What You Need To Start Dropshipping (Beginner Checklist)

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missMelissa F. says:

Thanks! Reallly helpful.

Austin Farrington says:

*OPEN QUESTION* Is it possible to dropship with Godaddy ecommerce?

Paul Joseph says:

Hey Hayden. I am very impressed with you. To say the least. But I need your help… I am an older gentleman and my wife and i have been missionaries for many years in Africa in a refugee camp. We are coming to this side of the world and we need help… and seeing how so very gifted you are, I want to ask you some questions. But not on this public place. Could I give you my email or a phone number?

Agustin Barcenas says:

What are some good suppliers?

Greatest Vibes says:

I was making 50$ a day and this video boosted me to 200$ within a week. Thanks man you actually spit facts.

Fernando Novelo says:

I have one question. When i start my dropshipping business. Lets say i ship a product to the customer but the invoice is from the company i bought it from and has a different price than the price when they purchase it from my store. How do i fix that or the excuse if they ask.

JWG says:

Hi Bro. can you Help me and teach me how to use shopify Correctly .Thank you

SKC says:

Should you pick your products before you set up your store? What about bank accounts and business structures for drop shipping stores?

Tina John says:

your videos are very helpful thanks for sharing but your voice does my head in

Nicole Kinsey says:

I use weebly or wix

RoyalSunBeats says:

My only question is lets say i sell something that cost 1.99 for 4.99 so i make 3 dollars where do does 3 dollars go to my credit card? Bank Account?

Im a noobie and learning alot but have not yet know enough to start my shopify page any advice or awnser to my question would be appriciated and also sorry for bad english im from puerto rico


So if I set up my store and found the same products on Amazon that I am selling but I am selling for a cheaper price, but eBay is selling an even lower price than I am, what should I do?

Blake Jackson says:

The only thing I’m questioning before I start is what to send influencers. Like just a picture of my product and a link to my Shopify website or like how do I hook it?

Kasey 8507 says:

Do you want to accompany me to prom?

Paul Stodart says:

Watched many of your videos. Not yet seen any specifics on working with Instagram Influences. Plenty of advice on how to find them, but not the detail on how content/posts/assets are shared and how payments are made. (Paypal ?)

Damilola Bisuga Soyoye says:

Hello Hayden, how can I contact you privately to discuss mentoring?

Rashad Murrell says:

For selling products on shopify do I need a commercial license?

Joseph Chatman says:

Well I found free $4235a money making system that is really working for me>>>pypmon.win/?iGyGYW Try once.

Mike Rocha says:

Any apps for capturing emails that you would recommend?

Tripanthius says:

Great information. Learned a lot. Just started my site this weekend and got my first sale today.

Coatcheckgirl says:

Thank you been looking to drop shopping.

harry wood says:

Is a clothing shop a good first Shopify store? If not, any suggestions?

Teresia N says:

Love the video. Clear, straight to the point and actionable.

Kent Harlan says:

I started a Shopify store in early April. I modeled it around a video from a guy named Tobia Wilson. It was very thorough (1 hour, 42 min.). It went through the entire set up process, and also included how to advertise on Facebook. I chose a niche (survivalist & camping products) that I know is popular. I’ve spent probably $300 in Facebook ads and have had around 400 visits to the store. Result: -0- sales. I know the product images from AliExpress suck, but I’ve tried to clean them up the best I can. Would someone please give me some input? My mindset is not good at the moment. 🙂 http://www.survivalist-outlet.com

Brian Staples says:

sloooow it down, your doing great just slow down bro

Bruce Levy says:

Why are there so many free plus shipping abandoned carts ?

Andrew Cloud says:

8:24 shout out Rich Homie Quan

Katrina Betts says:

I cant get any apps you mentioned except for spotify which came up under oberlo are these for iphones?

Syed Furqan Hussain Bukhari says:


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Kayla Henry says:

Also, as I am based in Australia, is there any apps worldwide?

Dennis Schultz says:

I know your super busy I need help with making a sale

lamfilipos says:

This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “dropshipping site” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

Keone says:

I have a question and im hoping i can get an answer from someone in the comments . I have just begun my my shopify shop, do i purchase the product im planning on resell first or do i purchase it only when theirs is a sale purchased for it already?. If so wouldn’t the time to ship from AliExpress to the consumer be over a month or so? but i suppose that would be better then stocking up on inventory that wont sell in the first place. i would very much appreciate feed back from someone with experience.

lol nice says:

can you make a video on the taxes and the payment option?

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