4 Steps: Make Money Online Selling Simple Household Items

People are always asking me how I make money online.

THIS video reveals my process, in 4 steps:


One of my streams of income comes from selling household items.

I went with simple things (like books and glasses) and I suggest you do too.

If you try to sell anything too weird, you might make money… but you’ll have a hard time scaling.

Once you’ve picked your item, you’ll need a website.

The variety of tools available today makes building an online store easier than ever.

Amazon, Clickfunnels, or Shopify will literally help you get started within 1 day.

Once your site is running you’ll need a way to process payments.

Setting up a merchant account used to be a hassle.

But nowadays, services like Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe help you accept credit cards online easily.

Finally, you need to white-label or dropship your products and build your brand.

Once you get these 4 steps completed, you’ll have an automated source of income that NEVER takes breaks.

It’ll work for you 24/7.

For an in-depth explanation about this process, click the link below:


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Agent AK says:

there is no stripe in india

dynamic danyo says:

Thanks a bunch

Markowich says:

2 mil views 100 comments LUL

First Million Road says:

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Alex Harrison says:

But why would they order this stuff online when they can go to the store?

wordsin mybrain says:

I want to sell magnets. Cool beachfront house bud

US GH says:

Hey Tai I am 13 can you please tell me what business to start now.

moon river says:

Why do we never see behind the scenes of this guy’s companies at work? I don’t believe him.

Jean-Paul HAZOUME says:

Hello Tai,
Greatings from West Africa.
Great content. Gold again.
Got lot of projects but want to focus on just one now.
As I am writting to you I am watching your video and following your step by step video.
Taking notes. Want to be part of the test group if it still possible.
Want to make good money and either help people.
Nice video again.
Back to the
See U.

Sasa Nikolic says:

kitchen with a view to a Lambo

Black Eagle says:

i like how he is showing us screenshots 1 year old

Matthew Rodriguez says:

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Pontus Björsberg says:

He pays for views

#IASS says:

Listen bro. If you don’t have any knowledge of the program you want to buy, by all means buy it. But even if you know something about the subject, you won’t learn so much. I bought Tai’s “how to make money online” program and I didn’t learn anything new. It was a waste of time and money. What I then learned was that Tai’s YouTube channel and even his career for that matter is based on selling programs. Why does he talk about his programs every time after his videos? It’s a way to bring people to buy them. The best education is self education. Even if you buy the program, it won’t make you rich unless you start. And those people that got rich watching his programs, isn’t mainly because of what they learned from the programs. They just know better. His programs in my opinion is overrated. I mean I like his YouTube videos more than his programs. I like Tai, don’t get me wrong. But learn from his YouTube videos. They are better.

TradingGuardGroup says:

(First Million Road( search for it

Theo N says:

Competition is HIGH.
It is like anyone can cook, But only the Fierce Win!

MW says:

Shopify is not free, and for someone starting out it can be quite a monthly cost.

JiMMy ButLeR says:

Don’t you get tired of saying the same repetitive things every time??

Ken Ruan says:

Tai, it is still too hard. Why don’t you just give people your app username and password? We can look around for ourselves. 😉


you could sell that lamborghini here in your garage

Bakhtiyor Alikulov says:


eighty6gt says:

selling junk

Destroying the planet

Pedro Wilsondipkv says:

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John Orr says:

I plugged in 365.25 to be more accurate. Then when money is being made 24 hours per day, it doesn’t really matter.

ram lokesh says:

Mr.Tai are you still having students for your program I want to join sir

MarkimusMaximus9 says:

People always ask me why people always ask me

xaminxa says:

Now i understand what your saying

Dery Daniels says:

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Atomic Adam says:

It does not take 24 hours to make money I’m still trying to create a website on shopify and it’s at least gonna take a good month if I want it to optimize for conversation properly

Idalia Jaimes says:

what a show of.on your thumbnail

Yogesh bakshi says:

hey tai tell us about for ex trading and how does it work and is it safe ?

John Burns says:

Hey Tai, I still sell Clickbank products. Is Clickbank dead or am I tripping?

Ty Speaks says:

I learned about this from Gary vee ! I am documenting my online selling journey ! Just sold my first item , video will be up soon !

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