The TRUTH About Making Money Online

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🔹 People say all sorts of things about making money online…
“It’s so easy!”
“It’s a myth.”
“There’s only one way to do it!”
“Drop shipping is the best option.”
“You just have to learn FB ads. Then you can make tons of money!”

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these opinions and many more!

Well, in today’s video I’m cutting through all the NOISE that’s out there and telling you the honest truth about how to make money online.

And of course, I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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Unconventional Chinese with Keren says:

Gillian, can you make a video about how you failed before and why they did not work? I think stories like that has tremendous value

HH Scott says:

Nailed it again. Great video. We can never be reminded enough to KISS.

Bonsai Libre says:

Yes, not yet. I didn’t know much about promotion. I’m interested in web design. Every time I see a thrifty thing like Shopify, there seem to be things people left out so it’s not really easy to build unless I buy a package.

jeanie scott says:

I have been working on my online presence for about 6 months and yes I have just about every course you can possibly need and I’m still not making money, I am just now figuring out the affiliate marketing and building my presence on Facebook. I will start my YouTube channel soon. Thanks Gillian I needed to hear this.

Fredys Castro says:

Great Content Gillian! I am a new subscriber and I am enjoying and learning a lot…Thanks a million…God bless you!

Perdida na Biblioteca I Por Natália Eiras says:

I start an agency of mky of influency to authors and booktubers, but the problem is convince the authors to invest money in this kind of mkt. They want send the book to review and thats is all. =/



Timothy Booker says:

Why is subscribes so important, does your videos make money from the amount of subscribers? For example if I made a you tube video making a forest and river from foam and had 850k subscribes to the video would that make me money.

Mariela Merino says:

simple equation! if it doesn’t work find the problem with the equation and fix it. great video as always!

vol iet says:

I’m currently working on a blog, just started and my niche is super small, but I hope to grow and make something valuable to others

Alecia Riddick says:

I have a money budgeting idea that has been working for me. Will people buy my idea. If I turn it into a budgeting, saving, and make a how to pick invest stock course?

Debora Schultz says:

Awesome video as always 🙂

Inspired Tv by Jamie says:

How do we know if something valuable? Just because I see it as value doesn’t mean everybody else well, like I invented a self discovery program that I think would help a ton of people but nobody’s buying it. So how do I know if it’s just because no one really knows about it or if it’s a piece of crap system

Michelle Cox Photography says:

I haven’t really tried to make money online YET but I am hoping to get there sometime soon so I love hearing all of this information!! 🙂 Thank you!

Fash With Ray says:

Great content. Very simplified and created a shift in my mind. I truly appreciate your honesty. I’m struggling with making money online, but I’m in the early stages and on a learning curve.

Classical Fun Facts says:

Gillian Perkins is a girL !!!!!?????????

arista booyse says:

I have tried selling art on Facebook and Etsy, but I have not been successful. I have even opened an online portfolio, but still nothing. Now I am reading your Online business quick start guide in the hopes that it would help.



Timothy Booker says:

So for an example these scale modelers on youtube will never make money.

Chan Kay says:

What email service provider you use. Please suggest

Obaida Jabr says:

I have some money that I made on surveys can anybody tell me how do I get the money? Like I’m making bt nt taking tell me

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