Making Money With Drop Shipping & Ecommerce – Really???

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OK… I am a bit excited about this because it’s way different than the usual courses you’ve seen in the past and I think this really could help some of you get on the path to your success.

It’s pretty rare to find a course that actually gives you the exact working business that the gurus are using to make THEIR money. This one does just that. It gives you the exact business that makes these guys money every day.

This is not a tech heavy situation where you need to make a website or drive tons of paid traffic. This can be done very simply.

This isn’t the usual course on drop shipping and ecommerce income. This is a REAL business you can operate and scale. Just learn it and get cracking!!!

Maximum respect & all the best of life!

Link to this video:

Transparency Disclaimer: In the name of total transparency I do not own the product mentioned in this video. Furthermore, this video may contain an affiliate link(s). That means that I might get paid by the product creator / owner if the link is followed and a purchase is made. However, I do NOT make this video for the sold purpose of making affiliate income. I make my videos because I believe the product(s) might be able to help someone. I will NEVER make a video about a product that I believe has no merit. This is my personal credo and promise.


Scott Mckechnie says:

Does this system work in the UK?

Gary Marcell says:

kinghuman i took the course its the best ecom course on the market went to your link thanks a million

Claude Bussieres says:

What else will be required for purchase after getting this course? Hosting? A domain? I have a Shopify store already. Would that be a good platform with which to dropship these proposed “revolutionary ” products?

mrforjer says:

Elite member here…. I bought this product today not even 8 hrs ago. I am already seeing results. Yes I have an advantage by being a KH elite member. I get awesome marketing training from him. But this really is right to the bone simple. It is over the shoulder, do this exact step and move to the next. I understand people being skeptic because of all the crap out there. Just open your mind and try it.

Alexander says:

You have inspired me so much and was the reason I started setting big new goals and learning about these different ways of making money and these different business models you teach us and now I’m making money and never had a single “real” job in my life if you know what I mean…THANK YOU!!!

Jack Moore says:

king. i signed up with DS DOMINATION. it was a drop shipping program you recommended. later you said drop shipping would get us in trouble so you quit promoting it. is this program different???? Thanks max respect

Yahya Edd says:

#king maximum respect

Fourthz 44 says:

Great video KH

thEBaskit 1 says:

Awesome video… I’m having problems with my site not having a tab or window for any potential customers to place in order. I’ve created a website thru weebly, but my only problem is having window or tab for my customers to enter purchasing info. Any suggestions? THX

frank torres says:

again great video great information

issareign says:

Anything with “fast cash” in the title is suspect.

Tnun Bya says:

Agreed with William Fulton. The link isn’t working.

Gamer Slouch says:

So is this a course on dropshipping on eBay and Amazon? Or just a website like Shopify? I’m not ready for shopify yet.

CooLow says:

I watched the sales video and read the page, and from what I got out of it, they teach you how to dropship products on eBay. That is against eBay policy! If you’re going to dropship, make your own website! I see they offer some WooCommerce tutorials, which is promising, but if you’re reading this comment, please don’t attempt to dropship on eBay! Lately eBay has been deleting dropship accounts left and right, and may delete your PayPal.

dodododa says:

I followed the 2 main guys selling their dropshipping courses when they did their live challenges. Both of them awkwardly sold zero items and cut their challenges short with their tails between their legs.

Reveal says:

ok king, this does work. here is a product I dropship on ebay. tire tubes for 10 speed bikes.

Adil Malki says:

Viable business to try if you’re in Europe?

KevinConley says:

question: so once you pay the $47 for the program…do you then get a phone call soliciting more and more money out of you for working with a coach? so many companies our their that let you bite for very little money then reel you in for all the money you have.

FGC Nation says:

jimmy kim upsell it suck cant afford i but now i cannot open anymore

Lisa Casillas says:

I just bought this course and cant wait to delve into it. I trust KH.He has a website membership for onl 14.99 and give you a ton of info thats worth a lot more then the 14.99. He doesnt sell trash.

Jason Lorraine says:

Hey KH
Do they also teach how to generate traffic in their course?

Bob&KittyTvShow Clips says:

love you man……………… your great more vegas limo vids

Fell Rider says:

30 Day money back guarantee. If you can’t make this work in 30 days, you shouldn’t have been buying it in the first place. Get your refund, and go back to your 9-5.

zerofatzreturns says:

awesome video dude!

Gerald says:

Wow that pricing. But with a 30 day money back, I’ll give it a shot. They look like honest people. Also, great work on the January and February elite money pages.

Bobby McConnell says:

This sounds alot like “The Wholesale Formula”. Is it pretty much the same program?

Etown Vintage Buys says:

drop shipping anything is a bad idea. I refuse to send my customers anything I haven’t first held in my hands.

Kanak Koe says:

What type of drop shipping is this? Just shopify + aliexpres. I’m already doing that so is there anything new in the course?

Darnell Chino says:

Great Video as always King Human!! Much Respect

SlyDawg951 says:

King, you always said to stay away from “Drop Shipping”? what made you change your mind on this course ? No Funds right now, hope it stay for a few more weeks at that price; I rather stick with just you, since I’m already a member (Elite) there’s enough on my plate, Stay Strong KH

Thomas Rowe says:

i have felt lately everything has been scamy but with what you said about these guys and i did my own research on them and think this weekend i am going to get this product and see what i can do with it…

Sterling Lowery says:

From my personal experience last time I looked into The Game of Drop Shipping a few years ago I noticed the manufacturers website prices cost more than it did on Amazon or Ebay. Which means I didn’t see any money that could be made with this strategy. But perhaps I just wasn’t looking at the right manufacturers and things are different now.

IAM 4ever says:

Can I use Amazon or is it just Ebay?

Miadous says:

I wish they could’ve came up with a less sketchy title. Seeing “fast cash” mentioned is an instant red flag in most aspects of life.

setwave says:

I’m gonna do it. I’ve been your shows and I always appreciate your info. Thanks. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. Time to take the leap.

Ed Gordon says:

Elite student here. Maximum Respect KH. I think ill try this one. Now if you can just get the medical supply dudes to show what THEY’RE doing, lol. Something tells me they thought better about releasing their golden egg into the wild?

Callum says:

I bought this through the email you sent me, there’s 3 whole modules and there were no upsells just like you said, it only cost me about $47 and it has a 30 day money back guarantee thanks this is going to be fun.

ray222225 says:

How can I get in contact with u I want to start this but I have a few questions if you can give me a min of your time

Jake Tital says:

Thanks for the recommendation KH. course purchased

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