Make Money Dropshipping on eBay with Paul J. Lipsky No Capital Required!

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We talk with Paul J. Lipsky about what eBay dropshipping is and what he does to make 10K a month doing this on eBay.

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Paul J Lipsky says:

Thanks for having me on the channel!

Danoue Goueth says:

I am OCD, and want everything to be perfect. If the customer receive a defective product and give me a bad rating, I won’t like that. I won’t have control over the products.

Jessica Dingus says:

Any tips on using eBay while avoiding PayPal scams. I lost my PayPal once already thru a PayPal hack/scam.

Patricia Coffman says:

Not risking my Ebay account for this sort of thing…easy to get into trouble this way. JMO

Raleighwood DriftwoodManor says:

What if Walmart or wherever flubs up the order? Then you get bad feedback on eBay. Etc

Shawna Thomas says:

This sounds confusing. Why wouldn’t the customer just go to Walmart or and buy the product there for less cost? And wouldn’t the customer get annoyed when they order from eBay and the product arrives in a Home Depot or Walmart packaging with the return or receipt showing a lower paid price? I would totally rate off that alone.

Kriindruul says:

Hi Paul. Just wanted to let you know that I juat subscribed to your. I have been watching your videos for the past 2 days and have been learning alot. I cant afford to get your courses but in due time. I plan on trying to upload a few products on ebay to test. I will try to let you know how that goes. But I do have a question, when VAs deal with customers, how does the customer know they are dealing with someone from my store when talking to a VA? Also, if I have multiple stores, do i have to have multiple paypal accounts or can they all go under 1 email like for example deeringenterprises?

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