Make Money Dropshipping Fidget Spinners (Good Idea?)

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There is no doubt, fidget spinners are hot. They might make an excellent candidate for drop shipping with Shopify and Aliexpress. The question is, does a hot toy that’s trending like crazy make for a hot product when it comes to dropshipping?



n d says:

they go for $5 on the street and $2 in China Town. it’s a vendor on every corner selling fidgets. not sure?

Rich Duff says:

sold so many aha

Music and chill says:

I know this doesnt really fit the Topic but does anyone know if u can take all the photos on aliexpress for your online shop ?

Jack Cutt says:

the youtuber Roman Atwood was selling 20000 of them at $14.99 they sold out in 2 days I estimate​ he made $300,000

Eddie Mo says:

Thank you

Harvey Styles says:

Thank youuu!!!!

mudzco says:

intelligent and sensible advice/ thoughts. I find the whole concept of drop shipping a mine field. thanks.

Alec K says:

I remember yoyo was the biggest thing in my youth, now it is this Fidget Spinners. I feel old now.

TheKindDesigns says:

I wasted about 200$ on Pop sockets got thousands of views but only like 10 A2C and 1 sale. Maybe because they are also a hype right now..

Matt Kreutzer says:

I made my first two sales with fidget spinners. My only two sales actually.. lol I’d say if you’re going to sell them, have the product to sell. Don’t drop ship them.

Jerry Almonte says:

Hi! Can i create a dropship business using my ipad? Also do you think things like coconut oil are good to sell?

Momčilo Uzunović says:

I love your videos. I went to Target today and saw a Kid with yellow plastic Fidget spinner. I’m selling Jewelry on Shopify and I made the first sale two days ago. I want to thank you! I might sell pink fidget spinner now for girls! lol

Have a Nice day!


Your right! I just started drop shipping and thought this would be my first big item. I put up multiple ads testing only to get a lot of likes and shares but no sales. These kids want them now. I figured that out on the subway when I over heard a group of kids talking about these spinners. one of them ordered it online but wasn’t happy about the time he had to wait . non of the other kids did . lesson learned solid info dude. Subscribed

myvidspwn says:

Lol, funny you made a video about this, my first dropshipping store is built around them. I see site selling 100s of them a day so I’m in.

Sage Crane says:

nice video. I like your content more than your competitors. Keep it up.

Wjaz says:

hey madcam do you have guides or anything to help an absolute beginner to make his first sale online??-

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