How To Make Money Online, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen & More… | Epic Rants Ep.4

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Time Stamps
Getting A Job – 1:55
How To Make Money Online – 7:09
How To Deal With Hate – 20:56
Responsibility – 23:24
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? – 26:00

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Odell The says:

You don’t even have to pin this just read it please. I love you mav, you’ve inspired me in so many ways and given me a view on many things as well. Your such a great person and I look up to you. Everyone has like this I came from nothing story and I can’t say that but even though I do have a lot I want to to do more and give back and help homeless and stuff. I’m a big fan of you and your work ethic and your family also your videos of course. May God bless you and your family always.

Ty Brooks says:

Love Epic Rants Much Needed Knowledge #G1GB

DR3AM V3NOM says:

Thank you mav so so so much. Thank you for all of you’ve done for you’re subscribers and helping us through the rough and tough times. When I watch you’re videos it just brightens my day up and tells me that there are people out there preaching and helping people. Also thank you for everything like making me laugh at you Trent and Justice. Right now I spent some money on a elgato and it really hasn’t been helping much and if anyone does have any tips or anything please let me know. #G1GB #THANKYOUMAV

Madden Legend says:

If u are a kid read this or anyone else it doesn’t matter. I went through bullying that made my pain in 2nd grade. I have been going through it for the 6 years. It did hurt and I told my mom. She did everything and as I got higher in the grade level it got worst. I will be going to the 8th grade next year. I thought of suicide a lot I didn’t tell my mom. I smile and laughed through. That pain had helped me grow and it helped me get into my new school. I got accepted and I will be going next year. Like mav said use that pain and keep going. That’s what I did. Take all the negative things you went through and turn it positive. Reply if u can and let me know if this helped. I’m 13 and I hope I had help some people who are reading this.

Lizard Boi says:

@Daily Dose What products would you suggest to try to market

Jason Li-Zhao says:

Even though I’m an atheist myself and that I don’t agree with some of your religious points, still love the hard work you put in your videos. I’ll always respect anyone’s opinion as long as we respectfully agree to disagree.

BoyifUdonT says:

As far as the job thing is not what you no its who sometimes thats how i got put on god bless everyone

Justin Savage says:

Man this by far is one of the most inspirational and motivational videos ive watched in a long time. ive been watching you and your family for a little over a year and a half now and ive never been one to take the time to comment and share my opinion, but your doing a fantastic job and havenreally opened my eyes to alot of topics in this video that alot of people look over or go blind to. this was your calling and you do an amazing job keep up the great work ninja. G1GB!

Camdyn Iwan says:

My best friends mom died this week, I haven’t been too religious in a while and I have completely gave up on religion because of this. She was one of the nicest, caring person I ever met. She was 36.. she has 4 kids.. they don’t have a dad so why?

BigjackKC25 says:

Is there any benefits involved with marketing? To me, I feel like internet marketing is somewhat of an entrepreneurship.

Pops says:

I watch all your videos everyday. This was very informative and encouraged me to continue my efforts in making my channel as good as yours

totallynotpro says:

yo no offense but i just don’t understand the whole religion thing

vinter2ooo says:

Mav I love these videos but I want to know your view on violence. Do you consider any form of violence or spiritism such as in movies just as bad as performing the acts?

jasear haney says:

thankyou imav3riq your epic rants are lit hope u read the comments and tellus why god does bad things g1gb

donye White says:

imav is so supportet one of my favorite you tuber

Boomshot24 says:

Mav telling us marketing tips. I am 14 abouta be 15 and going to work part time once I get the cash I am going to try this online marketing

Boomshot24 says:

For the job thing it might be because how you dress or how you answer the questions

C Junior says:

lol Mav that is a pyramid scheme. You don’t remember what product you were selling because YOU were the product.

Primetime Flight says:

I have s couple of things to say about why God allows bad things to happen let me know if you guys agree or disagree. 1. If you read the Old Testament God allowed a lot of things to happen to his people right? Because the enemy wants to always get at you he’s always after you trying to make things worse kinda like what dion was saying another thing is we are sinning and doing the wrong things so God has to put us in our place just as you would discipline your kids one last thing we don’t really deserve any kind of love God could’ve just sent us all to hell because of what we done and how we rebel agents him all the time but because he is loving he allows us to repent and sometimes we just don’t really get what he’s saying or trying to do and we think we’re all knowing, have everything planned out and we are heard headed and God says fine do it your way and watch things crumble to humble us and know that we need him. 2. He gives us free will and let’s people make decisions for themselves and some people choose to do the wrong things. Sorry that this is so long lol and if I didn’t make it clear but hopefully that helped someone. Also I’m posting this before watching all of the video.

anthony ardizzone says:

much love for u mav u have pulled me through rough times

Thecoldblood S says:

I was the 69th like


Thank you.

Cameron Ahmad says:

As an atheist who respects your standpoint I am excited to hear your stance on why God let’s bad things happen. I wish all religious people were as reasonable and righteous as you.

Osiris Supreme says:

Mav i literally cant wait till i climb the ranks in the madden community. i would jus like to have convo with you. That would really be so dang Dope.

Aaron Bala says:

Thanks for the marketing advice Mav. It definitely helped alot.

Jayvis Woods says:

dion luv your vids plz keep up the good woek

Halo Gaming says:

Thank you mav

CARCAR 1359 says:

great vid! thanks for the great advice!

Hunter Grant says:

Thanks dion, God bless

Kaynen Brown says:

I love u mav ur are such an inspiration

Caleb White says:

great video mav, you’re an inspiration

Joey Bates says:

Ha i remember when mav use to be apart of empower network

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