How To REALLY Make Money Dropshipping On Shopify 2019

How To REALLY Make Money Dropshipping On Shopify 2019

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My name is Arie Scherson. I am a millennial ecommerce entrepreneur and I absolutely love creating brands and creating content that will impact lives. Subscribe to follow my journey!

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Reese Iree says:

I love that you always speak the absolute truth and don’t sugarcoat shit. Nothin but facts yo..

Nickscoots ' says:

Most LEGIT video about dropshipping I’ve ever seen!

Kaiuz Kali says:

Heeeey guys! I’m having trouble setting up a payment gateway for credit cards… what percentage of your sales are via PayPal and what percentage from credit cards?? Would I be losing too much?

Arie Scherson says:

Leave me a comment and a like I’ll try to answer everything 🙂

jalabi99 says:

True, 2018’s problems are left back in 2018. This is a new year, let’s get busy!

Matt Chapracki says:

How do you deal with the chinese new year and many suppliers not shipping around the 2 weeks of the holiday (jan. 15 – feb. 11)

Roy Chan says:

Damn true bro!

martintroy says:

Thank you. The motivation i needed to get off my ass.

TrendMutt says:

Thanks for the drop Arie. I’ve got 3 sales in 3 months and need the occasional reminder that it CAN work!

Joseph Seka says:

Are u also running a general store?

Belen R says:

“Tackle the concepts” as he throws punches I’m dead hahaha. You the best Arie

내일은 로또왕! says:

Your video really helps me a lot. Thank you very much.
I have a question.
When selecting a product at All-Express, what should I do if there are identical products on the Amazon? Do I have to make the price cheaper than Amazon?

AV Creations says:

hey arie how to ship allover the world which doesnt support epacket because it would take upto 60 days right? please help me to get out of this mess

Kiandro Scavella says:

Seven sales in seven days. Thanks Arie. It’s slow but I’m building up to it like you said ☺️

John Wellington says:

1:02 “you know what , fxxk it, gotta .. “, damn this hit my heart. lets do this! thanks for the inspiration Arie, and get well soon

WelzTheGreat says:

Hey Arie, have you heard of Chris Keyz?? I was talking to him and just wanted to get another eCommerce’s true opinion. I respect , follow and you/watch your vids all the time. Anyway, he has a closed group on FB and sells diff very close to buying it but wanted to MAKE SURE this is what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, I signed up for your waiting list but when it opened i didnt have the funds & now I do so…

Charles Busby says:

Yo! I’ve got a dropshipping telegram group that is quickly growing, and spreading valuable knowledge. We all contribute to the chat, to help others and to be helped by others in the chat. We could all learn more.
❗️If interested, message @boulbuzz on telegram and we’d be happy to add you. 🙂

maciej kampka says:

Thank you for your honesty and knowledge, I found your channel 4 months ago if I didn’t I would be paying thousands just to get the same information. good luck for the up coming years.

ye Wen says:

CJ dropshipping is a supplier that can connect with shopify. We can provide you with various popular products.

ash raff says:

I’ve started to lose hope man… i spent 1k on Facebook and made only 700$ i don’t know how to become profitable

namastecgb om says:

Hey Arie, can you make a video about how to fill out: Terms of Service, Faq, about us, privacy, refund policy, shipping policies, contact us or any of these important bold headers

travis03 says:

I started drop shipping not long ago and have been able to find a little success. Check me out if you guys have time

novafishy says:

Man, I’m absolutely LOVING your videos! Full of practical content and awesome tips! Thanks bro!
My question – I’ve set up my general store, imported some proven past winning products and believe I’ve branded my store well, but I’m now stuck, unsure what to do next! What is the best way to drive traffic to my store? FB ads, Google ads, or IG shoutouts? I’ve heard a lot of Google ads and not having to create a video or image ad, (as I’m not the best at it) , so that route really appeals to me. Have you run Google ads before and what are your thoughts on it as a beginner starting out? Thanks again for all the awesome videos and content!

Abhi says:

Your teaching methods is awesom Arie ☺

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