GTA 5 Online – Top 5 BEST Businesses To Buy & Make Money! (CEO VS BIKERS VS IMPORT/EXPORT VS HEISTS)

GTA 5 Online – Top 5 BEST Businesses To Buy & Make Money! (CEO VS BIKERS VS IMPORT/EXPORT VS HEISTS)
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The BEST businesses to buy and MAKE MONEY with in GTA Online! today we compare: CEO vs Bikers vs Import/Export vs Heists VS Gunrunning Bunkers and much more!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


Jassin Arfaoui says:

What is with the hangar???? I got 8 millions with this buisness.

Callum !! says:

Smh useless video again you already posted this MrmilkitFTW

Commander Zavala says:

Idc about ur opinion u clicking baiting piece of shit

Miguel Montanez says:

Do you Play on Xbox one ?

Roman Bellic says:


Itz Ace says:

No The Crates Are The Best You Get 72k from 3 crate and you bup 3 crates for 18k

Mark Muller says:

Oh wow. This hasn’t been done before. This is absolute genius.

Lavender Clorox Bleach says:

MrMilkFTW, I always bash your vids, all the time. But I’ll be the one to admit, if you keep making semi-great videos like this, then we’ll stop.

just be says:

Import/Export during heist cool down and bunker solo sales. Best money I’ve ever made

killerbsting16 says:

Can you repeat the heists and still make a lot of money?

thewangsta713 says:

I like the list but while all of the businesses filling up you can jump to a invite only session and start sightseer then after sightseer you start titan of a job do these two jobs every hour you will make $100k and every three hours your bunker fills up with product that is 140k sells for 210k with only one vehicle and then you can sell a vehicle and then after you sell it start sightseer then after that go source a vehicle if you keep doing this method you will be rich like me I have $400 million in my bank by doing this method all you need to do is have time to play gta online and spend that time wisely making money in your own lobby

This lol says:

Too bad the old gen cant get these updates…

blakgoku88 Blackgoku88 says:

They should do double $ for import / export

BPClub says:

Boss even your CEO Receptionist says WTF BOSS!

DiamondGamer Nate says:

Anyone want to give me a money drop on xbox1?

Luzito 123 says:

next video “why nightclub dlc is the best way to make money in GTA 5”


You can tell he just threw this video together because a heist isn’t even a business

Zaerrius6 says:

Can anyone hook me up with a modder? I play on xbox and I am really broke and wanna be able to participate in the dlc my Xbox username is technicpond559 and not a squeaker I have a mic thanks guys!


U need some milk

GKPunk says:

Doomsday is a garbage way to make money if you’re solo, you have to do Freemode setups, out of these businesses the passive income ones are the best in my opinion, the biker (cocaine) or the Bunker supplies. Just buy supplies, sell when your supply is empty. Also talking about heists, the OG Heists are still one of the most reliable way to get money.

sunshinecollins1 says:

He forgot hangers lol

fight tube says:

hmmmm didn’t he say once don’t buy the cheapest and don’t buy the most expensive

VAM3.14R ! says:

Act 2

Emperor Vulpecula says:

smh its sad that there r ppl who waste their 2 cents on makin a bad comment bout somthin they dont like actin like as if they were force to watch somthin they dont wanna see

ghstminionbuddy says:

i been doing solo contracts through the bikers business and sell cars off the street and made like 5 million the last 2 weeks

iamjohnporter67 says:

To save you guys Time here is what he was talking about:
1. Import/Export
2. Heists (Its not a Business)
3. Biker MC Business
4. Special Cargo
5. Bunker Business

Jeremy Baldwin says:

I don’t like doing the CEO crates. It takes awhile to add up and the last three time My friend tried to sell his crates from his large warehouse the game glitched and he lost all of his money from all of his hard work. Him and I have started buy our supplies for the motorcycle club businesses though.

call of grand theft auto says:

Mrworstyoutubersameasser nandoethannoughtpointfourliveftw

Bre Kay Sackey says:

I will be honest …. not a fan of cocaine / marijana business tied to just bikers. Rich people sell drugs too!
Not really a big fan of the biker…ness and really wish I didnt have to be one for the businesses.
They should atleast do large scale versions for vips.

Evert Ridder says:

You just stick with your modded money cause you dont know nothing about the game leave that to other youtubers

Mckenzy Cadet says:

Heist dont count as a “business” just so you know

PYTHON- Strykes says:

He talks to us like he knows how to make money, but yet he uses mods to have money and he sucks at the game!! xD LOL

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