. To help the homeless stay warm we gave them socks, hoodies, gloves, sweatpants and other things to help the homeless
Samir Chibane is a young entrepreneur who has made a commitment to document and share his journey to the top. He hopes to touch millions of young entrepreneurs through his personal struggles, failures, and successes.

Samir is breaking out of obscurity by providing more value and relevant content than anyone else!

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MoorAndrew 2017 says:

Aye, Why did you drop your price for your course from 1995 to 495$?

YourBoyJacobi says:

Great info

Balazs Pk says:

you are a cool dude and that is a cool piece of pyjamas or what they call it

Snake says:

Hey Samir, awesome video as usual!! I’m still a beginner to drop shipping but just wondering, let’s say you test test test and you find a big winner and you wanna white label it, how many of that item would you buy in bulk??

P.R Moela says:

eBooks are great deals. Did you know that digital products are a billionaire dollar industry? Create your own eBook and sell it for real profits. Find out how

Antonio Reynaga says:

Want to learn more about white labeling.

DJ SLANK〽an says:

Aye shabang gang bang esketitiit

wyllem PALCY says:

LOve the exit solution !

Rita Njie says:

Your websites aren’t working today???

Curtis Hummel says:

Samir what confuses me about drop shipping is it seems like you are always chasing trends. So does that mean you are changing up your shopify store every 3-4 months to match the products you are selling? How do you get to actually go deeper into a niche if you are always chasing the next hot product?

ben says:

Are you going to the Vegas mastermind?

Rizz Robinson says:

Good video bro. See you at the top

Amene El says:

Are you from Morocco

b1tc0de says:

#chibanegang #danfam #jetset #alexbeckerfan #garyveefan …i’m such a whore

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