3 BEST Ways To Make Money Online in 2019! (No Surveys)

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Erik BAnon says:

I was starting to wonder about passive income streams. Looking forward to your next videos.

C Poff says:

It’s not easy at first but if you work hard and are consistent you can make it work.

Kevin Clark says:

Good ideas. I had another but i need help on the technology. I was going to combine those on-line companion sites with the mass transporter from Star Trek so you could beam over a golf partner, fishing buddy or friend with benefits.

Sun Set says:

Great ideas !

David Chorak says:

You are very attractive. Your voice makes more sense when you video yourself talking. I really love this video. It’s positive. You do have talent. Be positive and you’ll succeed… I wish I could buy stock in you. You’re going places now… advertisers are gonna be begging you for slots. Keep it up.

SillyLittleAshTree says:


Alex Vedernikov says:

Very informative already.
Thank you David!

Ben Jamin' says:


Haitham Khalifa says:

I have Kickassmarket.com almost 9 years old domain, if anyone wanna partner up to start a webshop let me know 😉

George Emil says:

Every one of your videos since 2011 is a prediction for some sort of collapse. And this is only two years after the 2008 financial collapse that resulted in the 2009 stock market low.

So how do you know these money making ideas can withstand the upcoming stock market crash of 2019 when the “Money Stops Flowing” because as you say “The Global Economic Collapse is ON RIGHT NOW”.

Neeraj Kumar Narula says:

Thank you Dave. Great Information.

tek brick says:

I notice you didn’t mention Ebay, is there a problem/disadvantage over Amazon?

Timothy Curtin says:

Very interesting! Would love to see more. Thank you!

Cryptroneum says:

Hi David, thanks for your videos, this video is really helpful! I have been wondering for a long time how to generate income. I am retired now but we are struggling! I will be watching out for the next video! Please keep going, you really are helping people!

Inland Empire Trading says:

Honestly thank you, you understand the actual working class. Keep doing what youre doing! Thank you for the future videos

gabe says:

Great idea! Already shared ur video with my stepson.

Daniel Santana Rivera says:

Awesome video David. I love and apprechiate your work. Looking forward for the continuing on these subjects…

AB CD says:

I started to set up on Amazon but in the process found out that you have to register with the IRS even if you are not an American citizen and even if you don’t live in the U.S.!! No thanks….

L Lawliet says:

I found a seller on eBay selling merchandise from Dollartree. I asked him why anyone would buy from him when they could buy the same stuff at Dollartree for less, and he replied he sells to people with no access to Dollartree!

matt sim says:

I really appreciate what you’re doing for the community, it’s people like you that help change the world. BTW, which suppliers do dropshipping and what is the software that shows you what’s selling?

griffen98 says:

Thank you Dave

Salem abu-alem says:

helpful video

Charles Watts says:

Alex Becker is a guy that sits beside a Lamborghini in a garage and pays for his videos to appear as ads for a wide variety of other videos. He pushes these ideas too. Its feels like these people make money selling software access to these online techniques.

Arent all three of these pay gated?

bobnuke117 says:

I do dropshipping but no luck with Facebook ads no so I moved to Google ads

Tammy Hopkins says:

Love this content

RoamtownGirl says:

I ❤ that you are doing this!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Radnally says:

It’s the 5 minute ab work out., man. That’s way better than 7, right!?
Little boy blue….he needed the money!!

The Money GPS says:

I have been asked on countless occasions to outline how to make money online. My initial intention was to create a new channel devoted to it. But based on the amount of requests, I have decided to sprinkle in some of this information on The Money GPS. I’m sure everyone will appreciate it. Those who are not interested will simply not watch.

Today’s video is just the introduction to some of the best ways to make money online. I was relatively vague simply because I’m not sure exactly if my audience has ever even heard of these before.

I am working on a step-by-step eCourse on How To Make Money on Amazon FBA. My intention is to give people a blueprint to make money in a way that’s passive. I will do so with every method I have used over the years.

I have multiple businesses and my The Money GPS channel is just one that I have made public. I’m going to start sharing Amazon information simply because I have personally seen how profitable it can be.

Stay tuned.

Playonstereo says:

13-14 February it will be massive sell off in the stocks market – it will be red flag time (Middle East Conference in Poland)!

Theo T says:

i sell womens lengerie….anyone can laugh, but i make money while ya’ll sleep…

John Miranda says:


Jay Danson says:

Excellent David. I’ll be watching for the next videos. Keep up the great work!

Neil says:

Internet Porn Chat Room ?
Hey everyone needs to pay their bills !

J Robert1 says:

Are either of your financial books in audio format?

Bill Rink says:

Thanks David

Redman 01 says:


TheLight says:

Your cute

South Philadelphia says:

Loan sharking, prostitution and drugs you will make a very good living

Devils Advocate says:

Can you please give us your input on the rising marijuana scene. I fear Cron and other popular mj companies are overbought by large margins due to their popularity on robin hood

da budz says:

Good video, keep them coming

Palmetto Prepared says:

This gives me the kick in the butt I need to get my affiliate activated so i can post products i discuss on my channel. Too many people ask what product i may use and i need to capitalize on that. Cant leave money on the table

Josh Winston says:

I definitely need help with something such as these possible income generators. I have recently had a second lower back surgery and have been told I have to quit doing the type work I have made a living with the past 30 years or I will have total fusion of the two lowest levels of my spine. I will stay in tune with your channel for more instruction on this.

Big Daddy says:

You could do Cashapp flips. One of my bestfriends do it with a lot of people and they never complain. If you want to do it, just let me know.

Jimmy Demongin says:

A used to develop my own products and sell them on Amazon ice used to sell so much that one day Amazon ask me who my supplier was and when I told them I wasn’t going to tell them they went ahead and over reported on taxes on me and I got audited and screwed by the IRS. At the same time I got blackballed by Amazon careful when working with the Devil

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