How To Start Ebay Dropshipping With $0 (What Would I Do)


In this video I go over how you can start your own Ebay Dropshipping business with little to no funds! I also talk about your Ebay store subscription, and show some live examples of profitable drop shipping products!

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Ben Prebil says:

Hey Carter, I am trying to sell a speaker on eBay and have gotten two buyers, but both of them have turned out to be scams. Is this normal and is there any way around this?

Topher says:

Can I use my personal bank account to get the money or is it better to open a new bank account for ebay and a new paypal-account?

jarredthebear89 says:

What about photos? If I buy a product can I simply screenshot the product photos from 3rd prty sight, to use for my photo for the post?

Ludovic Bonnion says:

this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about – also refer yourself to realest of the real:

Nova Babe says:

Hey I have a question. So it won’t let me have my real address and ship from outside the US. Cuz it’s obvi fake. So what do I do?

Victoria Landsmann says:

If you have one or more than one eBay store, we have the IDEAL solution for you.
One easy mobile app that allows you to stay on top of all aspects of all your business and manage multiple eBay accounts in one place.
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Federico Balzi says:

Can I sell in living in UK?

Dropship Jason says:

If you are using the sniping method. Check out the link below. Awesome software for it.

Kevin203- says:

How do we have products rank? Is there any keyword ranking strategies, eBay advertising etc

Oswaldo Reyes says:

I am really interested in starting my own eBay dropshipping store. I just purchased a new computer and printer online. I goal is to start my business on January 2019. Any ideas or advice ?

Tyrone says:

$100-$200 dollars? YOU JUST SAID I COULD START UP WITH $0

Richard says:

I payed for the starter subscription but it is still only alowing me to list 10 items, anything i can do to fix that?

FJP Channel says:

So how it exactly do you buy stuff on amazon or other websites and drop ship it in eBay with out getting the package home how you do it do you just buy on amazon and pas it on eBay with out you getting the package

Galaxis says:

Dude, thats amazing info. Thanks!

givemedrums83 says:

You didn’t mention anything about tracking prices of your supplier after you list the item on Ebay. That alone can cost almost $50 a month for an automated program. And if you have the 100/item store, that’s only good for the first month. If you list 100 items this month and don’t remove them, they automatically renew and if you list 100 more items, you immediately start at $.30 an item. There is money to be made, just do your research and understand you ALWAYS have to spend money to make money.

Supreem Scheem says:

Unfortunately they are stopping drop shipping on ebay… I started drop shipping last month and everything was ok till now…PayPal are saying drop shipping gotta go thru a graduation period and when a customer buys your product u gotta wait 21 days to get your money…it happened to 3 of my sells…Is anyone going thru that right now?

Billy says:

Can you recommend how to locate drop shipping suppliers

MoroChuk says:

Carter what items can I drop ship. I don’t see any progress in my eBay

Barspinz says:

I just started 2 days ago. It says my account has a 5 seller limit so it only lets me sell 5 items a month and I have the starter subscription. Do you know why?

Francis Singh says:

Can I do this business from Australia with this course or will I have to find an Australian based course?

John Portis says:

To the comments below referring to the 21-day hold. Your goal is to build an investment by fronting the cost up front. When you reached the number of sales and revenue, they will release the 21-Day hold. The fastest way to release your funds is to call every time an order has been confirmed delivered by the customer. They will release the funds to you 3-business days after the fact. That is why in this video he mentions you need about $200.00. You can do it for way less but it all depends how much you are willing to front to cover the cost of what you are sending to your customers. The more capital you are willing to front, the faster you will have the hold status released, giving you next day deposits

Wasim Khan says:

How do you find bigger seller on eBay?

andreharris119 says:

If im just starting out would the best product research tactic be to copy other peoples sales?

The CPA GENIUS says:

So here’s my story. I got started with drop shipping in Oct 2013 when everyone was joining DS Domination. I reached the level of Top Seller. I forget the actual title it’s called? I am actually watching this video because I am thinking of getting back into drop shipping and I want to brush up on my skills. Here are some things I do know:

1. The 21-day hold is not something new. I had it back when I was first starting out. And you simply sell cheap items at cost and you reach the eBay requirements and they release your money and you can now use the customer’s funds to purchase products.

2. You have to stay on top of inventory of your suppliers. eBay frowns upon items not shipping out on time because the item is back ordered! That is a big no-no.

3. Don’t be afraid to price your items at a nice profit. The biggest issue I had was I was thinking like a customer with my knowledge. People who buy simply want the item. I never had someone call me requesting a refund because the item came from Amazon, Walmart, etc. They just want the item.

4. Stay away from electronics for the most part. There are scammers who will switch out components and ask for a refund eBay/PayPal will gig you if you don’t give a refund.

5. At the height, I had a seller’s listing ability of over 400 items and $85,000. But, that means nothing. You just have to go and sell items and sell for a profit.

Drop shipping can be both fun and rewarding but it is a business, you do have to dedicate time and effort to it and handle all of the frustrations of working in retail. You aren’t going to sell 20 items a day starting out. You are going to get 1-3 products every few days until you get enough items listed for economies of scale to take hold.

okc405sfinest says:

75,000 listed imagine having to do the orders on over 1000 orders a day

Hiro Mamoru says:

Your video is very misleading, why even name the video How to start eBay Dropshipping with no money and then at the beginning of the video you are practically saying to invest $100 which is what I don’t have right now, this isn’t helping someone who wants to get into eBay Dropshipping but can’t NOT afford to pay for anything

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