If You REALLY Want To Make Money With Shopify Stop Doing This Or You Will Fail

If you want to make good money with Shopify and build a great business using Shopify you need to get to work.

First thing you need to do is change your mindset if you think this stuff is going to be easy, I tell it how it really is… a hustle.

Step 1: Make sure you test multiple products at the start. You only really need to do this why starting out because one you have a few winners under your belt it becomes super easy. Trust me, it really does. If you get stuck in a dark hole with one product that just won’t work you will burn money faster than me at the casino.

Step 2: In this Shopify and drop shipping game you need to be finding your own methods, just use our methods as guidelines. Once you start to figure things out you will start taking a bigger risk with your money and that when you can start doing things that go against all the rules. Well, you should start doing that! Why? because you will find something that works and it will work real good. Risk takers collect rewards, if you be to conservative sticking to everyone else out dated method it’s going to be hard.

Step 3: Scale… and scale consistently. Scale out by offering upsells, sending out emails, getting that Facebook retargeting going. Keep trying to improve customer long term value with your Shopify store. Only do this once you have winners and consistent money coming in. This my friend in the key to a long term profitable Shopify store.

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Enzoy says:

super helpful bro, would you review my store? goolego.com

Victoria Frizzell says:

Thank you Franklin!

Faris Khaled says:

Do a video about fiverr

Join The Progress says:

“FB doesn’t like me” 1:01 …lol, I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Before I say this, let me preface it by saying I love your vids Franklin, have been with you since early summer 2016. But I am def one of those people; I have been convinced at times that FB has an algorithm in place that simply, almost randomly, rewards some people and will not others. I’ve spent and lost a few hundred dollars now, which I really can’t afford. Support on FB for anything btw is literally one of the worst support centers of any company that has ever existed (perhaps that’s why Zuckyboy is so rich? He hires no one in customer support?).

I’m sticking with it, but holy shite; FB and IG are extremely unkind to me. I provide great content (have even been complimented on it several times, seriously, it’s *quality* content) and get no followers, no sales, my ads haven’t converted…it…has…*sucked.*

Really convinced FB doesn’t like me. Maybe I’ve made too much fun of Zuckyboy and he’s going to make sure I can’t make even .001% of his wealth under any conditions. The fucking bastard.

I’m going to keep plugging away tho. And thank you for what you’re doing. If I start to succeed, I hope you stop teaching this stuff so we all have less competition. Seriously.

makelifesimple says:

I hope this video isn’t outdated…jk awesome video ,great advice,and nice accent!

Timmy Fleming says:

Tisk Tisk Tisk

Joe Goode says:

Man, ur legit! Love all the info. Thank u

Uland says:

Travolta, is that you? 😉

Nabster says:

Best video ever

VRKapps says:

You keep it real, I like that. Subscribed

loli pop says:

Great video dude. So, for someone who just begin and star testing product, the store could not be a niche specific store, cause you are testing products, right?
After you find the right product what do you do? create another specific store o keep selling the winner product in the generic store?


Jason Masters says:

After about a month of being submerged in this shopify ive noticed a trend. Everyone has made tons of money and wants to tell the world via youtube. Out of everyone i watch and study i found your videos to be pretty good. I will be firing up my store soon, thanks to all the free information im pretty sure this works. Great video i subbd

Jo Martin says:

How do you get around the big time frame it takes to deliver from Aliexpress/China to other countries eg NZ? Customers complain it takes too long

Petaa says:

Hi frank!:) I have seen many on youtube needing to verify their credit cards? And have their orders delayed or cancelled.Have you dealt with it before?

jdouglas8585 says:

You gotta tsk tsk tsk!

Eduardo Lima says:

thank you for your advic my man!

SociFunnel says:

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prakhar singh says:

Tist Tist Tist

Codex says:

Clickbait more plz as if this title hasnt been seen 10000 around the net but just replace Shopify with something else.

HeathWP says:

Thanks mate great info!

Zain Merchant says:

Your content is golden. Thanks for all the videos. Also, comments section please check out my channel!

Faizal Hergy Veiga says:

Everybody seems to talk about Shopify, what is so wrong in your opinion about WooCommerce? Is it so hard to make money with WooCommerce??

Sean Casey says:

Still the realist dude online

Ged Vengrauskas says:

Thanks for the video man! What do you think would be a good approach for testing out products/ads on a new account for a new store? Would you launch PPE ads or conversion ads and what kind of conversion ads? Currently I am going for View Content and allowing facebook to optimise for Link Clicks first until ad sets are ready for View Content. What do you think about this approach? Thanks 🙂

Jonathan Lee says:

I think you produce great content and give away a lot of value . . . and there’s no doubt about you being on the level with all of this, but the more I watch and learn, the more uncertainty there is. I’ve tried a couple of dozen products now, all with almost no success at all. On a typical month, I don’t even cover my Shopify fee with gross sales. I’m sure testing IS pretty much everything, but with literally millions of products on AliExpress, quite a few ways to advertise on FB and the common refrain with all of this of “what works for one person won’t work for another”, there must be more efficient ways to make money.


Well how long should I advertise for? 2 days? I mean I put up an ad and in 2 days it reached a couple hundred and only like 10-15 clicked on the ad? So if it’s like that after 2 days should I start a new ad??

Wichly Cazeau says:

Keep up the great work. Great video!

Alexander Lazarov says:

Thank you very much. Great video

Throatcut Kills says:

Awesome content! Your pc’s desktop gave me an OCD freak out haha

Michael George says:

What platform to use for bundles and UP-SELLS?

Amweb Connecting Businesses Online says:

Amazing. Thank You

Mike Mitchell says:

Nice stuff Frank. I remember awhile back a guy saying he learned that ads kind of have a mind of their own, and he would make several ad sets, each exactly the same. Same product, audience, budget, etc., and sure enough, one or two would perform much much better than the others, with no real(that any of us can figure out at least) rhyme or reason why. Almost like there is some sort of random variance at play.

Timmy Fleming says:

Tisk Tisk Tisk

teknowiz23 says:

Hey man I been balls deep in research and taking action on this stuff lately, things are starting to come together and this was some LEGIT advice. You got a sub from me and I’ll definitely check out your other videos as well. Also.. very interested in your FB group. I work 12 hours a day 7 days a week.. but it’s a pretty passive job and I can pretty much spend my whole shift doing this stuff. I want to be my own boss within 2 years, and I think this is how I can do it. Keep making vids, and yeah hahaha.. we are competition.. but there’s enough $,$$$,$$$ in the world to go around.. I feel you are pretty much aware of that.

Soham Sarkar says:

haha i tried selling those chargers a few days ago on clickfunnels..it started selling well then bombed hard

ThriveWithLouise says:

what would you consider as a winner?

Angel Carrasco says:

show some winners example. otherwise it still sounds like bullshit . this shit doesnt work, i spent 5,000 already no sales

Score Footy says:

I appreciate your videos so much man, your views are always different but true.
I know your busy but upload as much as possible please 😀

Tung Nguyen says:

could u make a video about is dropshipping legal or not. Cause I think it is kind of illegal when we sell some things to people when they could buy from aliexpress. I worry that i will be in trouble. Please explain to me. Thank you.

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