How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

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In this video, I respond to the question I get asked all the time, which is, “How long does it take to make money online?” I hate to break it to you, but there is no universal formula for success. It’s not that simple.

A lot of people start an online business with unrealistic expectations.They think that they will get rich quick, quit their day job, and live the ‘4-hour workweek’ dream life, all within a short amount of time. This is a dangerous mindset, and one that will only lead to failure.

The digital nomad lifestyle is a very attractive world. When I discovered it, I knew that I had to do whatever it took in order to succeed at it. The taste of freedom is sweet. However, a lot of people have no idea what is involved in order to achieve online business success.

How long does it take to make money online? I can’t answer that, but I can share with you the strategies that have contributed to my success. Are you ready to learn what it takes in order to master your online business?


Do I Have To Put Myself Out There To Make Money Online? | #AskStefan


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Adam Yeboah says:

Love the video! So much wisdom!

Jj Corbin says:

b real

Haylander Silva Rocha Araujo says:

@Project Life Mastery

How are you? I think it’s not normal to do an ASM course 8 weeks, get fully trained and think you know nothing and set unrealistic expectation because by then you will know everything you need to be successful the rest is just god and luck. What do you think?

Behind the Mic says:

easily my favorite youtuber. you always keep it real and give great value!

NATLUS says:

man the best video … no BS just to the point … im soon going to start to sell my first FBA prodcut , its the start of something big.

Project Life Mastery says:

Hey guys, I hope this video helps to give you more clarity of how long it takes before you’ll make money online. I get this question a lot and frankly, it’s impossible to answer, as it’s different for everyone. Just remember there is no short-term fix for a long-term problem. This is the process. It’s a real business that you’re building (like having a baby), and if you treat it as such, you’ll get there much sooner and reap the rewards of your efforts. Ultimately, however long it takes, it’s worth it, as having an online business will change your life forever.

Bad Man says:

Well said! You made the point that to make money isn’t that easy and requires many factors especially your mindset. These kind of video will motivate those people who desperately want to be success in their business. Good job!

Jacob Krupa says:

Awesome vid man!

gogadget go says:

great vid Stefan, respect for keeping it real man, God bless you and your family, cheers!

Latisha Carlisle says:

Thank you! I’m a 2nd generation Entrepreneur and I understand this reality precisely. And reality it really takes forging forever against what appears to be all odds. But if you can stay par for the course. The life is great but it does take work, focus, dedication. And no you can’t go back lol.

Rozy says:

I’m Impressed you can go so long without an edit for a mistake! 20 seconds is about my limit before I have to edit out a mistake lol.
Good job.

jayraj vora says:

good video sir , you are pro in this online business world, thanks for sharing your knowledge

Darian says:

great video, this definitely exposed me as being a perfectionist, but my site looking good tho.

Jj Corbin says:

IQ is wrong because people with 80 IQ make a lot more money tens of millions more than 180iq often keep that in mind

Creepy Banana guy says:

Your story makes me feel a lot better. I was very lazy in school and I barley paid attention in class. I’d get like Ds and Cs on test barley trying. I remember one time I actually did kind of try and I got a 97 on a test. My math teacher was dumbfounded lol.

Jehoyakim Jena says:

This is a great video. I’ve also gone through most of what you’ve mentioned in the video.

Bach Dinh says:

Hi Stefan, I’m in your Kmoney Master 2.0 and I’m having 4 books publishing this month. I too was affected by this “How long does it take to make money online?”. But after seeing your post, I’ve realized that results will come sooner or later, what matter is how much effort I’m putting in to add value for my customers. Thank you for the wake up call, I wish you good health and keep on with the awesome works.

SkirtedFancy says:

I laughed a little at the bit about intelligence, but it’s so true. I appreciate the pragmatic and honest approach you take in your videos. Thank you for inspiring us all!

Heart of the Rebel says:

The red pill is the one that awakens you, not the blue pill

Jj Corbin says:

several months probably it can vary
I say as long as it takes an enjoy but relatively soon set goals be consistent and have faith and you’ll get it must do whatever it takes in real but usually several months and beyond but must be consistent true and real sometimes 1 to 2 yrs or more but it’s the wrong question stay consistent and enjoy the process set goals and I say within many months but you’ll have milestones along the way prob under a year it’ll take off but be the above and it may vary but if u keep at it it’ll work set Your goals and never stop until your death death should b the only thing that stops u

Logan Ransley says:

Refreshing. Thanks mate

Yolanda Smith says:

I can take your course for free. I do appreciate you. Thanks for all you do.

Jj Corbin says:

be smart but be real do what works and believe and stay consistent
that’s it b real

Keeping My Life In Order says:

Thank you so much! God used your message to speak me. I needed to watch this video to keep me motivated and encoraged.

My little occult shop says:

you speak truth I’ve been doing this for 5 months and people laugh at me for the amount that I make but it doesn’t matter what they think its what I think and learn so what if my last projects failed failure isn’t failure until you let it what I see is a much bigger picture and with each step this project gets bigger but what I do do is I am persistence ok when I started I was making only 1 cent a day yea 1 cent now I am making 4 to 6 dollars a day and with that I can see that this is working so what if it’s only 4 dollars a day who cares 4 dollars is greater than 1 cent a day so thank you for this and this video needs to be shared because it’s important

Lessons Of Books says:

I agree with you a 100% Stefan. I am guilty of asking this question myself, and it’s the wrong question to ask. Before worrying about the end goal we must focus on building brands, gaining trust and providing value. Focus on the journey not the destination.

Asaf Olivares says:

Great video man, currently starting my own business and you’ve helped along the way through your videos!

Successful Minds says:

Yeah It took me about 8 months before I started making real money online. But it can certainly take way longer for some people. I can agree that I can never go back to the “real world” lol. Great analogy.

But my expectations were way too high in the beginning. Starting YT was also a healthy reminder for me to manage expectations.

Love the honesty man, great video. “How Long Does It Take To Master The Process?”

Latisha Carlisle says:

Yes that is the very wrong question to ask you said that literally as I was thinking it lol!

Fungi Academy says:

Love the red and blue pill analogy. Once you take the blue pill, you are fully responsible for your dreams. Nobody will decide for you when to show up and what kind of work you need to do.

dheeraj ambi says:

Subscribed at 15k, now it’s 342k, Congo

Aviet Lobo says:

Thanks for your guidance

Anna H says:

Thank you for this video and your inspirational words. I appreciate all the content you provide and am grateful that I have come across your YouTube channel. Such an inspiration. 🙂

Transformation 12 says:

I love animating but when I cant wait so See the result i always fuck the animation up or i never get finished
Awesome video

GioMoVi says:

Amazing man! You’re amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing your knoledge!!!!

Kwame Cudjoe says:

Are you Christian, you sound Christian. Pardon the digression, just started listening to you. Informative thus far. Thanks for your contribution to educate us.

C.J. Anaya says:

I love that you preach patience and persistence. Continually putting great content out into the universe and adding value to people’s lives is something I’ve learned from you. What I value the most is how you have talked about enjoying the journey rather than stressing through the process. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since and I’ve found that by following your advice and guidance that I have been more productive and far more tranquil emotionally. Thanks so much for this reminder.

Konrad Kuewa says:

Awesome video and so much words of wisdom! I myself was so charged up and focusing on the end results. But as I pick up all these gems that you guys post I realize it is about the process and the journey and always being a student of the business and constantly learning and not taking any shortcuts. Thank you for all you do!

Jan de Wild says:

Great video ! Clear message, hope people understand after viewing this video that there is no easy / free money.. 
Love watching your video’s

Anani Oluseyi says:

One funny thing is I was just asking myself this question and looking to research an answer, just then I got a notification from your post about the same question! Thanks Stefan! Appreciate this.

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