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♥SNAPCHAT→ hayleypaigeee

Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and my channel…

»I married my college sweetheart on July 16, 2016.
Watch our wedding here→

»We soon found out we were pregnant with our daughter Annabelle Rose.
Watch how we found out here→
Watch her nursery tour here→
Watch her birth here→

I talk about a mixture of lifestyle topics on my channel and blog involving motherhood, marriage, parenting, fashion, and beauty!


Mila says:

Motivational video!

Trudy Lindsay says:

I was so excited to see this video. You made some excellent suggestions. You can truly tell you love your job and the best part is still be at home with Miss Annabelle ❤❤❤. You are a inspiration to many!! Xoxox

Brianna Yamauchi says:

Loved this video so much! Currently trying to build my YouTube channel so any support helps! Love you !!

Anna Elizabeth says:

Hi Hayley! I love your blush pink pillows! I was wondering where they are from!

Laura Thomas says:

Hayley, thank you so much for this video! I’m not a SAHM, but any extra income helps and I think you offered helpful advice. Your channel has inspired me to start my own, and although I’m mostly doing it for fun, I love all of the insight about possibly earning an income from YouTube! Thank you!

molivar5 says:

Hayley – how do you use Amazon Affiliates? you make it sound very easy :). thanks for being an inspiration.

chestnut638 says:

Well done! H, you are an old soul.

Ach06 says:

Any other stay at home mom’s in the education field? I want to find something to do online so I can stay at home with my 7month old baby girl. I’ve taught English in South Korea for 2 years so not sure how I could incorporate that.

Sara Mitchell says:

I love you mentioned YouTube as a way to make money vs blogging. I know you still blog but your YouTube channel has definitely taken off.

Jelena Hotic says:

Great tips Hayley!

What camera/lighting do you use for your videos?

Amanda Ruttledge says:

Your hair is so beautiful!!! Love how healthy and volumized it is 🙂

Amber Leigh says:

Love the Video!! Quick question…how long does it take you to upload a video?! I have several video’s ready to be uploaded but it literally takes a couple days for it to upload…normal? or not? I’m thinking not!!

Victoria Journey says:

This was very helpful. Thanks for posting!

Elisa M says:

Your video was very informative and helpful Hayley. I’m sure it will help many and yes working for yourself is like no other job. I did it too for several years…loved it. I just feel that supporting your family only through social media is too risky for me. Only my opinion. I believe that if you’re married and have a spouse that works outside the home and the other does youtube then it can possible work well. I think making a living only through social media is very risky. I’ve seen many youtubers from the beginning that had subscribers by the millions. From one day to the next all their subscribers were wiped out…they had to start all over again. They didn’t know how they”ll survive or how they”ll pay bills. Of course they were not married. I always wondered what would happen if there”s no social media or economy crashes which there”s a video on youtube about that too. It will be devastating and scary. Great points in your video but I hope the youth don’t put aside on getting an education. It is the one investment no one can ever take away from you. Do your homework on the future of our economy/finance and how it will affect every one of us. I enjoyed watching your video. Thank you. Please pardon me for the long comment 🙂

Jessica Fuller says:

I’m definitely one of those people who thinks I don’t have any skills! But I just went back to work today and leaving my 10 month old was so hard! Hoping to grow my channel!

MiDoX Lyrics says:

only first methode to earn money
Home | Users Dashboard

Brooke White says:

Great advice and tips! Thanks for sharing! Was looking forward to this video. Been working more corporate and non profit jobs for 10 years and now a SAHM and wanting something to do on side.

Anita Gurreri says:

Hey Hayley. Love your content. Keep up your hard work with your family and career !! Your doing amazing

molivar5 says:

Thank you for this video. I am very grateful for this information. I’m looking to start something soon from home because I’m planning on having a baby within the next year and a half. Love you guys!

Gemma Jade says:

I am a mummy YouTuber that works part time as a Business Manager and YouTube but do find it hard to juggle it all! Xx

NAGARAJAN Kandasubramaniam says:

Learn to make money online without giving up any of yours!

Erin Williams says:

Solid video with solid advice. I’m work outside the home but want to figure out how to transition to SAHM with an income. This is helpful for coming up with ways to do that.

Laurie Olson says:


Brandeemae89 says:

HI Hayley!! First off i LOVE You and your family! Your always so positive and very motivating!! 🙂 I have been making youtube videos steady for about 2 to 3 years and im finally feeling like ive gotten somewhere lol I would love to provide income for my family off my videos! I hope i can get there oneday, thankyou for making this video, it was very helpful 🙂 Xoxo

Shawn Howell says:

Thanks for this video! Very encouraging. Started a YouTube channel a year ago and I love it even though I’m seeing slow growth. Just had my baby girl and discovered you while pregnant. I look forward to your videos every time you post. Looking forward to vlogtober!

Dreamasia R says:

I really want to start a Youtube Channel but I am terrified. I purchased the Sony 5100 ( which is a ok camera… I think). I know I just need to get started. I what to be a motherhood and lifestyle channel.I am a teacher and would love to one day stay home with my kids. This was a very useful video, thank you for all the wonderful tips.

BekahLee_xoxo says:

What kind of editing software do you use?

Mariah A says:

Recently been trying to ebay some stuff to gain extra money. Its small but can bring in some money

Susan Velez says:

What did you do on line for Jessica Simpson. Com darlin

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