Make Money Online With FREE WordPress & Wix Websites ($100 a Day Method)

In this video I will show you how you can make money online with free WordPress and Wix websites You can make over $100 a day with this however I would recommend using a real domain and hosting.

So what your doing here is creating the free website to promote affiliate products on. To get traffic you will rank the website in Google using SEO. My recommendation would be to purchase a SEO pack off someone. I will link to a good one below. So this is how you can make money online for free, well with a free site anyways.

Cool right? Anyhow see you in the next one.

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Mark Georgina says:

Thank you for this!

Tony Roberts says:

really good vid thanks

The Monk Way says:

Thanks for a more realistic look at getting traffic to your site Franklin. Too many “ITS EASY” videos out there haha.

*Investing Videos 72/100 Sub Goal*

I Post Comments 4 cash Go to says:

Agree with you for nice and simple template for affiliate website. The simpler the better…

00HiGhGuY00 says:

When you showed that you had to pay for wordpress SEO tools, you said we’d be better off getting a “proper” website and hosting.  What is a proper site, and how much does it cost?  Thanks!

dragonways333 says:

Got this from the deadbeat whatever guy huh. Yeah he probably explains like 50% of what you actually need to do

akhil arya says:

Hi Franklin, can we promote these products using Facebook Advertising ??

Tanuj Kumar says:

Love your Videos Man! I’m Hooked! 😛
Thank you so much for creating these

Kevin Peguero says:

What theme do you recommend for wordpress for affiliate marketing?

sakbc1 says:

Hi, thank you for this information! I have a question, if you don’t mind, when you use Upwork to find ghost writers, what is the criteria you look for, and what do you need to provide them with so they can do a good job? And also what is the average amount you would pay per job?

Samuel Sunny says:

Bro you cant spell but you can sell

Diego Llanes says:

Hey Franklin. Given I’m not a native English speaker I would prefer buying the articles. Could you suggest any site where to get good quality ones or best practices for finding a good article writer? And how much you would say a fair price per article is?
Btw, you’re awesome. I appreciate the non-bs help and advice you give, and I think I speak for all your subscribers. Please keep being real 😉

Leo E says:

Great Video, thanks for that! My Question is, i’m living in Germany, how do you pay your taxes? If I earn money through your methods somehow i should pay taxes, right?

Paul Wright says:

Love your videos Franklin and the fact they are not perfect! Cheers bud.


I need someone to write me,an article,who did u say u used? Also what did it run u??

2ndSentinel says:

Are you referring to TheDeadbeatSuperAffliate?

MovieWatchTime says:

great video

Kirk Hazel says:

18:46 Next time hit ctrl+z it will bring back what you accidentally deleted 🙂

Dhruv Patel says:

Do backlinks still work? I have tried many backlinks from many different sources but it never worked. Also even if it works by chance then the ranking come down after some time. It don’t stay there.

Crea Pool says:

Hey Frank. How do you feel about billy gene?

Al Tanaka says:

Frank’s a Legend haha. thanks man defs gonna use this

Hamza mridakh says:

Hey frank . when bying those PBN links , is it gonna be one time purchase for the whole site life ? or what .

Meteor says:

Love this video, thank you so much Frank!
So let’s say I buy a package from, for how long will that “SEO” last for usually?
Ofc it depends on the specific package, but how often are you buying packages to stay in the top 1 on Google?

Víctor says:

Can someone tell me what are backlinks?

Wesley McKee II says:

Thanks frank awesome stuff!

Suraj Dean says:

Would you use the seo package you linked first, and then hit the page with pbns to push ranks?

Kevin Peguero says:

Just learned so much by witnessing the view jacking. Thank you

FPS Aizen says:

thanks frank

Connor Butterworth says:

Hey Frank, you might wanna check the last link in the description. looks broken

binary binary says:

what about using Facebook ads to drive traffic that lead to sales ?

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