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7FA has been my baby for the longest time now. I’ve decided it’s time to make it grow up and mold it into something SO amazing.

I’ve taken on a new 6 figure coach – Dan Bukin who will be running the content and all the new training inside of 7FA.

Not only will he be running the content but we have added TONS of new features inside the members area such as:

– New weekly training workshops
– Done for you products. Get products emailed RIGHT to your inbox that are converting like CRAZY – huge!
– New revamped courses content with information that has never been shared anywhere else.

P.S. I am not LEAVING 7FA. I’m currently a coach as well but I am going to let the new school of coaches come and flood the members area!


iAm Enia says:

if anyone wants training on arbitrage and dropshipping ,let me know

hasjfa says:

So if i buy bulk i can get the item sent to 100 different customers?

Ohis Lawrence says:

Start your dropshipping store in Nigeria… Go to cpahub.pro now or go directly to cpahub.pro/get-started/

NELZEX says:

It’s neesh not nich

Ryder E says:

so why would people just not go straight ali express? riddle me that

Sheleg says:

Why in the fu**ing world someone would search for items in unkown random unsecured polished website instead of aliexpress/ebay?
Let’s not talk about it that there is no reason for your website to be found by someone at all

No Thanks says:

Wait so I don’t spend any money on product?

Tim White says:

so you do have to spend little money to get the order shipped am i right?

Ye Humbug says:

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Matthew Hutchinson says:

Yeah fuck drop shipping. You have nothing to offer. I’ll buy it from eBay at 1/3 the price you stupids sell it for. And that would include fast and free shipping. Lmao you businesses has nothing to offer because you aren’t a business. You are just a middle man selling the same shit 10k others are selling.

Dalda Beauty Cream says:

What if I don’t have my own website?

ApuchYz says:

But the shipping will be to slow… Im planning to ship the items inside my country because my website is in our language.

James Baxter says:

I don’t understand. For each sale you make you’re going to have to go to AliExpress and order it? What if you’re making a lot of sales per day? How are you going to be able to order them all on time?

Ayoub Lachgar says:

Do you mean, a dropshipper needs to buy a large quantity which is of course at retail price and then start selling it at a higher price (retail price)? I’m confused. Thank you!

Elevated Existence says:


Nanu Arora says:

So, people buy from thay trendxyz.com website, does that website take the order directly and we (trendyxyz) places it for the customer?

josh _kiiid says:

So does the left over money automatically go in to our bank? After an order is fulfilled answer asap please

Matthew Hutchinson says:

So your just a middle man? What a stupid business

16M VIEWS says:

Thank You man for inspiring me
I’ve taken it upon myself to read and find out as much as possible about Drop Shipping before I start it……In the meantime I will be learning about it while saving up some decent capital…….Giving myself about 4 months to start…..is it too much

Chris Sherriff says:

Make money at home. http://takingwork.com/?work=20833

Kyle Wall says:

Your missing something…ebay would list the name of their website on the package

A B says:

But won’t the customer get to know that they just got rigged cause AliExpress will put the price on the packaging and on the box it’ll be written AliExpress…. So it’s like we are scamming people.

Jahlin Jacob Pitter says:

I don’t understand how the transaction is made ,( how I receive the money, how the cx payment information is entered and where?) I’m confused

Mattplays4u says:

In English “Overpricing ??”

Juhász István says:

Akco filmek

Akshima Malhotra says:

But the packaging would be of Ali Express rather than Trendy things right !
How to fix that ??

Mix says:

I’m confused do i have to order manually or does Shopify order from aliexpress when a customer buys? Please explain

Rick Dawkins says:

How much money do you make? Also time invested? Also, what if the buyer never gets their items? They give you bad reviews? Everything is based on reviews, nowadays…

69wolf69pack69 says:

whats wholesale got anything to do with? Dude got me confused real bad

Speed Everything says:

5:51 thx for letting us know where u live 🙂

Kevin Dwayne says:

This is glorious, been searching for “good dropshipper” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got cool success with it.

smithe Abbey says:

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Interspeech says:

Really, filming whilst driving………

Carlo Thomas says:

Sounds good but how do you set shipping price. How much I charge the customer for shipping when I’m not sure how much it will cost to have it shipped?

long ha says:

so.. bamboozling is a good thing ?!?

AlexLun says:

well somebody will have to be really dumb to buy from a dropper than from the actual supplier

Juliana Fenner says:

This is not dropshipping. This is retail arbitrage. If a customer can get the item for the same price you can directly on Aliexpress it’s not dropshipping. You aren’t building supplier relationships.

kish marie says:

So won’t the buyer see that it comes from AliExpress or China and the retail price?

Deric Forevha says:

Thank you so much! You couldn’t have explained it better!

Roko Horvat says:

And what receipt should I give the customer? I mean if he gets the receipt of my supplier he will know where I bought the product and what was the price, and I don’t want that. Please help me. Thank you.

AquaFina says:

I know where you sleep

Mitch van den Akker says:

customers want to pick it up if u sell on local marklets such as gumtree/fb marketplace

Empanada de Jamón says:

YEET i’ve been doing my research for an hour now and at the start it seemed like good idea but now I’m not that sure

KINGgamer 7007 says:

I shit you leaked your info don’t get hacked

Christopher Montoya says:

So you rip ppl of when drop shipping ?

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