How to make money online
How to make money online is the most asked question to anyone who is making youtube videos like me or is in blogging industry. In this video, I would like to point you to actual ways to make money online.
Yes, it is completely possible to make money online but there is no magic that can make millions of dollars without skills and hardwork. You have to work day and night to make money online too, there is no secret here.
I have pointed a few ways to make money online like freelancing, youtube and affiliate programs.



Sundaram Sharma says:

awesome sir, thank you

Devraj singhania says:

Awesome acting sir

Mohit Solanki says:

your thumbnail is such a clickbait!

IdeasToYou says:

how a beginner should start in web career. what are the languages that he should start with.

Shuvam Roy says:

Your all videos are awesome.

Ram torrento says:

how to improve my skills competitive programming and this can help me to get any tech job? or i go to some projects portfolio like that which one i choose ?


Keep it up……. Bro.

Hārśh Pâtēl says:

First sir

SaNjAy ScOrPiO says:

Hello sir ,I am asking you from long time ago to make a video on “Difference between AI, Machine Learning , Deep learning”… please upload this…

And also as you are Ethical hacker can you give some information about RedHat certification and CISSP , CCNA etc . What is the current value of a CISSP ?
thank you

Shashi Shekhar says:

sir, How to start backend coding????

Avijit Das says:

sir, ur communication skill is awesome….

abdagar tech says:

sir , your courses are cheaper on udemy , from where should i buy lco or udemy? please reply

sanjay leo tudu says:

Very true..!! The key to success is learning

Avishek Kumar says:

sir i have to make an android app for railway employees such that an admin can send any confidential letters/payslips to a single server…n that datas would have to be arranged and send to their respective departments so that only authorized emp can access his datas..but the thing is all datas are to be arrenged to send in the proper address….any ideas…

Himanshu Nikam says:

sir my android device is not detect in android studio while running the app. I try to install adb brivers and all tricks but it don’t work so what I do?

caesar getit says:

Buddy you missed a big way, even freelancing is tiny in front of it, i.e -> “Building a successful app on any platform”, pity u missed this despite of boasting your channel as tech channel -_-

shiv. raw says:

nice video I

Toxic says:

Are Courses(Pentesting) On Your Website Up To date?

Dheeraj Rijhwani says:

Can I use my gmail id in package of my signed app and I wanted to depoy in play store.please reply.

pratik gupta says:

hey u look like nilesh of silicon valley

Aniket Dhoke says:

nice video, we should hardwork

Pratik Sukhe says:

hello before start learning Android with Java course there is needed knowledge of core java? .can I start learning. this Android with Java course without previous java knowledge.

SaChIn SiNgH says:

love your course on front end web development sir , its very detailed and easy to follow.

Sam Khan says:

Hitesh sir, A video on all freelance WebSites(freelancer,fiverr,upwork,elance,etc..) which you think is good enough for making money for decent living and how much to charge( _only_ _a_ _rough_ _idea_ ) clients in web development or app development.
Please make a video on this topic if you can and thank you so much for all your videos for our guidance.
God Bless You.

Ejaj Ahammed says:

Dada, is there any Project on Visual Basic as Freelancing work?
Or any Work on Excel, like making logic based Spreadsheets?

Mizan al Harun says:

Hi Hitesh you are great.

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