GTA 5 “After Hours” Update – How to Make Money! (GTA 5 Online New Update)

New GTA 5 update “After Hours” DLC how to make money running a nightclub business in GTA 5 Online with Typical Gamer!
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Slow Motion says:

So if I sponsor I will get V-Bucks or Emotes

Can Anyone Help

Caio Pontes says:

the nightclub stock and your actual business are not correlated so you can sell one and still have the other

Owen Lee says:

Loving theses after hrs night club videos I think I might actrually get a club and do all this!!… good to see you back tg glade to see your backing doing what your doing best!! Legend!!

John the gamer says:

How can I send you a invite again

John Porter says:

Anyone selling modded account? Willing to pay 80$ at most hmu

Vi Ce says:

Lol tg dosent know that there is a closet in the nightclub

Ballsack John says:

Love the GTA streams

andy hofer says:


Better Than You says:

I miss the times with “daily gta livestreams and more” 🙁
And i hope he starts playing pubg again instead of that game called FARTnite 🙁

Snake Man says:

Does any one remember play as a cop mod if you know bloodbath you are a true fan

Tipycal Player says:

Hey what’s up

Matthew Flack says:

There is supposed to be a new flying motorbike coming out soon

Ralique Berrian says:

can you get samara

Army Gamer says:

so the import export is the ceo thing and the cargo and shipping is smugglers run so what is sporting goods

Dawn Epperson says:

Do a fishing mod

tatertot 21 says:

Do mods please

viv exconde says:

There is a new plane i think in gta after hours

Gaming 4Dayz says:

is it me or is the audio clicking from time to time?

Alan Mendez says:

Thank u for playing gta can u and samara do more the forest pls l love u vidz and I hope u and samara as a good


I wish I could have joined

Spencer R says:

TG I have been watching since 1 million subs keep Up the good work

Cynthia Doorhof says:

i once ended up on the billboard of vanilla unicorn

CascobdragonGaming says:

do five-star rampages with the old stream team like u did about five years a go

Miranda Day says:


rebecca frizzell says:

wow wowowowowow

Black Hawk says:

God I miss the gta vids

All Green Ent says:


andy hofer says:

hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

Nielson Berry says:

Love watching these vids! High quality content Andre! Keep it up!

Jaxzen 619 says:

TG love ur vids keep up the great work btw every 4 Macbeth’s u teleport

TheGateExplorer says:

There is a lot of Easter eggs from gta 5 story mode.

Brian Zandschulp says:

I liked the stream, but I don’t
like people killing tg when he is trying to complete a mission.

Modz Hdz says:

You should use different cars every different mission

zachary wong says:

TG,go get Oppressor

Messy Girl says:

play with samara

Humphrey Marau says:


the fireball465 killer says:


christian belden says:

GTA 6 will be even more magical

Shane Scott says:

what did happen to the strem team

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