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Marty Ozaeta says:

How much do you make monthly selling your courses?

popa tou says:

Im still waiting on the inner circle book I paid for, how much longer for this? Could I still get a refund for it if I no longer want it??

Dhruv Manocha says:

Thank you bro …….liked the way you talk…. so casual ,so natural !!!

Obakeng Loeto says:


Jarrett P the OG says:

Hey Tai I live in Canada and want to sell your products …not many people I mention you to know who you are I bet if they did you or your programs that I help sell would change there lives :p

Johnny Reid says:

you’re funny tai

candelario cardenas says:

If you haven’t made a video about it yet you could make a video on how to be organized. Not too many people know how to be organized, especially the guys. A big problem that hinders people is that they fail to remain consistent and being oraganized would certainly help them with that.

Online money Sri Lanka says:

good one

Gabe Montoya says:

Love the info Tai!! Your the man! Keep up the good work! Your a god sent!!!

Ian H says:

“All you whinny bitches; shut up. The world’s got enough of that. Go out and make your own destiny.”

Wolfborn 123 says:

I never knew business classes were so fun I guess its just computer science that boring.

Teh Stranger? says:

You guys should check out Digital Garage by Google. It is a free course on E-Commerce and at the end of it you get a certificate of completion.

FrailSnail says:

*anyone have any tips on how to complete/fill orders really fast?*

hex pro says:


Lois Willis says:

Tai I like you!! I think that you are amazing!! I like to hear you when I can I want to learn from you how to be in your group!! I want to get a scholarship from you!! Such a anjel!!☺

Marshall San says:

Just joined…. let’s get to work.

balamcorp says:

¿how can i send my products to my customers if i have good sells? saludos from mexico

margetalica hinkle says:


Jay Barbeau says:

Thank you for the content you keep giving.

Mahdi Roberts says:

Tai I feel like we are hanging out together

Jordan Kurniawan says:

can someone help me make money using 700$, any ideas.. im from indonesia

Andy's Laboratory says:

how do you drop ship ?

Georgy Moshkin says:

real deal

BobSamurai says:

a wild furry has appeared!

MAMa4 LIFEz says:

Great show/advice…first time watching Tai, besides for the many car clips I’ve seen. So excited to start planning a new selling strategy online! Thanks, man, following all your shows from now on! And yeah…CAPE TOWN is the best!

Ali Abeedoun says:

“the more expensive the product, the higher the price” Wait what?

Jesus Christ Driven Game Development says:

We thank you so much for what you do!

ThePixelKing says:

i wish there was a tai lopez about doing youtube XD

Taylor Amma says:

your website is not protected

Jarrett P the OG says:

Hey what do u suggest I sell in a wine country …tons of wineries

Nicolas Costas says:

I want for him to make me a blow job

Joseph Scott says:

8am in england about to statt my new job training to be a financial advisor woop

hiram zambrana says:

Amazing, i will be using shopify

Jc Saclolo says:

Is this still live

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