Is It Too Late to Make Money With Shopify?

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I’ve been hearing concerns of a missed opportunity. Is dropshipping with Shopify over? This video breaks down why now is the best time to open up a Shopify dropshipping store.

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Larry Carter says:

This is an awesome video and also when someone does learn the skills you’ve mentioned and the possibilities of earning from those skills was great too!

jose martinez says:

thank you for all your help with these videos I recently launched my store just by following all your training here on you tube and beginners mastermind it did took me about 3 weeks to get everything ready. I did Facebook ads by watching your video I spend $25 and sold $100 in profit my first week of launch. am still working on Facebook audience trying to get this right.. once again thank you.. $100 is not a lot of money but it feels great to wake-up to 6 sales

Jorge Salgado says:

Thank you, I will take the course!

Movein Maldives says:

what to do if i cannot have paypal receiving payments?

Samiullah k says:

Religiously forbidden to sell anything without delivery, that’s y its called cheating. people can sue you for millions, beware of the online scamming sites who want to make money out of you. Don’t know how long this comment will last

The eCom Project says:

It’s only too late if you have zero creativity and follow the crowd in everything you do. Of course you have to do more than average with thousands of people joining the game everyday. good message

mzzzol says:

Im manufacturing my own products and Im ready to sell on shopify.
I sell like crazy on Ebay but only in Halloween season I want to sell all year.

a to z channel says:

if customer not satisfy with his/her product.want to return the product and ask money …who will responsible for that me or aliexpres

Frawiny Abebe says:


Vicky Caster says:

Thank you for the value you give in your videos. I signed up with Shopify today using your link in the email you sent me. I like your style, transparency and information you share. Now I got to go back and watch your video you sent via email. Thanks again.

Henry Hien Marketing says:

Most people do indeed lack motivation- sad but true!

gajujo john says:

Do I have to buy the stuff for a store?

Abg Khalifa says:

If views reached 1 million then u late…

infinitea says:

good stuff :0

YuGiOh Maniac says:

I appreciate all you’re doing here. I have been thinking about drop shipping for years ever since I had an intense discussion with a customer back when I was 19. Im 21 now, and fully understand this. Im going HARD. Right now, tonight, I am setting up my entire store and wont stop until I have over 1000 items for sale! YOU ARE THE MAN! Im just a boy from Cali with a dream man! I appreciate you!

lieslikelove says:

Thanks so much for your info man! To many people charge for it and you can never ever tell weather or not it’s a scam but you give really good free info and I really really thank you for that

Sebastian Caballero Cruz says:

Great comments, Ill start now. Thx.

Ring Seng says:

Hey man, I really like your content. Honest and direct!! Sadly I can’t aquire the free course, for some reason I don’t get an email. Can you help me please?
Keep it up!

cha chi says:

I like this message a lot.thanks

TheJumpingJake says:

The amount of guys and girls who say ‘Oh i just starts a Shopify business and i’m so determined’ Yet one month later they are paying for a website and a domain they are not interested in anymore.

Mehow Buckley says:

Much appreciation and many thanks for your videos. I have had to do alot of searching for straight up information without the price tags etc. I have worked in retail management for many years and now physically can not. I am so determined to make this work even tho i have begun this journey with no computer experience (other than emails lol). I have my store set up in shopify with orberlo just a little nervous and want to make sure i do it right. Thanks again.

Low-End gaming TV says:

Hello sir, i just want to ask if it is possible to start dropshipping here in the philippines? I’ll use alliexpress and ship to u.s or other countries?

Tara Myrick says:

good afternoon. am i able to still have access to the 21 day instead of 14 day trial bonus? i am scared to death…i cannot tell a lie…lol…but i’ve got to push through

yh8june13 says:

I learned all my knowledge on Shopify from you! Oberlo etc. But Idk if this niche is good enough or I need to do test ads to see what goes down . I learned from this video to do stores for other people i might give it a try. Can you review my store ? And help me what I’m doing wrong. I tried my first published ad 25 bucks and nothing berly clicks etc. Maybe u can review on your channel for other ppl with the problem I have lol

Cedrik Langlois says:

I like your vidz it help me alot thank you !

abhishek sharma says:

hi madcam my question is tht one needs fullfillment agreement from the sellers on aliexpress?

nardog10 says:

You my friend have a wealth of knowledge, the best teacher i have came across thank you Sir 🙂

KICK-OFF _90 says:

shopify has 236.000.000 google searches….so thats nothing right?

Jake Baugh says:

This was the most incredible, eye opening video that I have ever seen.

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