5 Ugly Truths About Learning How to Make Money Online

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Learning how to make money online was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

But ONE THING that I was not told are the 5 UGLY TRUTHS that you are going to hear about in todays video.

These are things that no internet marketer will over tell you. And you will never hear these from any other video that simple talks about how to make money online.


These are the truths that I have learned by experience that are necessary to make a living online.

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milliondollarzach says:

Hey Mike, sent you a quick message on FB concerning my ecom account, LOVE your program by the way! got my Shopify store running now and way excited!!

Rehmat ali says:

Ur the bestt

Stairsmaster Haddox says:

Its crazy that i pay attention to the whole 17minutes of your videos because i cant even read a book for one page. Good energy

Samuel Gray says:

This is great life changing knowledge…. those rich habits need to be followed.

nyaaba solomon says:

Good job Mike, I took just one point with me from all these values you shared and am willing to work with it till it becomes a part of me. Great job bro.

Mr. Vintage says:

Great Knowledge per usual! I just sent you a dm on IG. I am trying to fly out to wherever you are so that I can get a couple of hours of your time. I am serious about this. I believe in investing in myself by any means. And I feel like you will be a good investment. Please get back with me. – Dez

karolis5684 says:

I’m off topic, but I really loved the running to your alarm thing, could you share more similar ideas?

Eugene Delos Santos says:

I just had a Mangosteen for the first time. What is the proper way to eat one?

John Perez says:

Thank you so much. I really needed this

Christian Davis says:

Mike does not have small arms

Wilmer Del Cid says:

you’re the man dude. Love the energy and knowledge

Maraan Media says:

Pure gold.

Eazy Purple says:

GREAT video dude! I was so overwhelmed before seeing this video and you helped me a ton with your wisdom. Also, we are the same age.

JSpE Hiy says:

I want a video about the secrets of marketing – how to build a landing page – how to build a successful store step by step – what are the secrets of your success – video about how to get 1000 dollars a day these clips will help us a lot

el fuerte says:

Damn this is a GREAT video man

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:


Tamyra Yancey says:

Thats me over analyzing smh

comedy express says:

Nice video I’m happy this video great boss awesome

Floppes says:

Im so in Love with your Channel. I dropped out of school because I really really really feel my future as an entrepreneur. I’m 18 years old and have 80.000 Subs and that wasn’t always easy. I struggled 4 years to get there but the struggle was worth it. Now I know I can handle my struggle & I can overcome the bad days because I’m focus on the end goal. I really hope I can see you one day and hang out with you one day. Thank you for your word my man. I appreciate that.

Utlimate Darkskin100 says:

My dude love your stuff! Big question not related to the video but Ima ask away lol. How do you find people with your same ideologies and mindset because my friends don’t have the same mindset as me so I’m tryna connect with people who do. I figured I ask you first haha

Mr. Vintage says:

Good Stuff man!

Eamon Shields says:

This man is why I am making money online btw

Dot Onyx says:

Bruh this dude seems really legit, and also gives a fresh and newer perspective,GREAT video bro!

aneesh koppaka says:

I’m unable to download images from Ali express.Can someone help me ?

Tijana Nedeljkovic says:

My friend and I are starting dropshipping business TODAY! No more procrastination. Love your videos and advices. Keep it up Mike!

Julian Fullerton says:

Good morning Mike, thanks again for sharing these incredible tips on successful ecommerce. Taking action is the first step in making progress in any and everything you undertake.

LightSeeker StarSeed says:

done and done. wait till I come out on the bright side of this bibliography/handling my jail bid looking up and thinking forward. great work mike.

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