How To Make Money Online – The 3 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

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How do you make money online? It’s not as complicated as you might think. There are just 3 legit ways to make money online. It has nothing to do with Shopify, Amazon selling, or MLM. Using these 3 legit ways to make money online, you’ll be able to make money if you’re just starting out, or make MORE money if you’re already making some. Watch this video now to discover the 3 legit ways to make money online


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Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator. Mr. Lok is leading a global education movement spanning across 120+ countries where Mr. Lok has taught millions of men and women to develop high income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.

Beyond his success in business, Mr. Lok was also a two times TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of over a dozen books. And the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in hundreds of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world.


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This video is about How To Make Money Online – The 3 Legit Ways To Make Money Online


Rakshit Sharma says:

My mind don’t say it
My mind don’t say it
My mind don’t say it
My mind don’t say it
My mind don’t say it

T-series or PewDiePie ?

Smacko112 Games says:

I’m going to be sitting where you are one day Dan! One day…


Olymp trade is a high income skill.

Cool stuffs says:

How to make money on smartphone

Moath Dahboor says:

I want to change my life

Digital Life says:

Click Funnels is great for it!! I have been using it and I love it!! Also using the affiliate program I don’t have to pay for it!!!

Rachel S. Lee says:

For my affiliate marketing business, I created a platform and combined it with my website with quality content on it and then build up an email list to collect emails to capture my audience. Moreover, social media marketing is also important for it is a powerful way to share stories, reach out to my customers and it builds social proof. Thank you, Dan, for sharing this!

pushkin vladimir says:

Dan Lok’s Real talks <3

Making Money Methods websites says:

Thank you this video

Cheap Virtual Assistant Services says:

traffic is the most challenging part since there is massive competition. your traffic is equivalent to your audience.



enchantedbananas says:

My biggest problem in life right now is that Im struggling with credibility. Ive been dishonest, deceitful and had a habit of over promising and under delivering. Now I’ve changed and make the choice everyday to be honest and authentic, but my family, my friends and the people around me dont believe me anymore.

prathmesh paware says:

Soon gonna complete 1M subs



Elite Mindset says:


Irresistible offer + Traffic + Conversion = $$$ Online $$$

Thanks, Sifu!

R Kelly says:

Dan, I can’t study. When I’m about to start my studying my mind keeps wandering off. What can I do to avoid this?

mallick lalatendu says:

Sir,Iam 18 yrs old college student from india .I don’t have any money with me so that I can buy any course and start earning money online or to acquire some high income skills.But I am very much interested in making by myself through online .Please help me sir
Hope that the provided information will surely help in increasing acquiring the high income skill.

value network says:

What is articles guys ???

Sam Finance Tech says:

Awesome info

Jerry Sheaffer says:

1. Capture page to collect and build email list
2. Bridge page (optional) [offer > A must.

Your Definitely right about this @DanLok
Great video!! Thanks for all your great value!

siva calyan says:

Career for mba hr freshers


Thanks dan lok for your valuable advice.

Izuma Thomas says:

Get those eye balls on your offer ! Very important. Love that. My conversion is a VSL. I will work on what u just said thanks.

SomeSpecialOO says:

From today on, I‘m going to see you as my mentor, your story inspired me and I identified myself with your past so much.
I‘m willing to learn everything I can from you and I‘m going to succeed.

Gary1q2 says:

Dan lok is the best

Nikola Mitic says:

Im 14 and i made 150$ already in my country from small works (clearing yards from snow,helping some people…) I know 150$ isn’t that much but could I invest it in something?

Miri George says:

what do you think about acta2 in eu? will it destroy internet ?

Stylex Música says:

You’re really a great youtuber. I have just recently discovered your channel and i am now learning a lot from you. It is a really big help for me. As a young teen I have been selling perfumes and food even doing projects and assignments for my classmates. I am currently earning hundreds of pesos(Philippine pesos) every time I sell my products or offer services to my classmates. I want to become a successful business man one day and earn more money than I can ever imagine. Again, thank you that you are uploading these useful videos. I’m looking forward for more upcoming videos. Have a good day.

Rodrigo Marques says:

Amazing reality check. Thanks a lot Sifu.

mitra malekzad says:

I don`t know how to start my business, can you show me the way?

Aaditya kashyap says:

dan you are savage…thanks for the basics..

BTW i always found myself having difficulties in the third part of the puzzle i.e. THE CONVERSION

Charles "Charlie" Ng says:

“Drive right type of eye balls to your page…..” Brilliant Sifu Dan!

Laura Widjaja says:

Is targeting the audience is part of traffic? I’m spending $5 for the traffic. Will $20 do better for my traffic? My understanding is if my product is compelling the even $5 traffic should give the indication. Can my understanding be improved here?

Vlad Sandu says:

Thanks, Sifu, I guess I need to work on improvement. That’s my problem, now solved.

Money Making HQ says:

Dan I absolutely love your videos! I learn so much from you and I have begun implementing these strategies in my own life!

America Thamizhan says:

You’re a good man

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