SaleHoo Review [2017] – How to Make Money Dropshipping on Amazon with SaleHoo

In this 2017 SaleHoo Review + how to use SaleHoo to make money dropshipping on Amazon
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Question #1 in our SaleHoo review: What is SaleHoo?

Answer: SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier directory list. It contains over 8,000+ suppliers including dropshippers, wholesalers, manufacturers and liquidators.

Question #2 in our SaleHoo review: Is SaleHoo the right supplier directory for me?

Answer: We recommend SaleHoo specifically if you are looking for USA-based dropshippers. That is because there is no free directory comparable to Alibaba, the supplier directory you should use if you want to find Chinese suppliers.

We don’t recommend SaleHoo if you are looking for suppliers based in other countries (such as the UK) simply because very few dropshippers exist in countries outside of USA & China, as those two countries by far manufacture the most goods.

Question #3 in our SaleHoo review: Are all of the suppliers going to be profitable?
Answer: No, not all suppliers are priced low enough to make money on Amazon with dropshipping, and not all of the items in a suppliers catalog are going to be low-cost, high-profit. You’ll still need to go through and identify those items yourself.

Question #4 in our SaleHoo review: Which is better, SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands?
Answer: We strongly recommend SaleHoo over Worldwide Brands as it is cheaper and has more dropshippers/suppliers.

Question #5 in our SaleHoo review: What about the extras (such as the market research lab)?

Answer: We personally don’t care about extras like the market research lab, the SaleHoo forums and bonus ebooks. We care only about the quality of the suppliers. And we believe that the quality is great.

To prove that, follow our simple 3-step tutorial for finding items priced so low you can resell them on Amazon for a profit.

Step #1 for making money dropshipping on Amazon with SaleHoo: Filter SaleHoo’s suppliers to only show USA-based dropshippers

Sign into your account, and open the SaleHoo supplier directory. All of the suppliers have been categorized by the types of items that they sell. Start by selecting a category. It doesn’t matter which category, as ideally you will go through all of the categories eventually. To start, I recommend selecting a category that interests you.

Once you open the category, on the left side of the screen you’ll see search filters. Start by selecting the drop down menu under “Supplier Type.” From here, click “Dropshippers.” SaleHoo will now filter the results to only show dropshippers.

Next, click the drop down menu under “Supplier Location.” From here, click “North America.” Now SaleHoo will filter its results to only show dropshippers that are based in North America.

Step #2 for making money dropshipping on Amazon with SaleHoo: Look for profitable items in a supplier’s catalog

For this step, you will open up each supplier you found in step #1 and find their catalog of items that they are selling. Sometimes these may be listed on their website, sometimes you may need to open an account with them, and sometimes you may need to request a copy of their catalog.

When you do open their catalog, look at each item, and then do a search for similar items on Look for the closest lowest cost counterpart. Compare the prices of the item from the supplier to it’s lowest cost counterpart on Amazon.

If the supplier has an item priced lower, we recommend using Jungle Scout to confirm if the item is making at least 1 sale a month. If it is, make a note of it. Keep going through the catalog until you’ve gone through all of the items and you have a list of potential ones – we will then go through these next in step 3.

Step #3 for making money dropshipping on Amazon with SaleHoo: Work out your profit margins

We now need to work out our profit margins after’s fees. To do that, use this calculator:

Keep in mind that if you have a Amazon pro merchant account, then you will have lower fees. You can get a free 30-day trial for an Amazon pro merchant subscription.

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Chang Shiang Ng says:

Hi, i join Amazon reseller as a nonUSA. i had subscribed to salehoo and found a few wholesalers.
Do i contact them directly and ask them to accept me ?
What are some of the requirements/conditions they will ask from me?

Craig Tyler says:

After reviewing over 100 products and 15 different North American suppliers from Sales Hoo we found 2 PRODUCTS that were capable of making a profit through dropshipping via amazon and eBay after fees. And that profit was less than 10%. Her 109% example she shows in over 5 different videos and E books, was a one time one product find is being over promoted as what you can find all the time. This site (sales hoo) is a joke for individual dropshippers especially if you are just starting out. Maybe if you buy in bulk and store everything at your house but this video is misleading and another affiliate marketing tactic for those who are already succeeding to get more $ from newbies like us. Good luck out there fellow dropshippers It’s a dog eat dog world. On a positive note, the idea is in the right direction and it was only a dollar to try for a week before they charged me 67$ for the year. (Still trying to get my refund)

okta verra says:

Hi Sarah, i have purchased SaleHoo, and start looking for the products that I want to sell. But I found the prices is more expensive than what I’ve seen in Amazon. From your experiences, are those prices still negotiable? Thanks

Jean Carlos London says:

Hi Sarah, I love this channel.
I have a question .
I know you mentioned Not to dropship trademark items from China because of fake and license as you mentioned with Worldofharry case study.
Do I still need license to resell this items if my dropshipper is from the US and has license for trademark items?

Parity is Uncertain says:

calculator link doesnt work

Godwin Ororo says:

How much is the pro merchant account on Amazon,i followed your guide on drop shipping on Amazon with opening a Amazon seller account and i was charge $39.99,Sarah is the $39.99 monthly subscription on Amazon,the $1 Salehoo to get a 7 days subscription is really short so,if it can be for 14 days it would be very great and if the 7 days end,i do hope i will not be automatically charge $67 and will any charge not done done on my master card after the 7 days ends.

R7USTY | Football Editor says:

I am from the UK but I am setting up my shopify for USA, can I use dropshippers from USA SaleHoo for my shopify?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

James Hoag says:

Do you have other videos that go over listing and shipping procedures for this method?

Negative Infinity says:

I love wholesale ted but salehoo.. fuck that good luck finding a decent supplier on there I found one toy and games supplier u can maybe make 2 maybe $3 max after Amazon fees and supplier shipping. You need literally 1000 of these shit items in ur store to make 10k a month. Maybe it was better before but rn it’s a bullfuck site and even that magic store is shit. I also read their free ebook it’s basically this video here and they had some shitty patio store featured on it and they are not a secured website so google chrome won’t let u purchase from them. Fuck drop shipping maybe shopify is easier to get right

vickram grewal says:

hi, just wondering if you’ve done a comparative analysis on junglescout and amazeowl? as a free tool is amazeowl sufficient to give the lyrics 8that are needed to

Zimmer says:

I am just reading up on SaleHoo. I am currently trying Wholesale2b. However, I find much the pricing to be too high. Comparable products are selling at retail on Amazon for less than I can buy at wholesale on Wholesale2b. Is the case on Salehoo as well?

Християн Радков says:

Hi, Sarah 🙂
Can we applicable this metod on eBay ?
I ask this questions because most of your videos are about Amazon.
Thank you.


If you dropship and the customer purchases more than one item from different suppliers, do they ship separately and how would you explain that to customers? Also doesn’t the package say the dropshippers name?

Steve B says:

Is it possible to do everything needed to run a store on a cell phone? And if it is, would a windows phone be better than an android? Thanks.

Bryan Emerson says:

I having difficulty understanding how to actually create the listing on Amazon after choosing a product from Salehoo. Amazon asks for a UPC number. How do I obtain a UPC number for items being dropshipped?

Josue Cervera says:

Very good video.
i have a doubt:- is better to search a best seller product on amazon and then look for the same product or similar in salehoo or on the contrary. Thanks

murph murph says:

Holy shit bitch what fucking language are you speaking? almost sounds like English.

OutsideTheRopes says:

So I signed up for Salehoo, set up an seller account with Amazon, read both ebooks, found Items that had huge profit margins after hours of research…I was ready for war. When i went to post the item on Amazon they asked me for a credit card…so i put in my card info and it came back as an unusable card because it’s prepaid and not from a corporate bank. I wasted hours of my time to get stiff armed in the end. It might be a good idea in the future to note that you need an actual bank account because I spent at least 12 hours on this and now i’m kind of pissed because I don’t want to open bank account…I want to use my cards that I have been using for years because I found that they work best for me. Opening another bank account will mess up things I got going in other areas at the moment.

Theo Paine says:

Sarah: i signed up for SaleHoo. I see lots of opptys with them. Couple questions. 1) I want to do do both – dropshipping & FBA with Amazon. Do I need to open separate selling accounts or can I do both with one account?

2) Have u also used SaleHoo for sourcing for your FBA business (ie… SH ships quantity of products to Amazon)? Is Salehoo doable with FBA? Thanks

omar shazly says:

Hi Sarah , I wanted to know which is better SaleHoo or shopify as dropshipping and making my own website ?


Hey please make video for how to make ig ads 🙂

Adel Regellana says:

Hi Sarah! The link you’ve provided is not working.

Ditch Your Box says:

do you have any videos on buying the items and shipping them yourself with your own branded package? And would salehoo work for this as well as sourcing from AliExpress? I can’t afford thousands in initial investment so I would be making smaller orders to get sales going and reinvest profits

Adriano Aguiare says:

which jungle scout should i get for this technique? the extension? or app?

Raé Joseph says:

this is an affiliate video. what that means is Salehoo pays them to say positive things. my recommendation is don’t waste your time!! their Labs show high competition items on eBay and Amazon and NONE of those items are supplied by their suppliers on their site. spent countless days searching their directories, items etc. all these suppliers provide low quality items you can find in the average dollar store and they NEVER respond to inquiries. their sales pitch is total BS. after 5 weeks being a full paid member and getting NO WHERE, i am asking for a refund.

Christopher Armstrong says:

Ok, I fell for it and subscribed with Salehoo. The first page after registering was an upsell to tutorials. The tutorials contain only very minimal and basic info. Mainly for Ebay, not for Amazon. Not worth the money. Many companies listed in Salehoo as Dropshippers have actually a minimum amount you need to order. No filter option for only one item. The catalogue is not very well maintained. There is contradictory information such as “No minimum order” in the category, but in the product information section there is a note, that there is a minimum order amount, which is higher. Many of the items listed, when you go to the website are out of stock. So you need to be really really careful before advertising the items. You will have to contact the companies directly to make a deal. So there is no benefit from Salehoo. It’s only a directory for which they will not take any responsibility. For many companies in the US, a tax id is required, even for sellers outside of the US. There are a lot of wholesalers/dropship shops in there, that will require an additional subscription to use them. I agree with some peoples comments that the sites that I have reviewed in the Salehoo directory were either directly selling their items on Amazon for a lower or same price, like on their website, so no profit margin possible, or the price was higher than similar products on Amazon. So what you will gain, from subscribing to Salehoo is most likely nothing. Lost money. When I look at the whole system it is trimmed to market several products and shops, that will cost even more money. I see a scheme behind these videos and tools offered to make as much upsells to potentially useful products and tools which will not be useful and very basic after subscribing. So I think the main purpose of this is to trick people into subscribing for products with the same owners in the background, and upsells over affiliate links. So I think the main money the people behind this earn, is simply from internet marketing. Not from product sales.

Brent Tito says:

Why isn’t the eCommerce calculator working anymore? Is there another software you recommend? help please.

Mattew Goldenberg says:

This girl is on fire ^ ^

Prihartomo Adimasputro says:

thank sarah.

Lyn McKee says:

I am having difficulty with the product catalogs on Sale Hoo. Whenever I try to copy and past a product to insert in Amazon for price and comparison information I cannot get it to do so. Is this because I did not send for their catalog?

Ally Stack says:

The calculator link isn’t working – anybody know how to get there?

Perttu Pääkkölä says:

Hey guys I’m trying to fix my account from getting to below standard rating by offering to sell you small cost items with a profit for you. This is the first time I’m doing this and quite honestly I’m not sure how to set things up but send me a message if you’re interested. Trying to get 300 sales before 20th of July!

Andrew McMullen says:

you can still search salehoo suppliers with no keyword, just put a single space then click the search button 😉

DiscoDenTrends says:

Hi the link to the calculator does not work.

James Hoag says:

Thanks for the great free content. It’s nice to see genuine help out there. much love

Dror Cohen says:

The link to ecommercebytes calculator is not working, is there a new link please? And thank you for an awesome walk through

andrea rodriguez says:

Great video! Thanks a lot 🙂 The link for the fee’s calculator is broken or not working any longer… could you recommend any other calculator? Thanks again!!

Solomon Onayiga says:

Hi Sarah,

While I was setting up my Affiliate Website for dropshiping I discovered that I cannot find the shipping option under woocommerce settings. i do not know no where to proceed form here.

I will appreciate if you can attend to this matter urgently.

Thanks in anticipation of assistance in this regard. Let me quickly say am from south Africa.


hasifah nalumansi says:

Salehoo website is so poorly designed
They have very few suppliers
And most dont hv the products
Some websites links are broken
And the subscription they charge you isnt worthy it at all
The website isnt easy to navigate
Plus if you pay the subscription they try to charge you more for accessing some platforms

Its not worthy it

Ali express is 1000 timesbetter

CelticConfederate says:

Wholesale Ted – Can you or anyone recommend a tried and true merchant service/gateway for wholesale dropshipping?

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