How Long Until You Start Making Money On The Internet?

“How long does it take to start making money on the internet with affiliate marketing?” I get this question all the time, so I figured I’d make a video answering this age old question once and for all.

Alright so while it’s not legal for my to give you a promise of how long it takes until you earn money with affiliate marketing, what I can do is tell you exactly how long it took me.

When I started affiliate marketing I was going into it working about 4 hours a day for the first 4 months. After 4 months, I hit the coveted beginner mark of $3000/m online. Then after that, I reached the $10,000 a month mark after about 9-10 months of consistent work.

My general rule of thumb when starting a new business is to reach the $50k per year mark with a consistent 4 hours a day 6 days a week.

Now look… results are going to vary.

If you have zero technical skills, making money online will have an extra learning curve for you to handle. Luckily though, with modern day tools and pre-made systems, you can circumvent about 90% of the learning curve I had to go through when I first starting making money on the internet over a decade ago.

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Peter A Edwards says:

It really is surprising how many people want to start a business and really have no clue about having a time frame in mind, or even do not have goals or plans of what they really want. I will start a business tomorrow but want the results yesterday, that is a recipe for disaster.

Dan is spot on when he states that you are not likely to make money online in a few days, it takes dedication, time and effort. Once the plans are in place everything else will follow, take things one step at a time. Also make sure you have a budget in place to cover your initial expenses and some extra for unforeseen circumstances.

Fracso Mehdi says:

can I pay for your program with amazon gift card

Bizzle onthekeys says:

your system is good Dan.
you dont have to make excuses.

surujdaye ramoutar says:

Hi Dan, I have been following your videos closely and have been following what you are telling us. I did some reviews on products – two are on page one on google on the upper part of the page, Have been getting emails from people verifying the products. Hoping they will purchase.. Thanks

Colin Marshall says:

As always love the stuff you put out. Favour please, could you do a video on how you do your video’s ie software used, equipment used and how you add the social links etc – again many thanks. Also be gentle with the guy/gal who thought money was instant. Almost every product you buy will tell you that you can earn $150 while you sleep.

PeterGregg says:

Man, your linguistic skills have really gone pro level 🙂 So happy to be one of the ones who was able to see it unfold. Your system is still the best, people should be diving in to get this package immediately – especially now at Christmas when people spend AND then have to pay those credit cards off lol. Big thumbs up.

Ahadul Islam says:

hey bro do only have the system for aff. marketing

Will L says:

are there other costs like daily adword expenses and or other advertising costs after your program dues?

sal nuno says:

hey Dan if somebody buys your system, do we get support from you, like if we have questions and doubts can we actually be in touch with you so you can give us advise

Andy Sok says:

Do you believe that affiliate marketing is scalable to millions with Amazon?

Shaun's Life Project says:

Hey dan awesome job buddy! I am loving the consistency and value 🙂 I am home for the rest of the day so if you wanna skype we can! By the way how many hours in America are you ahead?

Amazing Vesper says:

I saw this in a red talk respond if you did to

Ly C. says:

2 days!? I bulit my site for 15 days and that was only with minimum pages like home, about me, privacy policy and no posts, with 2 kids and whole house to run that is even fast. And to write a post I usually need 2-4 days. Bare in minde that the english is not my first language. With my firts post I did get to Google first page but that does not mean I make money, also I have two other posts on first page. For now I have 6 posts and each post varies from 1450 word to the longest for now 4744 words. And all have affiliate links. My site is 3 months old. I really don’t understand people who think that this kind of thing goes over night. Just to be craweld from googlebot needs time from 1 day to two weeks and more. And where is finde the right Keyword tool, SEO, find the thing that is going to bring you on first page, set up the site right, social media etc.. It takes times people. Use to that! Nothing goes over night ( maybe STDs and unwanted pregnancies yes) but especially not online making money.

Robert Mendoza says:

Dude, you just do amazon affiliate training? Or other like click Bank?
I read somewhere or maybe in one or your videos you said that clickbank wasn’t that good, but can I still use your methods on electronic products?


man you are amazing I downloaded your book and I take action to work from name
best wishes Elsayed From Egypt ^_^

Kendall Gosage says:

Love your tutorials. One of the few that make it fun and interesting. Also purchased your course. GOOD STUFF!

Ross P says:

Was about to give up on affiliate marketing. This really changed my mindset and motivated me. Thank you!

Kendall Gosage says:

How do you feel about monetizing your videos on youtube as well? Or does that turn customers away when using the video to direct traffic to affiliate links?

saliendo del hoyo economico says:

Good things takes time! Thank you Dan!

Nathan Nan says:

Ha ha ha

Aztec Lordu says:

takes more like 6 months tbh

Shaun's Life Project says:

There is no way to make money in 2days, deadbeats you need to give it time!! 🙂

Blabarsmuff says:

Thanks for all the great video you put out 😀

Sir Barklot says:

2 days? guy has autism…

kartika Aranda says:

wow 30 days??? that is very quick!! I had a business before and it took me 6 months to see the results!!

MB4LUNCH says:

I’m all in. For the long haul. sand the floor, paint the fence… wax on, wax off! 🙂

Mike Helps says:

I have a question deadbeat I’m new to the amazon affiliate where to I start ? I use my facebook acct to offer didn’t deals but I don’t know where to start. What is the sense in getting a website at first

César Leonardo Patiño Burgos says:

I guess Dan is not such a deadbeat after all… or maybe he wakes up just to record. ;(
Great stuff man.

Jim Newbury says:

Hey Dan – This is one of your most solid posts. I can’t believe what I her people say out there with regard to CASH NOW – EASY- yada yada. Thank’s Dan.

Ciarán Sheil says:

Instantly if you buy a website not sure weather it will be successful in the long term lol

Amazing Vesper says:

I saw this in a red talk respond if you did to

Chris Chandler says:


The Kitchen Rage says:

Dan I got your system would you mind checking out my page

Crackled says:

So dan do you have a guide line of how many views a new website should be getting? How many daily views do you normally expect to get the first month?

Stefan Martin Eriksson says:

I have a question, I could I make my wordpress website mobile friendly? Like I know it’s possible, but just can’t find the solution on the settings tab. Thank you.

zuky786 says:

man, you are pumping out contently frequently and I’m really enjoying it and learning a lot.

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