How I earn MONEY in my SLEEP Selling INTERNET!!!

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How do you sell internet Alex? Do you own a WISP Alex? It’s illegal Alex! All your questions answered!

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Steven Ahmson says:

You look like the kid from Toy Story

mosot624 says:

Do you have any cisco qualification, or any formal education relating to networking?

Sumon Sinha says:

very irritating

Ben Dorban says:

I need this business

Mike LeBoydre says:

get to the point. way to long

Netty Voyager says:

i hope you do very well in your endeavors 🙂

Matias Ramirez says:

I like how you brag about how “hard” it would be for people to report you to your ISP since there are so many in England but then proceed to show your ISP on the Speedtest results 🙂

aross338 says:

Hi what’s the best way to do a accurate speed test and ping thanks

Charoula Mpompota says:

Man, so much radiation!I’m scared!!!

Trevor Chapman says:

great vid keep it up!!!

Adam Esler says:

Just waiting for like a big company I.e BT to take over your area and you lose business

Indra Gunawan says:

Why you don’t use mikrotik?

Blin 1 says:

2:52 get to the point

Pc -gaming-awesome says:

Do you love pancakes ?

Aaron Kimber says:

Sounds like a peado

adeloye jones says:

please can you send me your email or send me a test mail as I want to be an ISP as I leave in west africa, sierra leone +23278541020

Jack Litwin says:

I hope your registered with ofcom

Rogue Tog says:

Charles goes to uni in Lincoln and now we know marzbar ratboy lives/works 15 mins from Lincoln.

Netty Voyager says:

you saw a neash in the market and took it well done that man 🙂

كوكتيل says:

Can somebody tell me which intenna he uses and how much ?

tommyhl00 says:

are you concerned at all about summer heat in the roof space for all your equipment up there? Remember all your insulation is below that point. You may also get condensation.

Jon Pugh says:

I should really start doing videos on how boring being a real ISP is…. mainly consists of sitting on the floor in datacenters for hours on end and if not there we’re in the office coding for hours. Your a reseller not an ISP, you have no AS number or infrastructure sorry to tell you buddy. But keep heading in the right direction and one day you’ll have your own fttc like us to provide to your customers!

brian van der werf says:

what a huge diffrent with our internet speeds i have 400mb internet from my provider

shawn zylla says:

i want to like this video, but it should have been about half the length, as it felt like you took forever to actually explain what you do.

luke cinavas says:

pretty sure that’s lincoln brayford

Promentery Robbins says:

Fantastic – great to see you doing well and helping others getting good internet. You’ll have a business that will last years in the areas with poor internet around the UK

Sam Goodson says:

Alex, you have exactly what I have at Nandos​ !

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