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How to make money online fast! $500 – $2000 per client each month is not hard to do with this method, even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet! Because after this video you’ll feel like a total pro. It’s simple. Get the business owner results and they will never want to stop paying you!

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DuFour Richard says:

What happens after you get them in the three pack?

Veronica Nuño says:

You blow my mind!!! I appreciate you. Your information and training is so simple and is the best that I have seen…Thanks again Paul James:)

Eme McLaughlin says:

I subscrbed

Set-Apart Marketing says:

Please add more info

រឿងអត់ស្តេច says:

Yes! am already

Shopgirl2000 says:

Yes please another video on this topic.

PaYne meriah says:

i’ve subscribed

Joshua Fynn says:

ive subscribed

Gaurav Ma says:

Bhai Hindi mai bola kar yaar

Bruce Baker says:

In other SEO vids, you’ve talked about keeping hold of the pipe the SEO juice flows through. (Build a site with juice and redirect traffic to client’s site.) When you’re building their citations, are you still owning the pipe? Cuz “get them listed on Yelp, in, etc” sounds like they’ll still have the benefit of your work, even if they cease being a client (ie paying you).

salski70 says:

i subscribed.

American Plumbing Co says:

I am from San Diego and have found it a very competitive arena.  Although a Year ago I was on the top spot for my Keywords but then Google dropped my Business to only rank in several spots very competitive Area. So I have been Focusing on ranking now on Organic. And have ranked for several spots. But It Would Help if YOU made a video about Ranking on the Snack Pack for competitive Keywords like Plumbers San Diego, or Plumbing San Diego. Or There Pretty Difficult for me. But either way Much Thanks for the Awesome and Generous Video.Thanks Bro. Practice Peace, Practice LOVE, Practice Random Acts of LOVE and KINDNESS. “Believe Anything is Possible ~~~ If You Believe.” Change the World Between your Ears First. and You Will Change Your World.Practice LOVE.

Alex Cabrera says:


punell moore says:

I subscribed

Leslie Raketti says:

I subscribed – Great Stuff!

aygustavo says:

Hey Paul I just subscribed!

At 4:30 you show a screenshot of how many calls were generated from the google listing. How can you access this information? Is it public or do you have to have the businesses login to google analytics? Im just wondering so I can show the value of this service to clients after I win their business.
Thanks Paul

Jose Arrieta says:

how do you track the rankings and call volume?

Caleb Grijalva says:

Ive subscribed

Ronald Mcdickhole says:

This video was so useful I live in a small ct town and I’m bouta try this

eadekolu says:

nice video but can this work for other countries like Canada?

MrMaier3000 says:

What’s up, my question is that if you’re unable to speak with the business owner in person, how will the company knows that you’re getting clients for them so they can pay you?

Tech How says:


Daniel Femi says:

i have subscribed

Stephen Amah says:

Do more. Love it

Athar Ali says:

This cN be at thE mOblilE

Tevin Jelks says:


HereIsPheo says:

Keep Doing videos like this

Lance Radue says:

Great info! Definitely interested in how you start/convince clients to give you a shot at ranking them in the map pack, then how you keep them paying month to month since many will want to stop paying you after you rank them. How many in each niche do you work with at most? What if you can’t rank them because competition is too strong? Are more advanced tactics out there?

Ale Dale says:

yo paul, I am a recent subscriber and i love watching your videos. I have a problem, though. I am 12 and i want to make some money, I know this sounds whack but i really want to get a few bucks to buy myself a skateboard and save up for collage. I cant really go and make a lemonade stand, because people rarely buy and i only make 5 dollars a day.

Do you have any ideas on how i can make money at my age *online*? This amazon afilliate stuff is way too advanced and i probably need to be older to actually get money from that stuff. Maybe you can make a video for an easy solution to make money online that is very simple and basic for teens and preteens. Thanks for being a great youtuber, stay cool.

– Ale

schaintelr says:

I’m subscribed!!!

Abhinav Kumar says:

You got a new subscriber from India

Mike Khlebas says:

Explain please client acquisition process

Brandon Lacey says:

I subed to ur channel

Ronald Mcdickhole says:

So do u basically make a bunch of accounts on different platforms and write citations?

Raymond Knapp says:

I want to see more videos unfortunately I CANNOT make any of the times you are having your webinars. Will there be recordings of them so we can watch at a later time?

Ben Wunderlich says:

I subscribed! (Check insta DMS)


So for google is it July 28th. Is that the correct date ?

Tara Howarth says:

I have subscribed

Historian474 says:

Too bad business owners in my area are completely unreasonable.  In the past I tried doing a business somewhat like this to save business owners money, but most business owners behaved like little children thinking they knew everything and didn’t understand that by paying me a small fee they would in turn make an additional several thousand dollars every year.

B garcia says:

I’ve subscribed

Arturo Ruiz says:

Yes please create more content like this!! Appreciate it!

Jimmy Easton says:

Does the company have to be verified in all of these sites to work or doesn’t it matter?

Cool Tutorials says:

Yes more videos & please do the free master class

mfreebush says:

love it! great job man

alexchan338 says:

i subscribed

Joel Mendoza says:

More vids on this plz

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