*THE TRUTH* How Much Money are People *ACTUALLY* Making With Dropshipping?

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Pumped for the future my friends.

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eurasianbot says:

But honesty- agree with you at 9:18 when you note the benefits of learning and earning at the same time. That’s why I started a youtube channel, to learn. I went to Cal Poly SLO and their crredo is learn by doing.

peter eias says:

keep it up man

Fabiano Pina says:

I was hoping you’d go more in depth with amount shopify charges you, credit cards fees, etc.

Fabiano Pina says:

Can you share some of your thoughts on long term?

Aero Aerzor says:

u r insane, also very very jelly you had someone in your family who actually showed you how to make it work and show you solutions when stuck…
anyway keep it up dude been watching your stuff for a while now

Kevin Young says:

You’re insane. I love you, actually.

muiv says:

This video got me subscribed, talking from my brain!

Rodrigo Ayala says:

Thank you man, I’ve been struggling the last 8 months with my shopify store but this was very inspiring and up lifting, makes me want to stay in the e com industry and don’t give up

Edward Hiett says:

Excellent overview, well said, thank you!

thablackstar says:

10/10 video

Dinand van Kampen says:

Great video but can you say in your next video how much you probably make if your doing a million a year?

eurasianbot says:

I like your dad haha

Majorest says:

I just came across your channel today and I’m ever so grateful I decided to click on the last video. I’m 17 years old, almost 5 months away from turning 18 and I just kinda hopped out of highschool. Same situation as you, none of it would benefit me for the life I’m wanting to build. I’m very interested in doing what you do, but that being said, I’m just unsure of where to start. I’d purchase your course if I had the means, then again, I appreciate you posting little bits of information here and there on this channel. Thank you for this. I hope to learn more from you.

Sam Gamertag says:

Great video. A real eye opener

Jen DePlanche says:

Loved this! It’s easy to be focused on the numbers and get bummed out that you’re not doing as well as you want, but seeing your investment as tuition for learning business is a great concept! 🙂

Rico TPS says:

I set up the store and everything and got a sale with 1 five dollar facebook ad and not much luck after that for some reason. But, you are right the skills I learned are worth A LOT from what has to be done before you run the ad

Brotherhood says:

Really liking your content bro! I really like how practical you keep your topics. Keep it up dude!

Braden Wuerch says:

Love your content man! You’re preaching a lot of the same principles that I preach. I’d love to connect with you sometime!

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