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Chen Khang says:

Security cameras lol

Brittany Allen says:

Billy please email me B.allen@knowledgesociety.com and we can make this a quick and easy process for you to win your prize.

Conrad says:

I made $18,000 on swag bucks this morning

Top & Best says:

Do you have 30 minutes per day to make extra $100/day for your weekend fun? If yes go ahead and search “rm1rey money” and see the money making video.

Manila Music says:

I want to have this kind of business where i sell niche stuff, the problem is shipping. I live in the Philippines, and kinda impossible to ship 1 pc of shirt to US for $100

Ian Tan says:

One of my recent pastimes is learning Japanese, and I found a really awesome book that I would highly recommend (published and printed only in Malaysia) that I think would sell really well.

If that wasn’t enough, I know a book distribution and store that sells books at close to factory price, who I know would be a really great partner to have. This 5 steps seem to be just the thing to make things work.

Meanwhile, I’m polishing up an Indiegogo campaign for another hobby of mine. I’m most definitely in the busy 33%, but that’s just fine with me!

Connor Whitmore says:

Tai this is 3 hours long.

Bauss says:

is there a way to automate dropshipping without buying inventory?

Ronni Zag says:

Awesome video! But high end electric toothbrush are those only from trademarked companies that will sue us if we sell. How you suggest to pass this step of difficulty???

Sean John says:

but no

David Canavan says:

My issue is inventory and startup overhead.

Do I take the order(s), THEN manufacture products?

I understand the rest perfectly but how do I fill a 20,000 piece order unless I have the inventory?

Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci says:

Let’s do a collab!

Edward Tay says:

Step #1 catch trends
Step #2 identify products
Step #3 source it
Step #4 marketing angle
Step #5 website

80sbreaker says:

100 billion

Nantchev says:

Anyone interested in collabing on an ecommerce store?

Elie Hill says:

can u please help me make money I’m 14 year old name Elijah and my mom need help she takes care of me my 2 older sisters by herself my dad left us my mom makes 100 a week and I need and want to help my mom and I want her to have the best life and not ever want for nothing I just want to help my mom with everything I want to be my sisters brother buh also dad I want my mom to not work anymore I want to help her out and I just need u to help me please I’m begging u if u have the chance my E-mail is almightyelie84@gmail.com thx and I hope u can read this and help me thank u so much


Beginner’s first trap is The idea isn’t consistent with the niche.
To fix this is to listen to Tai’s niche and successful guys niche in Tai’s program.
And to think as a set, Our ideas and analysis methods they teach in the program.
Idea → Data → Idea → Data  I’m try this now!!

King Luis Escareno says:

Thank you Tai. Youre a great teacher. The best. I appreciate the value you gave us.

arturo Requemige requejo says:

Hey was up

CashbackAdverts CashbackAdverts says:

Hi, new program will start in 2018 look at cashbackadverts.com

Star Kyel Brown says:

100 billion

Brittany Allen says:

MrDarkohn please email me B.allen@knowledgesociety.com and we can make this a quick and easy process for you to win your Mentorbox.

Lux says:

I can feel the brain cells growing

BMWg84 says:

I can’t wait until someone out-does Amazon. It’s a brutal site to sell on. They suspend people all day every day for any reason

ILearn says:

Tai can i have your thumb :p :p

K Tech says:

The hats with i love then your star sign is a bad idea no one wants a i love cancer trust me on that

TheRid says:

Stripe was not founded by the same guy who started Twitter. You’re thinking about Square.

kane yap says:

making no money for a month, 21years old.
in suffering building my fitness clothing brand in hk

Lloyd George says:

100 billion

Ajax world says:

I don’t have a problem with the 3 hours

Miggie 101 says:

5K likes, around 70 comments? Completely legit.

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