Cook With Me + How I Make Money Online | Vlogmas Day 12

Since starting vlogmas, I have had a few questions on what I do for work/to make money, so let’s chat about it!! Also a little pasta cooking with Macy!! Hope you guys enjoy!!

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Macy Eleni says:

*GIVEAWAY* Make sure to leave a comment because I will be picking my favorite one, every day and featuring it in the next day of vlogmas!! Then at the end of vlogmas I will put all the names that were featured in a hat and pick a winner!!!! The prize will be a box of a ton of my favorite things!!!

Caitlin Lynch says:

So glad to see that you’re feeling better than yesterday. This video reminded me that bad days come and go. I always remind myself to remember that bad days end eventually and don’t last forever. I had a bad day today, but after seeing this video, I challenged myself by eating a donut because I can’t let a bad day be an excuse to use behaviors.

Erika Elizondo says:

I’ve been having a rough day & the first video that popped up was yours and I’m so glad because you made my day so much better, thank you & love you!

Marilyn says:

Should I send some already addressed and stamped envelopes for that handwritten letter?

Jodie Johnson says:

“you are just..a hamburger and a half” that made me laugh

Aeris says:

omg i love cooking with Macy! this video was enjoyed with a good ol’ bag of cadbury mini-eggs in front of my fireplace – if that isn’t goals i don’t know what is 😉
today i went to the theatre with my school and i challenged myself by getting a build your own burger (with extra ketchup of course ;)) and i feel no guilt at all and i’m so happy i was able to be in the moment and enjoy my time with friends!

Karlee Olson says:

seriously girl, where have you been all my life?!! thanks SO much for giving me a push each day. been eating spontaneous snacks lately whenever i’m feeling like i need something to challenge myself. love you!

Hikaru Kukita says:

Hi, Macy! I love your shirt, GO AWAY!! haha
I really feel vlogmas really helps you to keep going on your recovery journey. I can tell you are becoming more and more of your true self. I am so proud of you and so happy for you.

Sydney Carter says:

I ordered a pair of pants from Aritzia that I looooooved, and I knew they would be waiting for me when I got home from work today. I realized how terrified I was to put them on, because the thought of them not fitting how I hoped was soo scary. Good news- I put them on and they look fab, I have to admit! Woot woot, yay for feeling good in our bodies and being able to ENJOY fashion again! xxoxoxooxoxoxox <3

Madison Parmiter says:

OMG!! I was on your Instagram live!!! It was a party as usual!! Ahh thanks for sharing your Meat Sauce recipe!! I have wanted to make/try it soo bad, cause I am a pasta fiend! I am also rewatching glee at the moment too!!

Kali Q says:

been a rough few days but tonight im gonna have a cookie without a regret

Signe says:

Can’t wait to see you decorating a place from the scratch let’s be honest. I dunno how, but you have a really super different style from all the other youtubers I watch so it is really exciting

Shana Sakaii says:

Just came home from my concert with the college choir, it’s 1.38 am, and I will watch this when I wake up, but I had to comment

Chrisly Balasoto says:

Watching here from philippines

RD says:

You’re uploading a new video every day in December, and I’m challenging a new fear food every day. Today was cheesecake! Although I have to say, I’m kind of enjoying it because I’m reminding myself how delicious and nourishing to the body AND soul food can really be. <3

Emma Z says:

Can’t wait to make that pasta once I can eat solid foods again (yay tonsillectomy recovery), it looks incredible!

Sarah Merchant says:

so excited i’m the first comment!! i’ve been having such a rough day and don’t think i’ve truly smiled like my normal self yet, but honestly this video just made me so excited and happy so thanks for being you macy!!! also i loveee when you sing in your vlogs, it just makes me smile and wanna sing along :))

lillinsey100 says:

love you in orange!
love your energy and spirit in this vlog.
contagious for sure.
you remind me of a graffiti i once saw – it said “life is tricky baby stay in your magic”

Jodie Johnson says:

my internet is out and I’m bored out of my mind but I’ve been looking forward to ur vid all day I’m watching it on 4G lol worth it !!

Sonia Thehedgeohg says:

heyyy I had pasta for dinner too

María de la Paz Castañón says:

i saw that you were live but i was having dinner with my family and it sucked i wanted to join in so bad!!! but faced a fear food (gyros) so it was a win

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