How to Start a Business With No Money (Or Little Money): Dropshipping!

Learn how to start a business with no money (or with very little).
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When I say “learn how to start a business with no money” I mean with basically no money – EVERY business will require some. Using dropshipping, you can start a business with money except for a very, very small cost.

Learn how to start a business with no money (or basically no money) with method A: Start an ecommerce store and dropship items from Aliexpress ($23.88)

Step 1: Create an ecommerce store with WordPress & Woocommerce

When you need to start a business with no money (or extremely little) every saving counts. The cheapest way to open an ecommerce store is with WordPress. To do that, you will need a hosting plan and a domain name. The cheapest, most cost-effective way to get that is to signup with iPage. You can get started for just $23.88. Get iPage here:

Click here to watch my step-by-step video tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store:

Step 2: List items in it from Aliexpress

When you are listing items in your own ecommerce store, an easy way to find items for it is to go to Aliexpress and find Chinese dropshippers. Simply head over to Aliexpress and find items in the niche that you are targeting, then list them in your own store.

I have a video which gives great tips/advice on how to do this here:

Step 3: Market your Aliexpress dropshipping store with SEO (search engine optimization)

For each product page, pick a keyword that best represents the item that you are selling and then make the following modifications to it:

1. Add the keyword to the title.
2. Add an item description that is at least 400 words.
3. Add the keyword into the description so that it has a keyword density of between 1-2%.
4. Add the keyword into the first 50 words of the description.
5. Add the keyword to the img alt data for the first image on the page.

Using these techniques, you will be able to get free organic traffic. This is a good way to get traffic if you need to start a business with no money and can’t pay for Facebook ads.

Here is another way to start a business with no money (or very, very little!). Method B: Start a dropshipping business on using USA-based dropshippers.

Step 1: Locate USA-based dropshippers with SaleHoo ($67)

1. Go to SaleHoo and login to your subsciption. If you don’t have a subscription you can get one by clicking here:
2. Next, click on “directory.” From here, click on the green “search” button without selecting a category.
3. Next, filter the results by region. Select “North America.”
4. Finally, filter the results by supplier type. Click “Dropshippers.”

Step 2: Go through the suppliers and locate low-cost, high-demand items.

1. Go to a supplier and open up their catalog. You may need to contact the supplier to have them send it to you or give you access as not all catalogs are available to the public.
2. Take each item in their catalog and compare it to the going price on Note down items that are priced lower in the supplier’s catalog to the prices on Amazon.
3. OPTIONAL: Check how often an item sells so that you can estimate the revenue you’ll get from it using Jungle Scout:

Step 3: List the items you are dropshipping on

There are two ways that you can do this depending on whether the item already has a listing on or not. Both methods are free which is great when you want to start a business with no money:

1. If the item has a listing already, then add yourself as a seller. Match your price to your competitors price so that you can share what is called the “Buy Box” with them. You can find out how to win the Buy Box by watching this video:
2. If the item does not have a listing already, then create a new listing for the item. In our free ebook ( we give you free tips on how to create a high-converting listing.

Pick one of these 2 methods and start a business with no money (or very very little!) today.

Please note: This video/description contains affiliate links.


mo Ishag says:

Shall we just get married

GabRacineCarre says:

This is a super noob question. Im from canada, so I guess I sell on canada amazon? Or maybe not? But if so, do I salehoo search for canadian dropshippers?

sajid ali says:

Your’s videos are good , but your English accent is very funny . i like it -;)

Keto w/ Hunnybunny says:

Also for shipping price is that paid by the customer at time of purchase for drop shipping?

Danilo Gaces Jr says:

Hi! I’m watching your video. And I found this conclusion: so you are saying that if I sell on business model a I’ll use a platform for which I’ll set up my own website, like Shopify? And if I choose business model b I’ll be using salehoo to locate my manufacturers from the USA and I’m gonna use as a platform for wherein I’m gonna sell my items from my manufacturers from the salehoo the same thing like in AliExpress. Is that right?

Davi Jones says:

Great content!. How would Drop shipping work if you create you own products? example:Art etc
Or is this designed just for Products that already exist on Amazon/ebay?

abdullah ben abdullah says:

my advice: Never ever pay for getting dropshippers. paying money for start dropshipping means a middleman need to eat the cake before even seeing it.

Photolation says:

You can be a very good actor. Thanks for the video

Ryan Freitag says:

Hi Sarah. I discovered your YouTube channel a few months ago. I Have watched a few of your videos and you are very helpful. Lots of great information here. I don’t know if you have already gone over this but can eBay sellers drop ship using AliExpress? I see sellers that ship from China but i don’t know if those are American sellers drop shipping or if they are sellers located in China.

Chris Sparks says:

Have things changed?? Because you can’t buy products from AliExpress with Paypal, You Have to USE a Card, that’s the ONLY option they have. So technically, If your customers buy a product from you (Via PayPal), Then you have to go purchase their product from AliExpress (Via Debit/Credit Card)…..and it takes 3-5 business days to transfer money from your Paypal to your bank account lol. I unfortunately didn’t know this when I made my first sale yesterday…..luckily it wasn’t very expensive, and I had the money in my bank to pay for it…..but at first I was freaking out because I didn’t know you couldn’t buy from AliExpress using Paypal lol

carla varner says:

Love you accent and your information. Thanks. I really needed this.

joseph pray says:

what i am worried about in starting a business online is : Set up shipping and tax rates. i know nothing about taxes . does eBay amazon , do it for you ?

tyrone120892 says:

I love your voice ^_^

Alex FlyingV says:

Amazon hold the funds for 14 days and you have to pay from your fund for the item and then wait for the funds ! WHAT A FRAUD ! don’t mess with amazon
DO legit business but the name of the trade is give me the money to give you the honey !
Plus Amazon does not accept paypal and that’s a big turn off for most buyers and sellers as well.

Phoenix Wiseman says:

Notes ; basically and literally are not the same thing. No money and basically no money and literally no money are also seperate things.

J Hid says:

How is it possible to contact you via email ?

Georgian C says:

I love you Sarah ❤️

gunchberg says:

fucking hell

Youtube Kanal says:

Where is this accent from? She talks like a cartoon character!

Leighann L says:

Your facial expressions are so cute!!!

Michael Reel says:

This was the most informative and well thought out video that I’ve ever seen from an instructional video on Youtube. It’s not greedy either. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of that so well.

Colleen Graves says:

Nooooo, not the hijacking. Don’t teach them that!

Le'mar Moore says:

Option B starts at 14:31

harryskittyz says:

Only if AliExpress took paypal!!! ;(

Julie Gerard says:

Im a little confused..if u r dropshipping the same item that is on Amazon do u still need to get ur own upc? & wat do u put on for the sku? Thanks..also im really struggling to find anything to dropship that isnt restricted or some other barrier..can u please advise how to get around this?

Rafael Lopez says:

on model B, why it has to be a USA based drop-shippers?

Sherif Issa says:

Excellent video. Great information. Thank you Wholesale Ted. Thank you Sarah


Thanks for this vid it only cost me 88 seannnns

Charlie Doggo says:

Pardon me, but I happen to like Mumbo Jumbo 0:04

Awad Abu Bakr says:

btw , all ppl now will buy hary potter stuff from aliexpress directly instead of buying from your friend

Anis Kouhen says:

I love your videos, your style and your marketing genius. Please continue the good work!

Awad Abu Bakr says:

how about the packing , its not gonna have the amazon logo on it , it will have the dropshiper address and logo instead.. i think all im gonna have if i follow your method is just a bunch of bad reviews from buyers …

Global Solutions says:

regardless of your choices , the video is informative , and everybody should think twice about products and suppliers to work with

Armaedus says:

Drop-shipping is a joke and no legitimate entrepreneur would do that to start their business.

sema Ali says:

instead of being thankful for the free information this lovely lady provides, some idiots are more concerned about her pronouncing certain words when they’re typical Americans who can’t speak any other language if their life depended on it

Julien NOEL says:

Hi ! Do you have some kind of a solution like your SALEHOO for businesses based in Europe?

Keto w/ Hunnybunny says:

You say to not copy item descriptions for business model 1 are you allowed to use the stock photo from the AliExpress website?

danny ambat says:

my i ask if it’s Possible to start if i’m asian, based here in korea!!?? please need feedback thanks


I love you :))))

Steve French says:

What about the address will it say Ali express ? Hint they could go there after that

Awad Abu Bakr says:

drop shipping is gonna take long time up to 60 days to ship the item from the supplier from china by alibaba or aliexpress , im sure the buyer will be upset waiting so long to receive his item ..

ChasnJC says:

One of your videos funneled me via hooking me with your free 4 step eBook on drop shipping. Turns out, after I entered email, it was a completely different eBook, and I feel ripped off and lost. You gave me 77 tips on writing good sales copy… well I have no clue how to even set up amazon and salehoo, and there’s no way to contact you, so I’m annoyed. Enjoy your $1.

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