The Best Time to Make Money On The Internet?

Why NOW is the golden era for those trying to make money on the internet. In this video, I talk about 4 major points that explain why if you are a beginner, making money on the internet has never been easier, and have the most potential.


KenanQHD says:

I made my first sale a couple days ago for an ebook I wrote. That was unexpected and put a smile on my face haha. I bought your Deadbeat super affiliate program but havent gotten around to watching all of it yet.

Fight Game says:

Hey man, I need some backlinks for my website. Where is the go to?

Master Dion says:

Your deadbeat super affiliate system is a bit outdated, its about 2-3 years off, but as I was going through it, and noticed things have been changed since it was made, I was still finding out what to do just fine, so its a minor complaint. I purchased all your products except for your inner circle access (because I didnt feel like driving to the bank to get the money into my account for a 3rd time…….you killed me with the back to back offers) but I got all except the inner circle, so I should be good, right? My first site I want to do on gaming pc mouses, and so far, finding your system to be reletively easy.

Steven Rodriguez says:

Hey Dan, Another great video!

Is there any college classes that you would recommend to take apart from what I’m learning in the University?

John Marshall says:

This is great vegucation (pronounced Vedge-you-kay-shun)! Vegucation (as in “veging out” like a vegetable) is viable education for deadbeats. Feel free to use that word as your own. #wordmakerupper

amin soleh says:

Hey Dan I planned to buy your system
I want to know how much money i need to invest aside from your deadbeat affiliate system

Jay Jeffs says:

It’s funny because he is literally building an email list to market too (most likely wealth ads) by giving away the free guide. haha

beata zuk says:

Great video!! Thanks

Stripe Reviews says:

Hi dan when you sent me the $50 prize, you set the payment as a form of goods and i would be highly greatful if you you log into paypal and select that you have recieved the “goods” so that i can claim my money.

Benny says:


what’s your opinion on selling on eBay and Amazon? Is it a waste of time or is it something that I could do along with affiliate marketing? I really like eBay but you need to source, photo the items and put them on eBay. The upside is you learn how to run an online store. The basics anyway.


Bernadette Teaches Music says:

This makes SO MUCH SENSE!
Some of my most engaged viewers (here on YouTube) are from the countries you mentioned.
I think you’re onto something, Dan 😉

Ser vus says:

Hey Dan,

would you reccomend me to better start creating german language sites, even if I have a smaller audience but better language skill?

thanks for your work, doing a great job in my eyes 🙂

Coollovelee says:

Always a pleasure.

Stan Lindert says:

You know this guys telling the truth… Except the part about sleeping all the time.

Nate Valentino says:

How do you feel about Clickfunnels? Do you personally use it for affiliate programs?

Craig Johnson says:

so far I bought Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded and Deadbeat Traffic blaster. With just those two together could I start off well?

SoullessRights says:

It’s so hard create when you going college and help your family tough time. start in depression.

Cryocide says:

I have been hesitant to start an online store. I know everything to do, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. If this gets 1 like, I start today.

Ivan Mršić says:

what is the the best online buisness that takes the least money to do. I want to start with something on the internet but I don’t have almost any money.

C JAX says:

Another great video. As I’ve already said, had already done research on Affiliate Marketing, & joined 2-sites to utilize. All they wanted was money from ME. One even had a salesperson contact me who I thought was my “coach” they professed would “hang over your shoulder” every step of the way, but I soon realized he was a salesperson, & actually wanted to “give me the opportunity” to invest $5,000-$6,000 if I “really wanted to make money!” It’s so refreshing to work with you, watch your great videos & KNOW you are NOT a scam artist who just keeps taking everyone’s money to join DEADBEAT. I realize that it does require members to make some kind of investments for tools to help with the program, but those investments are extremely minimal, especially if compared to other Affiliate Marketing websites, & you provide so many of the tools for free simply by sharing your knowledge & experiences. Mostly, I appreciate your sincerity & honesty, & I suspect other members of DEADBEAT do as well. Not too much of that in today’s world. You’re the man & you should be proud of yourself!

Frankie Flores says:

Hey, Dan. I have the money to build a new niche site every month through outsourcing.

Do you think that’s okay to do, or do you recommend letting each site build up visitor traffic for a couple months and checking results, before building the next one?

Kamrul Hassan says:

This is a good news for me. I am from Bangladesh. Glad to know that people from this part of the World can really make money online. But one thing that is still bothering me which is PayPal is not accepting Bangladesh and without an account, in PayPal, you really can’t purchase all those stuff for your IM thing and also you can,t sell much on the Internet without a PayPal account. I wonder when will PayPal come out of Red Tapism. Thanks a lot Dan.

Alpak Parzystokopytny says:

hello i am almost sure that i’m going to buy your affiliate guide BUT i have one question. My seller account on amazon has been suspended ( probably that’s why i found you). Do i need it to make what you’re going to teach me?

Victor Flores says:

Hey Dan I have your program it’s great but have a question. In starting, how many blogs should one realistically make to produce a good income eventually?

Jasper Smits says:

Great video once again.

Yaj Mai says:

Great video ! Thank you so much !

gaming master says:

hey make a video about click bank

Vinay Bakle says:

I think I have seen this video before? you may have uploaded again.


How to sell digital products (such as signing up for a particular program) on commission junction cz i can only find physical products.Please answer.

Scrap Guard says:

Again great work dan. thank you. best video for the beginner and struggling people.

NotJustHim says:

Multimedia design education is literally 16 years behind today’s technology.

Yep, glad I dropped out.

Ahadul Islam says:

Bro your finger is totally Indecate opposite side of the your guide, ;p

Vegan Power Powders says:

can we still copy and paste amazon reviews on our affiliate site (the only affiliate program im using right now is amazon)

WEiner NEiner says:

does that includes dropshipping

ghayth Al-Naji says:

keep the good work!

Paul Krueger says:


Vampyrus says:

Okay but what about the best time to wear a striped sweater?

myearthvideoz says:

I agree right now is a great time more and more people are getting online every day.

Jayde Ash says:

Thanks Dan I agree with what you said on this video ..

dark warrior says:

Deadbeat is great as always, i have one question does is good idea to make website blog on drag and drop dyl builder like wix or weebly. And what you think about drag and drop divi for wordpress site. I read some blogs that say that dyl builders have bad SEO. But i read one blog with prove, who asked google about SEO for dyl websites and google answer is. Website is website if you build website on wordpress or wix you can rank at the first page of google, it doesn’t matter. PLS ANSWER,. ANYWAY TNX FOR HELPING.

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