How To Make More Money Online With Drop Shipping In 2018 ($1000+ A Day Maybe?)

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! In this video, I’m going to show you how to make more money online with your drop shipping store. I use Shopify to make money and I think 2018 is going to be big!

I talk about using Facebook retargeting and email marketing in 2018 because I think more people need to be doing it!

I also show you a niche that did over $100,000 for me in 2016.

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Zachary Valenter says:

The course is legit!! Definitely worth $200

MariaB says:

Awesome information! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Lots to learn and do. Just starting out here.

Nabil A says:

Frank, all your vids are amazing. But I think this vid is the most amazing teaching vid you have ever made. Thanks

geraldine herrera says:

Thanks Frank!!! Great info as usual.

Bryce Tubbs says:

Lol, is that you who promotes those superhero shirts on Snapchat?

Levitate Entertainment says:


300Songs says:

I am sorry but how can you sell something that takes 20 days to arrive when on Amazon the same object is sold for the same price and it arrives within 3 days???

saifulbest says:

What Im afraid for this type of biz is the time taken for the product to be received by the costumer. Especially when we use free shipping from aliexpress…and the costumer located in UK or US…any tips?

OldmanMaestro says:

I recently sold on ebay using chinavion. Projectors.

Chris Griesenbrauck says:

so is your program a step by step. I’m very interested . I already have a shopify store and run ads and all I’m getting is 550 reach for 3 days, 50 likes and 30 visits within the three days. I’m not sure if this is good engagement to start scaling or drop.

Yann Le Décodeur says:

Amazing! Thank you man

Retro GOD says:

@26:39 .. HAHAHAHHA Chaching !!

Desarai says:

he’s absolutely right
no one wants to do all this work just to make 5-10 bucks profit. BUT sometimes you gotta start small. just to get used to the game. i will be doing this soon.

Aura Recordings says:

lol so mad at you. I sell that bag lol

el mehdi azhar says:

First Comment haha

Red Elixir says:

Hey Franklin, thanks for the great info!
I have a problem which I’m hoping you can help me with.
I made my first ad account a few days ago, business account and all that. I launched a PPE campaign (as I have a new store) and a few hours later, my account got deactivated due to “suspicious activity” . I connected my account through Paypal (paypal activated, bank account linked, everything in order). Finding no other solution than to make a 2nd account, I did so and that account got deactivated even before I launched my ad. I used PPE campaign, I even used a different payment method, what the hell am I doing wrong?? Why does it keep getting deactivated?? Did you run into this problem? I’m desperate here, I can’t even start my fucking sales because my FB ad account (and pixel) gets fucked. Please, Franklin, I just need some help with this.
What am I doing wrong? :/

Arie S. says:

Very cool video 🙂 I make similar videos giving tips that have helped me get to 5 figures!

LifeInColorGames says:

I think the reason why you and your buddies have better success with going broad on the audience is based in your pixel. I tired going broad on a new pixel and I have terrible results compared to a targeted audience.

TheJohnniePlays says:

Till when course will be $200?

Steven Meldonian says:

Check out my channel, Im in Franks Course. New Videos Every Week. Im Not the best but i can take you throught the difficulties ive faced

Andrew Foo says:

Hey franklin, what about your IM course? intending to allow more people in? Thanks for all the free teaching online!

Retro GOD says:

Hey Frank, Let’s say product cost is around 6.5 USD (including shipping) . and Facebook ad spend to generate that sale is around 12 USD, What price you think should i sell it for a reasonable margin?

geraldine herrera says:

is the blog post in a separate website?

Varun Kwatra says:

Frank, Shall we sell “Canvas Painting” with or without wooden frames? I mean what is it’s affect on Custom Duty for US buyers?

Polta John says:

Good content but I think that VC + broad audience works for you because your store already has momentum. VC works on past pixel data so you need to already had visitors in the past. That’s not the case for beginners so VC will have a hard time to get optimized, and so ppe is better to start. But I may be wrong

Ahmed Musawir says:

Awesome! Plz, talk about the hackers that order a bunch of stuff and then do a chargeback to mess us up!! Can we do something about these bastards?

Matt Nicholson says:

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Danish Khan says:

take it easy braaaaah

wallyvegas9 says:

Hello I’m interested in purchasing eCom Turbo. Do you still support that template?

John Hanson says:

You mentioned the pants were on an auction site, so can we dropship from Ali to eBay? Thanks!

Shahriman Shuib says:

Thanks Franklin..i’m following your vids..

Chris Penn says:

You’re definitely one of my heroes. As soon as I can afford your course I’m getting it. For real. Thanks.

promotox1 says:

Awesome video Franklin!
Do you usually test your products only using a photo ad or do you use video (or a photo slideshow in video format)?
Thanks for the video and awesome FB group 🙂

Nando Theeßen says:

@franklin Hatchett If you buy the course now do you keep access after it is updated?

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