How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping And FREE Traffic! (2019)

Want to know how to make money with Shopify dropshipping and free traffic? Watch this!
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In this video, I talk about getting sales with free traffic on your dropshipping Shopify store. Specifically I talk about SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) if when you rank your ecommerce store in Google. People will then search for keywords and your store will get organic traffic

In this Shopify training video I show you my secret method of ranking blog post of my Shopify and listing products I want to sell for content, Google loves content. I then link these blog post to my products.

This is a great way to learn how to make money on Shopify using free traffic. You get free sales doing this and it’s a great way to make money online with dropshipping in 2019.

If you have no money to run ads to your store then try this method

Learning how to make money with Shopify can be hard but, I hope this video helped you. How to get sales on Shopify is one skill you need to learn.




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Michael Harris says:

Can you talk about or do videos on how to hire a team, what your team’s look like and what all they do? Like the writing team, a product research team, order fulfillment team etc. Are these just freelance assistants from up work or something?

Aleks Yasenov says:

ill start today

Ogo Omoke says:

Hello frank… Have bin watching your videos… But can u make a video of using free Wix website and mail chip for selling a physical product…. That’s email marketing… Thanks

Trololol xD says:

Amazing video but does it work for General stores? Or it would be a waste of time,also if we find untapped products with low search does it take long time to rank ? Thanksss

Jim Rogers says:

Alright! Got the thumbs up up to 69. You deserve it, mate! says:

I never get a reply i won’t give up though

Mauro Da Silva says:

You’re the VCK (Value Content King ).

aka rajesh raj says:

Thank you, Franklin, it’s really a very valuable video, thanks a lot for sharing.

Dropship Demons says:

Aswesome stuff franklin !

William Cira says:

It’s awesome. I’m in East Africa..,is it possible for me to do it here? Can I make money through drop shipping over Here?

TWA says:

Make pod tutorials please

Tyler Hinkelman says:

ya know i been watching your videos and i cant help but notice these ads that these companies use are these garbage ads that you see spammed all over sites… this shit is literally praying on old and stupid people.. and i get it works, but god is this fucking a disgusting way to make money…

BA KT says:

How about Amazon FBA, do you recomand, do you have a course for it?

murat baran says:

As always
my opinion. Franklin is the best on youtube and his courses is very effective.Cheers

Cox Fedha says:

Great content.

Brent James says:

what a beautiful thumbnail!! BIG FRANK in the houseee

uma sistla says:

Thank you Franklin for your great motivating videos!!!

Qasim Ishaq says:

thanks for this. very useful………..can you send the link for your shopify theme that you created?

moustapha lee says:

Thank you Frank for the infos. Revently i have noticed that Epacket products can be delivered up to 45 days. Is it something normal for Epacket?

Christopher Samuel says:

Thank you so much, Franklin, very informative stuff. I have a quick question in terms of conversion which has had better conversions for your business: Facebooks ads or SEO ?

Ammar Alfadel says:

Thanks for this
How i can connect with you??

Joe Reardon says:

Awesome stuff Franklin. Writing is not one of my strong suits and making web pages even less so. Do you have any videos or recommendations on outsourcing the blog posts? Or do you have any videos of tutorials that you do on this? Thanks.

Gregory Groves says:

Would this all work with affiliate marketing/clickbank as well?

Aleisha Tanner says:

Great stuff!

James Greer says:

Do you have actual web links to you or your student success stories for ecom elites or savage affiliates? Income reports look nice, but those can be fabricated to make it seem like it’s real. For example, I was looking at Steve Chou’s course, and although it’s more expensive, he provides real proof of his student stores, not income reports. I was wondering if you could do the same as well? Thanks.

Style Actv says:

Hey Franklin, this is perfect timing as I am just going to do this and it is nice to see you also recommending this method!

DigitalVideoPhones says:

Franklin, Thank you for this video. Here is an amazing article on How To Find Long Tail Keywords, there is also a list of FREE excellent keyword tools on the site.

Ray Tsai says:

Favorite personal development book?

Baldur Odinson says:

Thanks ! What made you start doing this ?

Nadia Shvab says:

Thank you, Franklin, very useful!

Could you share some stats, to see the scale, e.g. what is the minimum number of articles that needs to be posted to start seeing some traffic? Also what conversion rate do you see on average with such strategy?
Thank you!

Breed Xander says:

Always searching for new methods of free traffic, i love it.

Abid ur Rehman says:

Hi Franklin! Thanks for the valuable stuff first.
I have two short questions if you can answer. First, how much time on average it takes to learn this drop shipping process including facebook ads management?
Second, in your opinion, how do you see the future of drop shipping? Thanks for your time.

Mr IceBoxStudio says:

Frank, questions on getting articles done by outsourcing the work… where should I go for this what’s the most trusted source?

Thato Sespo Tlhaselo says:

thanks for your informative content Frank, you’re the best

DigiBit Media says:

This content is on-point! I recently started creating blog content for my eCommerce website and was wondering how effective these articles would be. I’m hoping to see some of my articles rank within 6-8 months. One word of caution if you attempt to outsource: the content provided by most Fiverr vendors is average at best and requires a lot of editing.

Belinda wright says:

Awesome I like all your trainings!!!

Jim Rogers says:

What are you using for the screenshot? Seems to be a smart applications seeking the outlines of the image…

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