I’m Making $40 a Day on SHOPIFY!! (Drop Shipping 2017)

I’m going to teach you how I’m making $40 a Day with Dropshipping on Shopify!!!

I have different businesses and I make money online through multiple ways but I’m falling in love with this new online business model which is the FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE

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Mattia Scarella says:

Hey man…I also started on Shopify and if you happen to have a couple of minutes to check out my store it would be great! Any advices/criticism are welcome. I haven’t got any sales and I have been running ads on Facebook for 7 days £5 a day. I have changed a few things and will have to add some more. Got a total of about 100 views in that time. Not a lot anyway. Thanks again. Link is: matscarmusic.com

Josh Lee says:

“New model” haha

Amando Azmy says:

What beginners need to know is this, how much it costs to start a shopify store? How much will you pay for ads or influencers especially for a beginner who is on a low budget? How to pick a niche for a shopify store? Please can you answer these?

Mauricio Degregori says:

Looking forward to your future videos about this boss. Trying to learn as much about drop shipping about it

Jim Jimmeh says:

Hey man congrats on your success, I was wonderig how long did it take you to start making a profit?

Vishal Champ says:

can u give feedback to my shopify store bro clothesia.com

Please Don't Read My profile Picture says:

*Affiliate marketing isn’t that better coz you don’t have to buy anything*

advnwo says:

Yo broski ,. where do you store the products (catchain) that you are buying from aliexpres ?

poeter14 says:

Man, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m glad you’re doing fine but I feel like you used to provide more value. Don’t get me wrong but I feel like every video I watch instead of giving new information is a build up for a sales pitch. I live your videos but I feel like by the time you come out with the info you promised people are already gone to watch someone else. Speacially if t the ones watching this are people who know this is not a new model and is actually becoming saturated. I love your videos and I want to see you get as many views as you did before, but the constant echo gets annoying and sometimes I just can listen any longer. hope the best for your channel and I really look forward to your future videos.

JBwrath says:

dude the add on this video was someone copying Alex beakers exact ad word for word wtf

Conner Cox says:

Bro question.. I’ve been really considering drop shipping methods but everyone says it’s way too over saturated to make any money off of cause everyone’s doing it.. is this true??

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