10 Ways: How to Make Extra Money Online (Legit)

You won’t get rich, but here are some ways how to make money on the internet.

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Everyone could use some extra money on the side, and there are plenty of ways to earn a bit more while you’re not at your regular job online. This may include doing simple tasks such as transcribing text from an image, or doing basic research from Google searches. You can also use your best skills to do higher paying jobs as a freelancer, but that has a bit more competition. For easy online jobs, you can probably expect to earn a few dollars an hour, but it’s probably better spent than doing nothing.

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tha genius says:

Hey thiojoe, are any of those cites limited to certain regions?

Amombi Emmanuel says:

clickworker is soo cool

Eric Žofka says:

Werk ihn indah?

AMO productions says:

i See Facial Orange?

Moh Saymon says:

Really you’re a great motherfucker bainchud khankir pola

ST413FISH says:

No Bitcoin mining????

Jonathan S. PC Gaming says:

umm completely unrelated but what games are you playing these days?

acer2310 says:

Still, get a shave dude.

Phoenix Cat says:

Yeah, stay away from surveys. They’re ALL scams. No exceptions. The whole point is to phish your personal information under the pretences that they’re screening you for a survey. But I’ve done some original research on this, trying many survey sites and a bunch of fake information and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no surveys. And this isn’t my opinion. This is the results of a scientific study.

Rz 2000 says:

The best is to do them all, especillay if you’re a kid with a very low or zero pockey money

FUNtastic Art says:

Very old and useless info

Harsh j says:

How to fix blue screen error

Fidel Mendoza says:

283 money
I mean comment I got confused with the title XD

RIFAT Birmizrahi says:

fieverr hmm… that sounds familiar

Youssef Aouttah says:

Keep the good work buddy

eddroos says:

I have been working on UpWork for 1 year, since Feb 2017. I did not know about the other site. However, you can get on UpWork full time jobs, so it is literally my way to live nowadays -not to get extra money.

DawnRipper says:

Better be a joke


Sad when your channel’s tutorials are so fake that you have to put (legit) in the title

adr0it says:

Time to hire a bunch of children to do the first one for me, and pay them back less in return!!11!! Capatilism, baby!!!!!!

fcb amino says:

You are So polite, Really Thnx Man, Continue Doing That, Good luck !!!

Zombiesize says:

Slicethepie is a scam. I reviewed like 30 songs and they blocked me from the site and deleted my account.

Victor T says:

Which one of them pays in crypto? Also, why isn’t steemit on your list?

ShadowHD GamerYT says:

Is it weird that I watch his videos but didn’t click subscribe?

CJ says:

You really like to joke around don’t ya?


I wants guys for enjoy


I’ll be putting tin foil over my cable coax to help bring in those pay channels

Anonymous says:

where do u get your desktop wallpapers, please?

Ace the Dolphin Guy says:

I am the 1bilioth veiwer

Razorsharp4710 says:

I want to try these but I kinda feel like they are scams

Jason Morrow says:

I recommend doing Applike and Fitplay and use multiple devices like tablets and extra phones. Another is Appzone, FreeMyApps and Mistplay. Some of them separate by devices, which means, it’s tied to that device only even using the same account. Others tie the account to all devices. But beware the ones that tie to the device can NEVER be used with any other account on that device, EVER.

I’ve used about 8 devices now and made several hundred dollars in the past 3 months months at least. Like ThioJoe said it’s great beer and food money. I find myself using about around $25 a week in gift cards.

BTW I forgot to mention these apps don’t go by just downloading and installing them. They go by HOW LONG you play them. Even if you’ve downloaded them before. THe more you play the more you get paid. Just leave them running if you’re not around. (Hint..Hint.. Use Developer Mode to change to always stay on while charging.)

Applike & Fitplay are the same company but with the same user account you create, login will produce different apps to use, so you earn extra with both. No duplicates that I’ve seen so far.

Appzone & FreeMyApps are the same company as well but are completely different from how they work in a sense. I like Appzone MUCH better and if you look at them you will see why. Make sure to log in both of these with the same account otherwise an error will occur because they are the same company. FreeMyApps is more like Free You Wallet. Both contain issues with weird pop-ups or sending you to the wrong link or sending to Not Valid , mostly on FreeMyApps, AppZone is MUCH better but still happens. Appzone has a limit of 5 apps using at once and this has been a little wonky lately.

Mystplay is pretty good but you get a lot at first but not much later. Most of these are like this but Mistplay just went downhill to me much faster. I’ve only cashed out on Mistplay ONCE, while I’ve cashed out on the others, except FreeMyApps, much much more already.

Anyways all of these have referral ways to make extra points or whatever so take advantage.

If you have any questions let me know. And I will also refer you if you like or TheoJoe.

Thanks TheoJoe

Vamsi says:

Do a video on
10 Ways: How to Become Rich

Omar Lopez says:

Do you need the membership to use freelancer?

Harsh j says:

How to fix blue screen error on win 10 pro

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