How To Make Money Online Today With Affiliate Marketing! ($900 COMMISSIONS)

So you want to learn how to make money online fast in 2018? In this video, I’m going to show you how you can make money and earn a passive income with affiliate marketing quickly.

In 2018 it’s a lot easier to make money because we now have affiliate programs with high ticket items that are related to what people are interested in.

You can use a system like ClickFunnels because they let you promote webinars and books that will get you big commissions into your PayPal account.

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To earn commissions with this method you need to provide value to your leads then promote your offers. This is how you make money online the right way.

Create a free course or some type of offer to get leads into your funnel. You then want to buy Solo Ads to promote your affiliate offers to.

After that, you can then promote products via email marketing to make you money online. This is the best way to earn commissions weekly. At some point you will make back your advertising money then after that, it’s all profit.

You will get paid into your PayPal account

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rezervationsensation says:

Thanks for the value Franklin! I need to quit my 9-5 J-O-B asap!

Said Gherbi says:

I really want to win this so I can purchase your ecom elites training and learn from the best, it’s really hard working as a labour and have a family surviving on one income in nz mate.

Milan Vujcich says:

I would like to start an online business because I want to feel free. Going 9-5 every day is making me feel depressed and I want to just get out of it as soon as possible. I would then love to travel the world and have the best time ever. Hopefully one day I can make an online business that works.

stefan sigley says:

Freedom to look after those around me and to give value to the world! In the long run this will lead to greater opportunities to help more and more people. But you need to start somewhere small! I’m in Wellington atm in NZ, love your vids bro btw

Job Ni says:

Thanks for the hints, I want that 100 $ to start generating an affiliate marketing “passive” income that will allow me to go to live in the countryside and do real things 😀

jayant 7 says:

If i win i definately use it for starting my shopify dropshipping business

C-Fear Comedy says:

I want to start online business so I can travel and work at the same time. And I have been following you on Insta lol also referred my friends to like your Instagram (give me brownie points for that lol)

Parveen Bhatt says:

I want to quit my job and want to do something for own satisfaction

MrSkibman says:

I want to start an online business, because I want to have financial freedom and travel around the world for the rest of my life.

Darnell Marion says:

Hey Franklin,
Great video sweet content and you got a new subcriber.

minh le says:

What are you using for email marketing Franklin?

Be Positive And Inspire Others says:

Freedom from my 9-5

Daniel Forlafu says:

I want to start by dropshipping, I didn’t start yet because I’m 17 and I want to start when i will be 18, until then I will improve my knowledge and this 100$ can be a bonus for me.

Filip Alexandru says:

What program is that when you show your email sequance?

Info Planet says:

The biggest driving factor for me is to be able to help myself and others 🙂

Björn Krijgh says:

Great video with a lot of value!!
what is the program you use to make the scheme off daily mails. I can use this kind of program on my work.
I hope you know what i mean. The program you show in minute 16.

Zoran Rstic says:

I would need that to keep testing i am loosing money XD

Charlie Jones says:

I want more time with my 2 kids and I want to buy a family dog 🙂

Jose Segovia says:

I want to start my online affiliate business to have FREEDOME!

Lidor Shimon says:

why do i want to win? well first of all i WANT to start affiliate marketing and the cost of clickfunnels is 279 a month and my family can’t afford that (we are poor) and we really need money to pay the bills so that 100 can really change my life, thank you Franklin, love your videos

byakushi2424 says:

I want financial security for me and my family and ultimately quit my full-time job! Hello working in PJs

Jenric Jhen says:


Fair says:

Why do I want to start an online business? I think this is my only chance. I’m 16 and have a poor performance in school. My family is poor and there is only future that awaits me. If I win this, this will really change my life. I would consider this as the greatest blessing that has given to me. I have been introduced to online business 3 years ago. I have done many things, online surveys, writing captchas, Fiverr, affiliate marketing, and even bitcoin, but nothing works. Through my journey, I have learned one thing, “you need money to earn money”. I have no clue. Writing this is very difficult to me because this is very personal to me. I hope that I will win this. With this money I could start making real cash.

(Your video last 2015 is what introduced to to online business and what gave me hope. I’ve made $5 through that but I could no longer do that because my Facebook account got suspended. The minimun payout is $15. As I’ve earned $5, it is what told me that making money online is possible and I still believe that)

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4. Will follow after I post this comment

bob wannamaker says:

I currently work from home thanks to another online business. Most successful people have multiple streams of income. I want to pay for my upcoming wedding. I want to take my family on Disney vacation next year. After buying a new home for my spouse and 4 kids I want to be able to support a few family members each month who have health issues and can’t work. I’ve learned more in the first 11 min of watching this video than I have over the last week watching countless others!

air port says:

Good video. The goal is to generate enough income online to be able to move to a quieter home.

GeekBella says:

I have a newborn and want to work from home and take care of him. I’m tired of struggling and being low on food at times and close to homelessness. I just want to be able to take care of my family and help other people.

Стефан Стойнов says:


Tom Riddle says:

Another clear and concise video. Thanks again man!

Everythingred says:

I do it so I can live on my own schedule and never go back to working in a cubicle.

Jeremy Williams says:

Why do you have to put your credit card details into clickfunnels to become an affiliate? Seems strange..

Laurent Binaku says:

So you send the Traffic to the Optin Page from Click Funnel Book? So that they are in the sequenze. I dont understand why you extra send value e mails…

Gio Treleaven says:

I want to create my own manga and have it animated!

Brystal Cauthen says:

Two birds with one stone: Sell my artistic puzzles that help kids read more, using the money to eliminate debt and homeschool my little gremlins!

Laurent Binaku says:

Where does the traffic comes?

dylan says:

I just want some extra spending money.

Isaiah Ford says:

I aim to help others OBLITERATE their negative beliefs in order to live the life of their dreams!

Gismo Review says:

Love your courses, I hope to win $100 to kickstart my online business.

Rabbie McAdam-Duff says:

I want to make my online business a success so I can quit being a builder and more importantly allow my dad to retire from being a builder. Seeing him struggle just to keep our family under a roof is motivation for me to succeed and not be run by time.

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