How to Make Money Without Working

➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶

That’s right, you can totally get rich without putting in any effort!


James says:

Does it annoy anyone else that he drew the tick on the box the wrong way?

Gabriel NYC says:

hate you, u think money is a joke. im tried of working and need large amount of money fast.just wasted my time watching this bullshit

Sarah Timmeney says:

That’s fake

Merke Johnson says:

If this video were realistic, the dude would either be black or hispanic and he wouldn’t live in a nice house, he’d be extremely poor, live in a bad house, and need a family to feed because he can’t find a job.

But giving out free money is a good thing because that way people don’t starve to death and given the expansion of safety nets under Obama not due to his policies but due to the 2008 collapse, unemployment has dropped, not gone up, therefore, giving free money to impoverished black people turns out to be a good idea.

jeph del Tor says:


Tristen Ayotte says:

This is a joke

Ayden Vorhies says:

people this is a lie don’t do it you will go to jail

shika gaming says:

you wasted my time



Tayyab Abead says:

I appreciate bro.
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Haretz tj says:

OMG!GUYS! IT WORKS! I GOT THE $5000.Oh wait,someone is knocking on my goskcvurendeiodogkr

Ethan Friendly says:

send me some money

Bubbles TheDino says:

hard to believe people actually take this seriously, obviously its fake…love the vid tho

Cosmin Irimiciuc says:

lol what a troll

KazuyaMish612 says:



Maxamed Alii says:

help me

Ian The Turtle Boy says:


Tyler Nguyen says:

Does Donald Trump work?

Red Room With Blackhattiger says:

I Will Subscribe Who Subs Me Right Now 😀

miles mwb says:

funny video ;p

KazuyaMish612 says:



Jay Bird says:


Deividas Nastajus says:

smells like legit

TrueAliGT says:


Steve I says:

Does this works with Trump?

Rapus 124 says:


Okay wheres my payment for this


Thank you for putting a smile on my face. I needed a laugh. The truth is, if it was that easy…wouldn’t word get around? Come on!

Merke Johnson says:

For those of you who are not versed in politics, using the word “Entitlement” Constantly along with using Obama, this video is a sort of racist-satire of welfare recipients.

Unfortunately, the rich white kid in the video doesn’t understand that most people on welfare and any government help are generally African american or poor Hispanics. So he makes indirect racist comments against people on welfare by implying that they do no work, don’t support the family, and demand money for pure existence.

Now, I know what you’re asking, isn’t that the same insult lobbied at African Americans back 30-40 years ago that they were welfare mooching parasites? Why yes it is, of course if you take out any reference of race, it no longer becomes racist! In the same way that saying anyone who eats fried chicken, drinks kool-aid and likes Tyler Perry movies is a degenerate idiot is NOT racist, even though it totally is dogwhistle racism.

For the facts, Welfare expansion did expand under Obama not due to laxing of requirements to obtain it but because of the 2008 crisis where more people fell into the pool, now the theory is, if people get free money from the government, they lose their incentive to work. However, the opposite came true since 15 million jobs were made dropping unemployment from 10% to 4.7% and a deficit drop from 1.4 trillion to 600 billion dollars despite expansion of government programs, thus making the indirect racist lie that the families who struggle to feed their children are lazy and parasites. It’s easy to make racist comments on the internet and not in real life!

So in summation, while Americans have learned to instinctually stop being racist to people, they still don’t understand the core of racism which is generalization and lying about people based off the actions of a few people, as this man so eloquently has satirized, it’s still ok to discriminate against people because they are poor because making fun of anyone who is weaker or different is ok so long as they aren’t a different race, so discrimination is A-ok!

LUIGI says:

but now barrack is not the president of US anymore

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