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KessThetrainer says:

Can you do both woman & men clothing + shoes & accessories?

Vitaly P says:

Scam everywhere

Digital TechRev says:

How much sales do i need to make a lookalike audience for fb ads?

MaxAmaSity says:

You talk pretty fast but good info.

Carlos G says:

You talk super fast bro… Nice info but it will be better if you talk [explain] slower. Thanks.

Dean Toma says:

I don’t like these websites that show you products honestly they don’t work as good as you would think :/

Favour Ebubechukwu says:


nocte says:


Zac Keenan says:

Hey bro sick video! How many websites do you have live right now ?? Che

Lenawu says:

Is there a print on demand company for cat clothing?

Michael Saveth says:

Is this dude on crack? Lol

Uwais Cuff says:

Oh my god! Shut up!!!

BR. US says:

I really like to see successful people sharing their success helping others for a small fee EVEN THO THEY DONT REALLY MAKE A 1$ ON SHOPIFY!

john klevsäter says:

Thx bro!

Sean K says:

Hey man i puchased your couse long ago with teachable… can i get support?

Brandon Mather says:

It’s pronounced “nitch”

I Harrier says:

How does that work with fashion dropshipping? If things don’t fit, people will be sending them back. It already took a while to get to them and now it’s going to take even longer. Surely you’ll lose customers.

arpit chugh says:


Remon Rasho says:

Your links are broken. . . If I don’t purchase your paid course, the free links go to a 404 page not found

Georgian C says:

you are so lucky dude!

equitydude says:

Why don’t you say your part beneficiary in dropship spy?

NaturalTash says:

Thank youuuuuu!!!

Chrs Olvares says:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Thaddeus Strickland says:

Hope you guys enjoy! top 3 niches that I usually stay in 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed!

sebastian says:

Great video bro; where’d you’d get your hat it’s fresh !

WhalesYT - Minecraft, CS:GO and much more! says:

dropship spy are smart. they are the ones making the money LMAO

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