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LaJulie Hines says:

I love y’all energy

Marii Sosa says:

Is this legit ?

Kaylah Charles says:

This video woke me up entirely and I was hesitant before clicking to watch it because I thought it would be recycled information or a link to some seminar lol but this is GOLD! And I am so stoked to try this! I am excited! I will let you all know how my experience is. Thank you guys so much for the awesome information!

desi_ _xoo says:

Easiest way to earn money…just give a try say if you didnt get any thing

NiceGuyGamer says:

Man your content is forcing me to subscribe…. such high quality videos… it’s crazy because there are people on this platform who have a more professional image yet their content is absolutely recycled pipe dreams. Here you two are looking like some good old friends who are about to talk and chill but yet you have one of the greatest knowledge and experience in this field. Incredible. If it’s not too much to ask, any tips on how to earn 10-20 dollars a day? I can get like $100 a month atm and it’s really hard to pay my bills right now as a student.

dany dan says:


Metal Kezzl says:

don’t ever say holy! unless its ,Holy God! it is the active force of God. i stopped it rite there.

Shola O. says:

You guys are excellent. You give so much value. I’m busy focusing on fba but this is a great idea for anyone

Jasmine Jasmine says:

On fiverr after i sign up do i put become a seller??? And what would i put i am if i wanted to do this???

kingsley chukwuma says:

Pleas can you give me the link to the site for the video ad stuff

sglant says:

Thanks so much for recommending Promo! It is so much better than Animoto, what I’ve used in the past. Appreciate it guys.

Hacky 4l13n says:

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Angela Brite says:

Thank you!!!!! Ranking is key!!!! Amen!!!

Kai Soren says:

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge!! New sub! ✨✨

Abhinandan Abhi says:

Great stuff!! Love from India.. I always watch all ur videos.. so much fun + madness & knowledge at the same time.. that too so naturally..Thumbs up

Jonathan Hayes says:

Your videos are way to long damn

Brad Gudim says:

You guys gotta be the “coolest” white dudes on the Internet.

El Torino says:

Typical wannabe marketer BS. There are NO easy methods. These guys are typical SM marketers, just rehashing and talking BS, fill their description with affiliate links and blabla. Don’t buy this fake shit.

LaJulie Hines says:

Become a DoorDash driver! Work flexible hours and get a $50 bonus after 150 deliveries. Apply here:

Ahmed Amr says:

can you make a video about how to make money as a kid or a teenager

Popeye spinach says:

…Use to do the owners Lawn forWest Coast Custums!..Know I Wanna be Successful

Barry The Hatchet says:

The Doctors of Hack dishing out degrees in Hackology

Buddy Herry says:

this is alot of good content i been following you guys and you guys are just awasome i been trying to raise money so i can get on your courses thank you for the amazing content

Zach Trayner says:

C’mon man, everyone knows the yo dawg meme

Shola O. says:

Do u mind sharing the name of fiverr lady for photo editing? 🙂

Andy's Turtles says:

I owe my parents $100 and I have to pay them next week. I really hope this way I can make it fast 🙁

Mandy HS says:

This. Video. Is. Gold.

Aj Santana says:

smart, so I have the Amazon Light Box coming in the mail tomorrow to use for my FBA product listing. BUT NOW, i might put up a “white background photography” or “product photography” gig on Fiverr and try to make some sales. I’ll let ya kno!

Thumbs up for the good idea!

Jasmine Ira Lopez says:

Finally a youtube channel that actually teaches and cares about you making money. Thank youuu!

Shenita Gazaway says:

I wanted to try this method but this site is up for sale now. I had an idea I wanted to try using this method. Thanks for the information anyway

Lisa Hallowell says:



Im sure those 19 dislikes are just for that 01.00 s scream at the start

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