Why People Fail to Make Money on the Internet

If you’re having trouble and keep failing at making money from the internet, you need to watch this video. I guarantee you that the reason you are failing is because of one of these 3 reasons.

If you want to learn how to make money on the internet, first you must learn how NOT to do it.

Reason #1 people fail:

Lack of focus. They create one online income stream, and once they start seeing some success, they look around for the “next big thing”, instead of honing in on what works. If done this before in the past, but as you get more experienced, you learn to maintain our income streams.

Reason #2 people fail online:

They give up right before they hit the gold. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been successful on an affiliate campaign RIGHT after that point of wanting to give up. Once you start telling yourself “I want to quit” is exactly the time you should push through and give it one more solid batch of work. That is because this is the point when everyone else gives up. Just outlast everyone else 1 more round.

Reason 3 – diversification

This is a big reason people never maximize their earning potential. Basically, you must MAX OUT each income stream before you move onto the next. Milk it for all its worth.

Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Eli Birdsall says:

Fresh cut. lol

Great video as always. I may or may not have told you, I’ve been building websites freelance for like 6 months now so I’m getting pretty good. Working on a full step by step video on how to build a premium website, obviously going to load it with hosting/themes/plugin affiliate links. But yeah that is the project I have been working on to continue my affiliate business. (Still getting commissions from the iPhone lens video and Golf Site too!)

Also I like that iPhone mic, where did you get it?

mrunknown1221 says:

Amazing video right on time I needed this!

Sterling Lowery says:

I agree with reason #1. For a person who tries to catch two rabbits, will catch neither one.

Enjoyed that story of gold buried treasure. Reminds what I read in a book that said “failure can never over take you if your determination to succeed is strong enough”.

Karlee Holden says:

Love the money stacks lol. And this video! Needed to hear his today, especially the part about pushing through discouragement

Becky Godfrey-Williams says:

Hi Dan. Great video as always. Do you have public liability insurance? I recently read that affiliate marketers are getting more legal action taken against them for selling a product, if it fails or injures someone, even if it’s the fault of the manfactuerer, so I was beginning to get worried. Is this something you’ve ever came across?

Shaun's Life Project says:

People fail to make money on the internet because they don’t have the drive or right information! Anyone watching this, you should look to invest in dan training. I have been online for years and I have spent $500 on a product that was ten times worse than dans for what dan is charging he is mad. The information is worth $999!

Nigel Lampe says:

Good advice. Thank you.

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