How to make money on the internet – For dummies

Other than drop shipping of course.. this is the next best thing!
The Affiliate Bootcamp:
Free Funnel:
Free Book:


Tristen Kaa says:

Hey Mike I’m a t-shirt artist looking at selling t-shirts through drop shipping and your videos I have been watching allot. I just need to get started and move something

Dayvon Bryant says:

Very informative, Mike. Great stuff. Keep hustling, my man!

mydarling says:

Hi Mike ….love your videos, I am just starting to learn how to do all this and it does seem pretty intimidating at times, I wanted to know your thoughts on creating a landing page on a free platform like Weebly vs. Leadpages …considering i am on a budget and have already got my domain and hosting out of the way for the next year ..I am trying to find some platforms for creating a lead page and getting my email set up for as low as possible …I dont really want to spend an arm and a leg upfront when I am not sure if I am even going to make any sales….any information would be appreciated. thanks

Josh Holliday says:

Hey man,

Im getting onboard with this affiliate bootcamp, I figure I need to learn and this promises learning sooo yeah.
Just quickly though the bootcamp is free which is cool but the upsells your talking about, they come after 2 weeks of signing up to clickfunnels am I right?

Just trying to gain insight,
Thanks man, Lovin the vids

Eric Smith says:

Mike i want to Buy your course. Which Would you recommend for a complete Noobie? Your T-Shirt Business or the affiliate marketing your mention in this video?? Please reply ASAP i.m ready to buy and be a student!!

Hozea Hozea says:

LOL ! I got that book !!

Brandon Box says:

Any chance we can check out your ecom stores?

Jackie Nguyen says:

Bro! You are my best friend and you don’t even know it yet LOL. Seriously though, you are such a great person giving out this type of info… I’m excited to start something new, even though im not familiar with marketing or even business a matter of fact lol. I just finished your ecom blueprint bro, which is amazing!!! WAYYYYY UNDERPRICED $7 is ridiculous. Is there any program you have so that I can contact you or something?? Can I be your student bro?

Jared Huff says:

I totally forgotten that he talked about affiliate market I’ve just been having my head wrapped in Investments I’ve been trying to learn as many methods as I can before I go for it I’m saving up for a few big moves so thank you for every bit of advice and inspiration you give wonderful detail in your videos so your are really helping people Be safe out there !

Magellan konally says:

Hi Mike.. I really want the book to learn how to create the funnel…

Matt Tinez says:

Hey Mike, I just joined the boot camp and have some questions, would you still recommend this? Cause this was like published on 2015,would this still be a good way to earn a living passively? and the second question is that why havent i got the email they say i would receive? anyways looking forward on your mentoring program,keep making great and awesome content!

Afonso Lamy says:

just received the book xD

Jessica Jasinski says:

Omg, mike, I could use your HELP. Im kinda internet illiterate when it comes to this stuff, but I am a pretty quick learner. I want to change my life and my familys life. your the first person I find trustworthy . I’ve been looking for honest guidance.

Mike Vestil says:

For an easy step by step guide on this and how to create a lifestyle business.. then check out the full blog post here:

Răzvan Afloarei says:

Should I trust him for billing info?

Sheila Scott says:

If you are looking for a way to fund your new online business and get access to more affiliate training contact me

Cindy Manit says:

wait wait wait… so you’re saying, create a FUNNEL for something like a product on a shopify store? Landing page for something free, not sure what that would be if say Im already offering a free + shipping product. How does that work?

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